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Okay, so i know we are late on this guy, but your man threw his back out earlier this week and i didn’t even know what that term meant. I had heard it a few times like you know, people be like yo. I threw my back out and i i just assumed it was like i don’t know like a cramp. What does that even mean, but fellas? Let me tell you i know now. I have complete sympathy for those that have actually experienced their back being thrown out. My voice is actually hoarse right now from all the yelling. I’Ve never screened so much in my life. But with that being said, in the midst of all of this, we found ourselves in a nightfall that is arguably one of the hardest nightfalls as a grandmaster, and that is the glassway strike.

Now we’ve played some annoying nightfalls, some difficult nightfalls and normally it’s like one of the other they’re pretty difficult, as in things can just one shot you in one bang you or it’s like bullcrap like corrupted, where you suddenly just get booped off the map. This nightfall is like more on the difficult side as just so many things will wreck you and they will wreck you so damn fast. So before we get into this understand, if you have experienced what you’re seeing in front of you, that is completely normal, it took us like three four hours before we even got our first completion and then afterwards it got a little bit better, but it still wasn’t Just perfect most, your runs are going to be around 30 minutes, if not a tad bit longer, and we actually stayed around that 34-35 minute mark. So this is not an ideal nightfall to farm, despite it being double rewards.

So, first up, let’s go over some of these modifiers we’ve got arachno when defeated, fallen, vandals spawn a wet mine at their feet, something to remember about those wet mines. By the way they do aoe damage, and sometimes the architects is just like. You know what that’s enough damage to one bank. You just die, so just keep that in mind. Lots of overload champions lots of barrier champions radar is also disabled. You also got grand master modifiers, we’re joining progress, disabled champions, mob blocked, loadouts, etc and again, champions mob is literally more champions and i mean a lot more champions. You also get incoming void and aerial damage increase if your butt gets anywhere off the ground, and i know i like to jump too, but if it gets off the ground you die, especially in that last and final round. So please for the love of god.

Just remember, don’t jump you do have match games so make sure everyone’s rocking different elements to deal with those shields and something else to remember, considering that this nightfall does normally go past 30 minutes like we could not get it under 30 minutes. You’Re gon na run into a situation where you can no longer revive your teammates. You can have a hundred lives built up for that final room, but the moment you get past 30 minutes the darkness enroaches and that’s it. You can no longer get the revive on teammates, which really sucks so now that we got the modifiers out of the way.

Let’S, let’s talk mods guys, let’s talk about what was working for us and i mean we, we swapped so many times like i tried everything under the sun, everything from trying to soar down wyverns as well as overload champions or even try, like ordnance mods with eyes Of tomorrow and just try to go in there and just rocket everything to death just about every strategy you can think of, we gave it a go, turns out the weapon of choice for this week, though, is anarchy. Anarchy is your baby and the reason for that is considering everything can essentially one bang. You and i mean everything from the vandal.

That’S sniping you with its little arc wire rifle or the wyvern. That’S just blasting you just barely with its void blast. Everything will one bang you so the beautiful thing about anarchy is, you can peak shoot you can literally just peek out throw a cup of anarchy, shots in on an enemy and then peek back into cover. That is by far the best weapon for this week. Now, for me, i actually had a scout rifle again. My favorite scout rifle is patron of lost causes. It comes with explosive payload and for overload champions, explosive, payload or even time. Payload are the best perks to use against overloads. It hits them multiple times and it does like sustain damage, thus procking that overload round. Remember, though, whoever the person is a stunning overload champs, even if he’s stunned, i would suggest to continually keep shooting him with that weapon. You stunned him with as i’ll make sure his health won’t jump up. Let your teammates worry about doing mega damage to them. Normally they just drop like anarchy shots or even you can drop an antarctic shot, but immediately get back to your scout rifle or whatever weapon.

You’Re utilizing to stun overload champions and just keep shooting them just keep unloading on them and again sometimes i find that if it doesn’t stun reload and for some reason, it’ll work again, but just keep shooting them with your primary weapon to continually stun. I was also rocking trophy hunter, which is my favorite sniper rifle as it’s in the aggressive frame. It comes with vorpal, extremely nice, there’s other sniper rifles you can use, but a lot of the things we were using here was just to try to give us more range and again for those that don’t have a scout rifle with explosive payload night watch is also Available to get, and that too comes with explosive payload, i think overflow, with those things in mind, nothing really deviated for us in terms of our weapon synergy. When you sniper rifles, i use a scout rifle lesson: bomb, bad use, pulse rifles to gun, down, barrier champions and again with barrier champions.

