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The ONLY Kayle Guide You Need – Season 11 – STRONGEST NON TANK


Hello and welcome to my kill guide. I have to make a kale guide because it’s one of the best champions in league of legends right now, it’s the third highest win rate top laner and it’s the highest or second highest ban rate for top laners right now. So it’s a really really powerful top laner. It’S the strongest known tank all right. Let’S start off the kill’s abilities they’re a little bit complicated, so hang in them, especially the faster. Let’S talk about the passive, so at level, one unhip attacks gains a little bit of attack speed and it stacks up to five times now. At five stacks, you get eight percent movement speed and you become what they call a sixth altar. Now, at level six kale becomes a range champion.

You can now utilize 525 range, which is really huge right. You also get the previous responses which you had before the attack, speed and the movement speed at full stack. Then, at level 11 at five stacks kills. All attacks becomes empowered, shooting a wave of fire forward dealing away damage, so overall you’ll do more damage once you’re fully stacked. However, the thing is, you still need those five stacks which kind of sucks, but at level 16 you don’t need those stacks anymore level. 16.

You’Re always exalted you’re, always powered up, and you get 50 more attack range, which is huge now you’re, going to have a total of 575 range, which means you can attack them further away and be more safe. Next up, we have kale skuranian blast. Kltq is a small sword that you throw out after serpent 25 seconds it launches, and then, if you hit opponents, you slow them for two seconds and the armor on max is reduced by 15 for four seconds. The slow stacks up to 50, which is really huge at max level, and it does a decent amount of damage too. This ability is absolutely vital for trading, especially in the laning phase, because you want to kite people, you want to be able to run away from them and being able to slow. Your opponent is absolutely huge for that objective. Next up you have klw celestial blessing. Then you use this ability to heal yourself and you gain movement speed for two seconds now. You can also cast it on an ally and if you’re casting it on ally, they get the same bonus, but you also get it. It works two ways you get double. So using this ability in your ls obviously super beneficial and it’s an ability you generally want to use any carries. For example, the 80 carries you can cut more or the ap carry if you want them to catch. People can be used in tanks as well. If they’re engaging, but that’s the only time you generally want to use on the tank next up, we have starfire spellblade. It is kale’s range stability. It works excellently with the passwords that fibers will do equal bonus, magic damage to your starfire spellblade at level 11. Starfire spellblade gets upgraded.

Eu attacks will now explode upon impact hitting all the people around them. It is kills bread and butter, and this ability is super important, especially early game, because it’s the only way you survive laning phase by easily farming, with the e ability all right. Let’S talk about kel’s ultimate kale grants divine judgment to. However, he uses it on it. Grants them invulnerability for two to three seconds, depending on the level and after the invulnerability times out you or your ally, if you used it on them, will also do autonomatic dams to the opponents that are close to them. Alright, it’s time to go over kale skill order. The skill of a kill is fairly simple. You skill e first, then you go q after you go w, then you max e into max and q into maxing, w pretty straight forward and very easy all right guys. Now it’s time to talk about kel’s room, so chaos runes are fairly simple. You start out in position where you go press the attack. Then you go over here afterwards you go johnny alegrity and then last you go coup de grace.

Once you have the first one done, then you got ta get into the second one, so the second one’s a bit more complicated. You want to go either domination, where you go taste of blood and ravenous hunter, or you want to go with a salt wig or something like bone plating and overgrowth. Now these are really really good if you’re getting all in and you’re afraid of dying. For example, it’s a darius if you’re against an easier method, then you want to go for the domination because you can heal every time. You hit the taste of lot, which is extremely beneficial to you. So you got to finger a little bit and choose what you want, depending on which matchup you’re against and then for the small runes. You want to go attack speed. Then you want to go adaptive force and last you want to go armor and magix’s, depending what you’re against, but mostly armor, all right. Now, let’s get into kale’s item both this is the interesting part. So the kale, a lot of people opt in for going nash’s. Two first, which is an amazing item: it’s really good, if you can auto attack their opponent, but if you have almost no chance of hitting them and you’re playing extremely safe, you should go riftmaker instead. Now riftmaker is generally the worst option and you’re only taking this. If you need it to survive because it provides you with health and omni one business lifesteal essentially now, if you don’t need the lifesteal and if you’re somewhat fairly safe and you want damage, go for ashes too.

It’S a lot stronger and it’s better on team fights. Then, after you get your first item, you generally want to go for circle greaves, and then you want to get your second item, which is one of those two. Once you have your two core items, you got ta look for the third item, which is a lot more interesting now. Lichbein is really good at this point. Revelance is really good and you can also go winter’s weight blade, which is also good depending on what you want. So you go lit spin for quick burst. If you just want to pump out damage quickly, it also have a pretty good building item. So it’s pretty easy to get another option is the rabbit nuns where it’s a little bit harder to get that item, but if you get it, it’s super strong, of course, as well. Now the idea behind rabbadons is you can help your teammates more by better speed. Ups and so on, which is very beneficial if you have a fed 80, carry for example, and then the last one you want to look at here is generally going to be grinzos. Grinster is really really good. If you’re fighting against people, they can just permanently auto attack, for example, they don’t have anybody that can get to you.

They have really really tanky champions and you know you’re extremely safe, so you’re gon na sit there and all attack forever. In that case, grinches is amazing, but generally that’s the weakest of the options. You can also opt in for a son. Yes, but you know what i wouldn’t recommend sunless. I think it’s bad and generally you should only go son. Yes, if you really need it or if you’re, just afraid of dying because you’re playing badly now for your fourth item, you want to get rabble dance for sure. If you didn’t get it previously, if you did get it previously, then you can look for sonia’s, lit spain or grinch’s, depending what you need, but it’s mostly going to be stones or lizpain in that kit. Sinus is starting to get better now because it’s the fourth item, which means now safety, is actually starting to become a valid point where you want to look into, and at this point you already have enough damage, so you don’t really need the damage anymore. You’Re. Fine! Now for the full build you don’t want to have something that looks similar to this.

You want to have nash’s tooth rifmager, lesbian, rabbidance and sunniest. Now you can change the sunnyside for white stuff as the last item. If you got to that point without buying a sonyas, this will be good if you need just tons of damage and you don’t need the soundness at all another thing that could happen. If you don’t have a lid pin, you have a green surface. Instead, that’s also fine, depending on situations, you got ta try and fit your build to all situations. Now i hope you guys like this guide. If you liked it remember to follow the channel and i’ll see you guys next time, peace,

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