Hi there fellow summoners, welcome to my channel. today we’ll be going over the importance of situational items and how adapting your builds can make you win more games and finally get you out of silver and bronze. League has over 200 items to choose from and if you’re just starting out then just this sheer overload of information can be enough to make you want to build always the same path, just so that there’s one less thing to worry about but this is causing you to lose potential in your games. You see, each game is different and while there are certain core items for certain champions the truth is that situational items are going to be the ones making each game easier. Let’s take a look at some champions and see what I’m talking about. Lucian has three core items and then two situational items not counting the boots first he’ll go for essence reaver just because of the immense synergy this item has with Lucian: CDR crit and AD all complement his play style very well.

His second core item will now want to add more crit and attack speed so you have a few choices. Rapid Fire Cannon gives you both and extra range for one auto attack. Stattik Shyv has the passive which allows you to push faster and finally Phantom Dancer if you’re planning on split pushing and 1v1 people. His third core item will add some life steal and once again there’s two choices for this: Bloodthirster gives you a nice defensive boost as well as damage and Mercurial Scimitar for its cleanse effect. Now that you’ve picked, Lucian score is built and for the last two items you should build depending on what situation you find yourself in. Usually ADC’s go for armor penetration with either mortal reminder or Lord Dominic’s regard and after that, as the last item, they’ll try to protect themselves maybe with the Sterak’s versus lots of AD or a Banshee’s or Maw versus lots of AP or maybe even a guardian angel if the damages is mixed.

Lucian like most ADCs will have to build three core items and can only adapt two of his items, but now let’s take a look at Janna. Janna has a very early important core set of items like many other supports in the game. That is her gold income item, her Sightstone and her boots. After that, the world is your oyster really. Right now I’d say that the items that work better on her are Redemption, Locket of the iron solari, Ardent Censer, Talisman of ascension boots of mobility and Sightstone but here’s the thing, I wouldn’t call any of these with the exception of maybe talisman of Ascension her core. She can almost fully build according to the enemy team and the game situation. Is the enemy team filled with AP? Build a banner of command.

Are they full AD? Build a frozen heart. Are they trying to split? Build a ZZ’Rot. Do they have a lot of CC? Build a Mikael’s. Is your team doing fine without you? Build an Ardent Censer. I could go on and on about Janna’s build possibilities, but as a final example let’s take a look t Ahri. Ahri is a champion with great latent damage stats so like most mages she’ll try to build in a way that increases the chances of an early-game snowball.

Her first two core items are going to be either a Morellonomicon, which is an all-around utility AP item and abyssal scepter if she is playing versus AP or a zhonya’s if she’s playing versus an ad assassin. Her 3rd and 4th Core can be again chosen between three choices namely, Rabaddon’s if she’s managed to get a few kills, Void Staff if the enemy is already building magic resistance and a Luden’s Echo if she’s up against a squishy enemy. Finally in the last two items she will try to fill up the gaps in her build depending on what she’s already built if she didn’t build Magic Pen before, she would go for a void staff. If she didn’t build magic resistance then she’ll go for the Abyssal, etc. She also has two last situational items that can fit in these two last slots, namely Rylai’s if she’s up against the front line of bruisers or lich bane if she wants to split bush and 1v1 people. There’s a lot of ways of building the same champion and each game should be looked at as a different way to be built.

Core items are of course a must on many champions but adapting with situational items will ultimately allow you to win games faster and more easily. Objectives: 0 to 10 use the same builds every game. 20 use the same builds except for one core item 30 use the same builds except for two core items 40 choose among core 50 adapt the last item 60 think “what do I need” 70 adapt last two items 80 adapt last three items 90 adapt four of your items and 100 adapt every item to each game. Thank you guys for watching, if you liked the video then let’s make it official by clicking that like button and subscribing might be a very good idea right now since i’m uploading three times a week and you definitely do not want to miss that. Sakeios out.

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