Hey everyone! With Patch just being released, a lot of Junglers are at a loss for which champions to play, how to route, and just how important these new scuttle crabs are. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. While the Jungle meta will have to develop over the coming weeks, we have a great first read on which champions to play and how to play them, which will give you a huge advantage over your opponents in solo Q. The three big topics we’ll hit are the new scuttle crab and it’s priority level, which champions are OP, and how you should path through the Jungle with them.

Let’s get started. So, the first thing we want to touch on are the changes to the Scuttle crab. For those who don’t know, Scuttle has received massive XP buffs, going from 10xp to between 115 and 230 scaling throughout the game. The way it spawns has also changed. Initially, two crabs will spawn on both sides of the map at exactly 2:00. Once both are killed, later, another, single scuttle will spawn randomly on either side of the map–only one scuttle will exist at any time for the rest of the game. A lot of pros and streamers are voicing their opinions that scuttles are the most important things in the game, one pro saying to “just pick a level 2 spiking Jungler, take scuttles, and win”But, we find this a bit curious, as the first scuttle that spawns is really just another Gromp, albeit a gromp that doesn’t fight back and damage you as well as providing some light vision control.

So, it’s not going to give you some huge XP or gold lead to take those early Scuttles, and, as we’ll discuss later, prioritizing them does negatively effect your pathing later on. So, while we’re not convinced by the absolute importance of the first scuttle spawns, the following spawns are very powerful, scaling very well throughout the game in both gold AND experience. And, the Scuttle level is based on the average level of all champions in game, so the second scuttle that spawns will likely be level 3, the third level 4 or 5 depending on how quickly they are killed, etc. So, they become very powerful very quickly and should be contested when possible. Ok, we’ve now covered the changes to the Scuttle as well as our initial take on it’s priority, which we WILL go into more later, but let’s quickly talk about the OP picks for this patch.

So, it looks like there will be two main playstyles for Junglers on this patch: aggressive early game Jungling to control early scuttle crabs and look to gank, and a more farm oriented playstyle focused on getting XP and gold leads early by farming and transitioning that lead into future scuttles and more efficient farming. Here’s a look at some of the higher tier champions that would loosely fit into either category on this patch. Within these champions, some of the early potential OP picks are Xin Zhao for his incredible dueling ability that gives him massive Scuttle priority and strong, early ganks, as well as Kayn and Graves for their very strong clears and mid game spikes allowing them to control future scuttle crabs.

Beyond that, champions like Nunu and Ivern may also develop their own effective playstyle based on supporting their team and denying the enemy Jungler Scuttle’s. Ok, we’ve now covered which champions you’ll want to be prioritizing this patch, so let’s get more detailed on the exact routes you’ll want to use. First off, I want to say we can’t cover every route or say which is definitively best as there’s tons of variability right now as players continue to experiment, so we’re just going to recommend a couple of viable routes to get you started. Anyway, let’s start by looking at the routes for early the scuttle control and ganking playstyle. Here’s the first that will give you level 3 around 2:50, at which point you want to look for a gank nearby, but if nothing is available, you can continue farming by taking your wolves then crossing mid to check on Scuttle or take Raptors and Krugs. But, if you saw another early scuttle champion starting top side and heading bottom, don’t waste your time checking scuttle.

Altenatively, if the enemy Jungler isn’t good at clearing Raptors, you can invade there instead of pathing crossing mid. Ok, there’s the first route for early control and gank Junglers. Now, let’s look at one that’s a bit cheesier, because who doesn’t like a bit of cheese? Here it is. So, this is a route that sets you up to kill both scuttle crabs and hit level 3, as well as allowing you to level 2 gank middle. After, you can look for a gank nearby, invade Raptors if you think they’re still up, or just farm your own camps. Here’s a Challenger Camille planning on the Buff, Scuttle, Gank Mid, Scuttle, Buff route. Camille grabs red and runs out to grab scuttle before heading over to the mid laneAnd, once Zoe walks up, Camille jumps in for the easy first blood. Camille then helps Vlad push mid and runs down toward the next scuttle before realizing Jax already killed it.

There’s is where a Junglers ability to improvise comes into play. Recognizing that the experience mid lane gave level 3, Camille decides to run bot lane for a gank rather than look for more farm. Camille engages, but Xayah avoids with a nicely timed flash. At this point, Camille makes the aggressive decision to push and force a dive, knowing that Jax is top from watching him mid lane. Let’s see what happens. So, this was a super successful early game from Camille where she planned on the buff, scuttle, gank, scuttle, buff route, but improvised when Jax took Scuttle and she had level 3 anyway. So, there are the routes that we recommend you try out if you’re playing one of those aggressive, early champions, but be prepared to improvise, as it’s impossible to predict what your opponent will do this early in the patch, so who knows.. Alright! Let’s now talk about the route for our more farm centric champions. Here’s what we recommend doing. It’s a very efficient clear that will allow you to potentially grab Scuttle and/or Raptors if your opponent left them up. You can also check Krugs after Raptors if you’re positive your opponent pathed down to the bottom side and won’t catch you there.

Let’s take a look at an example of this as we see a Challenger Kayn going Red, Raptors, Wolves, Blue, Gromp just like our route shows. He then moves into the river, sees that Scuttle is gone, and moves on to Raptors. However, he gets collapsed on. Let’s see what happens. So, that went well! Thankfully LeBlanc had priority and got there first. Kayne did a nice job of stalling for her as well. Obviously this was a bit dangerous, so be sure that you either have mid priority before going in like this or know that the enemy Jungler is bot. Now, we get to see Kayn make disgusting use of his efficiently respawning camps as he kills scuttle then does another full clear, even heading back into the enemy Raptor camp with low HP due to Shaco being dead. This allows him to hit level 6 at 6 minutes. Now, obviously this was a very extreme example where Kayn was able to do whatever he wanted due to Shaco’s two deaths and his lanes all winning. But, hopefully it shows off the power of that first efficient clear followed up by yet another efficient clear after.

So! There we have it! Hopefully this served as a useful introduction to Jungling in Patch as we tackled the scuttle grab priority by pointing out that first scuttle is possibly overrated where the later spawns are amazing, by letting you know some of the top picks for this patch as well as some good routes that will let you utilize those OP picks. As I mentioned before, everything is up in the air right now, so be sure to check back daily for more videos unpacking the developments in the meta.

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