Try to find you a pulse rifle that has disruption break it’s a beautiful trait works, great for barrier champions and if you’ve got one with armor-piercing rounds, you’re going to be doing even more damage to those barriers. Combining those two things together makes them much easier clean up for your kinetic weapons. Now i know we normally jump throughout this nightfall, but i’m just kind of like showing raw gameplay here of how we’re progressing, because positioning in this nightfall is so very important where you position yourself, where teammates are dropping rifts. When you pop your supers, all those things are extremely important, but for the most part, from the start of the nightfall to the end of the nightfall, at least to the boss, room will take you about 15 minutes.

It’S that final room. That can take you anywhere from 15 20 minutes to an hour. I mean i’ve seen people in here for forever and i know there’s cheese spots, but i don’t even know how effective the cheese spots are, because a lot of the people i saw that were doing the cheese spots had like an hour or more on their timers. So yeah, i guess you can successfully do it, but will you still get the 100k? I don’t know now. Let’S talk about subclasses, i am still rocking ursa furiosa, as that’s still to me just the best panic super in any in-game pva activity, especially where everything can one bang you.

You will always have your super back plus it protects your teammates. It applies weapons of light hands down. I think titans really need to go ursa. There was a couple runs. We did bubble just remember if you do rock bubble for the love of god, if you’re the bubble user, when you pop your bubble, do not get out of that bubble like i know, you may think, even with helmets 14 that you’ve got enough of an overshield To stay alive, no and again, if you do get out of the bubble, don’t jump go to the side stay on the ground. Aerial damage here is insane for our warlock.

We were rocking a well of radiance and for a hunter we were actually rocking a revenant hunter just to get the freeze off on enemies, mainly in that final room is where like revenant was extremely nice when wyverns are like collapsing on you in that little small Room what this would actually do is just freeze them over and over again now in terms of artifact mods, the mods that are really important if you are not rocking certain weapons like, i wasn’t really rocking these mods, but i think for the other players that aren’t Rocking overload weapons, you need to be rocking things like surge eater, as well as a thermal overload. The combination of these two will allow you to stun overload champions. I actually really like stasis grenades.

The dust-filled grenades as it can continually keep stunning overloads over and over again, i feel like it really locks them in place and, if you’re, combining that with surge eater you’ll get your grenade back instantly, you can actually just keep placing them all around stunning. Those overloads that are trying to collapse on you in that final room, and this is an excellent way of dealing with them now the mods for our armor really has not changed here. To me, the most important mods to be utilizing are things like radiant lights, which allows you to become charged with light, as well as your nearby allies.

When you cast your super, we also rock stacks on stacks so that we can have an extra stack of charged with lights and considering we’re taking advantage of things like anarchy rocking two grenade launcher. Scavenger perks is extremely beneficial here on top of high energy fire. For that increase in damage and protective light, although you don’t have to rock protective light – and i actually did a few runs without protective light – and let me just tell you protective light is good when things can’t one bang you, but when things can one bang you, Like in this nightfall, especially in that final room, i felt like i just wasn’t able to stay alive now i did go with two concussive dampener mods. I’M pretty sure these still stacked could be wrong here, but considering there’s so much like aoe damage in that final room. I felt like this did help me.

However, before the final room, you will find yourself in situations where vandals can kill you in one shot. Shanks can kill you pretty easily. So if you want to rock an arc resistance mod with a sniper damage resistance, mod, you should be able to tank those shots, but again remember the first 15 minutes of this nightfall from the beginning to the boss. Room is the easiest part of this nightfall. You really need to spec your builds to just get you through the final 15 20 minutes of this nightfall, which is the boss room itself, which is why i felt like just going like two concussion damners gave me somewhat extra survivability in that final room.

But just remember guys everything one banks, you in the boss room so just be extremely careful now one mod that i think you definitely need a rock, especially considering how many shots of anarchy you’re gon na be shooting off is spoils of war. I wasn’t rocking it. Les was the only one on our team rocking it, but defeating a champion by using a finisher spawns heavy ammo for you and your fire team. Now this is a really really good mod as there’s no drawbacks other than it taking up six energy. In your class item, the main thing is, you can spawn heavy ammo for your teammates and, if you’re, rocking, double scavenger mods boom, pretty much infinite anarchy shots which you will be expending very greatly now.

The problem with this mod is, as you’re actually finishing off a champion. It is a good chance. You can be killed, which is why we do suggest whoever the hunter is to rock assassin’s cow as it grants you. The perk, banishing execution, essentially guys finishers grant. You invisibility, it also grants you health regeneration, so it’s a win-win, but i highly highly suggest guys because you will run out of heavy ammo real quick and when that happens, oh boy you’re in trouble man and like whoever your warlock is or will of radiance warlock. Just use phoenix protocol just to have a super on him at all times, so nothing much is really deviated in terms of loadouts from previous grand master nightfalls outside of someone using spools of war.

With all that being said, let’s talk about this final round man, because this final room will make you rethink life this room. Let me just break it down for you, everything is in waves and you can actually see it there at the bottom left when champions actually will be coming. So first up the room starts off when you actually enter it. You’Ll have a single overload champion upon killing that overload champion in the other adds is when you’ll see at the bottom left. Transcendent hydra arise, he’ll also say: bellman transcendent mine also arrives vex reinforcements inbound as well as two champions. Those are the first two champions. You’Ll have to deal with now. Bellman is the big hydra. That’S that’s the transcendent mind.

The boss essentially will sit outside and rotate from side to side and, yes, he will quickly kill you, so i highly advise just don’t going outside, especially on the side that he’s on now. The transcendent hydra can actually come inside. It’S a smaller hydra and it’ll be usually coming in from the middle, along with the two overload champions that initially spawn deal with them in whatever way you want. Normally, we just threw like a couple: anarchy shots on them, but we kind of focused the overload champions. First and then proceeded to actually do some damage to that hydra. Now the thing about the hydra, the moment you get his health down to about two-thirds he’ll, say vex reinforcements inbound and then two more champions arrive, which is honestly, if you can avoid it better.

For you to just deal with the overload champions that are already in there, because you’re only dealing with two deal with those first and then proceed to do damage to that hydra, because if you do damage to the hydra initially well now, you’re gon na have to Deal with four overload champions all at once, which is like hell on earth, but upon getting the health of that hydra to two-thirds. It should despawn, and now you just have to deal with the overload champions that are coming in and i don’t know if there’s like a method to the madness of where they’re gon na come in from. But i do know they are the sneakiest bastards. You will ever face it’s like they just plan and coordinate this thing. They got wall hacks one comes from the middle you’re like all right.

I could probably just deal with this one from the middle in time before the other one shows up. No, that other one will show up and be behind you immediately completely lubed up and ready to go in on your fire team, so be prepared. You have no radar, so you have no idea where they’re going to show up from. I would honestly suggest kind of like dedicate a person to either side because there’s three different areas: three different entry points where ads can come in at and if you’ve got someone watching each side, you’ll have a general idea of what to be looking for, but now You’Re going to deal with these two champions. This is why ursa is just so beneficial here, especially if i got like i got to get a res up or something or just tank damage for my teammates really nice.

After this, you got to do some damage to the boss itself, normally popping a few anarchy shots on him and then dipping back into cover is alright. There’S actually a spot there on the left, where he shouldn’t be able to hit you. But there has been times that i’ve been hit by him if you’re feeling ballsy enough and you’re trying to save a little bit of time, you can go to the opposite side of where the boss is at and maybe pop a few sniper shots. But man be careful because if he zones in on you, he will wreck your life and then all of a sudden you’re dead in the middle of all those ads and everything else that are going to be present out there and the beautiful thing about dylan. With all of these, vex is even if you die, they keep shooting your body.

So it’s not like someone can come res. You they’ll just keep blasting you over and over again, which is real cute bunji. Thank you now upon getting the main boss health down to about two-thirds as well. It’Ll say that belmont transcendent mind takes to the void, and then this will proceed to spawn you guessed it the hydra once again, vex reinforcements, but this time wyverns, which i honestly think i may hate more than overlooks. I freaking hate wyverns. Now we start off by taking out the one on the left: first, usually throw like a stasis grenade down there like a dust filled grenade, go ahead and freeze them up, so that we don’t have to deal at least with that one whiffer and i believe in This phase, which is like the second phase you’re gon na, have to deal with three or four four wyverns. By the way, i think i’ve been mispronouncing it is it wyverns or wyverns.

Do google saying it’s wyverns really? Is that a wyvern all right, whatever wyverns, all right? You got four wyverns to deal with as well as a hydra in the middle, and you got two barrier champions outside and upon dropping the health of this hydra to one third, two more barrier champions will spawn this phase. Oh my god, it’s rough! It’S terrible guys. Many people have failed at this point. I would suggest staying inside addressing the hydra from wherever they come from. If you can go ahead and drop that hydra’s health down to one third, so that he’ll despawn, but whoever your titan is, is rocking ursa just be ready to immediately pop your super be checking around looking for those hydras because they will sneak in on you extremely Fast, have anarchy, have everything possible there to stun those hydras and let me go ahead and just give you a pro tip here. Les was actually using an smg with anti-barrier rounds and for some unknown reason when he would shoot those wyverns. It would actually cause them to be stunned for just a moment not like for like a really long time like stunning, a champion but long enough to at least get the hell away from him.

Does it seem to work with other weapons, or at least not to my knowledge, something about smgs and anti-barrier? There’S something really funky going on too, because, like anti-barrier rounds on smgs can like literally push enemies off the map. It does some really crazy flinch that i actually want to test down in pvp to see if it applies there, but inside of pve, it does something to wyverns to just temporarily stun them which can allow you to. I don’t know pop a super or escape or or something at least get the hell away from them. So four wyverns: that’s what you’re dealing with stay inside, take them out one at a time hide in a well of radiance, don’t jump in the air, whoever your ursa, furiosa tine is be ready to pop and if you’re lucky you’ll make it past his face. After you do this, you’ll have four barrier champions outside to deal with, which, surprisingly, it’s not as difficult as everything else.

You just dealt with like honestly, the barrier champions which can still wreck you and kill. You are so much easier to deal with in comparison to wyverns as well as overload champs, and you can actually use this moment to like top off ammo, whoever it is as rock and spools of war go in drop some heavy ammo for your teammates and then Proceed to retreat inside because upon killing the final champion outside belmont, will be back along with some more vex reinforcements and overload champions now. Luckily, at this point, the the hydra that normally comes in there doesn’t show up. You simply just have to deal with the champions, but upon dealing with these two overload champions, you do some more damage to the main boss and upon getting belmont to about half health it’ll spawn two more champions deal with these overload champions proceed to take cover hide In that left spot, if you need to and then getting it to, a third of its health would now retreat back into the void, and this is when all hell all hell breaks loose guys at this point.

God bless you you’re now, gon na have to deal with the hydra wyverns, which we normally take out the one on the left side. First, the boss is still floating around and if you can avoid killing that hydra, then you won’t have to deal with champions. That will be spawning, but unfortunately the hydra normally just gets super aggressive and just decides to just run up in there with you, which means you’re gon na be dealing with wyverns as well as barrier champions and again remember something about wyverns. They can literally one bank. You inside of a well the radiance like it’s quite annoying, and i think they might even be able to one bang you inside of a bubble, which is why i like peak shooting with anarchy. Stunning them in some sort of way is really the best bet to go. I’M dead right here, you as you see, and i was even inside – of a well and still got one bank and, what’s so sad is it happened at 30 minutes and three seconds which were past the 30 minute mark and notice. Revives are zero.

You can no longer revive your teammates super cute bungie. Thank you all that weren’t killing champions nah doesn’t matter past 30 minutes, but here’s the pro tip for the final phase after killing those wyverns outside there will be four barrier champions. They will take you forever to kill because you have a boss, that’s roaming around that can instantly one bang you you can kill each one of those barrier champions one at a time, but it’s annoying and by this point you’re, probably depleted on ammo you’re, probably past That 30 minute mark yeah, you get the point turns out, and i haven’t done it myself, but people were saying glad was doing it considering when you actually kill the boss hydra. It causes all the other barrier champions to despawn.

So simply doing some damage to all four champions like just pop a couple: pulse shots in them or scout rifle shots into them, but make sure you put some damage into all four of them and then proceed to gun down the boss will result in you still Getting platinum because the game thinks you killed those champions again, not confirmed to my part. I haven’t done it, but if that’s the case that can easily save you roughly four or five minutes, maybe even longer, we had no idea about the strat yesterday when we were doing this nightfall. But that’s what i’m being told i would suggest you know, maybe just rotate outside get a couple shots off into each one of the champions.

Go back inside to that left side. Wait for the boss to come over there to the left side, lure him over there and then proceed to just peek out and throw anarchy shots on him and eventually you’ll kill him. That’S my suggestion. If that is the case, and that’s true and you could still get platinum, that is by far the best way to handle that last face, because a lot of times you’ll deal with barrier champions and you’re like crap. Well, i’m out of ammo. This will essentially allow you to bypass that so guys that is your nightfall guide for glassway. I highly advise just doing this nightfall once don’t do it anymore than once.

Man like unless you like, pain or something i don’t know, i i guess you could keep doing it, but for the most part, in terms of this being a good nightfall to farm, absolutely, not there’s much better nightfalls to farm. Even with this thing having double loots, we will have better nightfalls in the weeks to come. That will be much easier to complete and they may even still have double loot for those i would say for now. The only reason to do this nightfall is probably just to get the conqueror title again as well as a sense of accomplishment, because, yes, it is an accomplishment to beat the glassway strike on grandmaster, very, very tough, nightfall, very challenging fun. I, like challenging stuff, really wish, rewards matched it other than just like you know exotic.

So this is the time we really need strike specific loopback. Those are depth. Weapons for nightfalls need to definitely be here now, especially considering how tough of a nightfall this actually is. Feathers and ladies thank you all for coming and watching and as always slap that like button, like your mama, told you right!

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