The ONLY Riven Guide YOU Need FT. OTP Riven Player DK Alois


Hey guys and welcome to my Riven guide. Today we have the honour to have a Riven one trick pony come and help us with combos later on in the guide and he’s going to explain to you exactly how to do them and which combos are important and so on. The player in question is called DK Alois he plays on semi-pro teams right now and he peaked 919LP Challenger this season. Now let’s get into the runes. On Riven you want to have Conqueror. Conqueror is amazing cause you’re going to take fights where you auto attack a lot and stack it up quickly Riven is just amazing at that. This quickly allows you to use Conqueror to the fullest potential and shred through your enemies as you hack and slash them.

Next up we have the bread and butter of most top laners – Triumph. Honestly you just take it on almost anything, it’s always good, works really well with how top laners play, so, easy pick. Now we’re going to go into something much more interesting. Alacrity or Tenacity, what will we take? I would always go for attack speed personally cause I think it’s better you can have Tenacity in the case you really need it but if you don’t need it then go Alacrity so you can use the attack speed and it can power you up a lot. Last but not least we have Coup de Grace and Last Stand. Now I probably butchered the name of Coup de Grace or whatever it’s called I’m gonna get flamed for that in the comments as per usual but that’s okay. Both these runes are extremely good last stand is for long fights where you get kinda close and coup de grace is when you’re thinking you can snowball on your opponent and get super fed and kill them over and over without taking much damage yourself. Alright lets get into the second tree this is really important. The second tree you wanna usually have boots because they’re the most cost efficient runes in the game right now in the top lane.

And then in the second one you want to have Cosmic Insight because cool down is essential on Riven you almost always need cooldown for everything you do it benefits you so incredibly much, I think Riven is the champion that benefits the most from cooldown out of all champions in the game. Now let’s talk a little about the small runes because Riven is different from other top laners. In the small runes you want to run, in the first one you want to have cooldown (1-10% based on level) in the second one you want to have adaptive force because you scale really well with ad and the last one you go armor or magic resist depending on what you really need. Now it’s very important you take the cooldown because it works wonderful with the item build you want to go you generally only want to go for an item build that provides you with 30% cooldown then you have the 5% from cosmic insight then you’re going to get another 10% from your rune.

Alright guys lets get into the item builds and this is an interesting one. So the first item, lets talk about the starting items. So for the starting items I suggest going for Doran’s Shield and a potion in hard matchups and for easy matchups go for longsword and potions to quickly allow you to have your item builds faster. Now for the core item build on Riven you rush Warhammer so you get 10% cooldown, little bit of AD. After you get this item you rush Black Cleaver because cooldown is everything on Riven you want to stack it up as fast as possible. Once you finish your Black Cleaver you’re going back to the Warhammer and you’re going to upgrade it into a Death’s Dance once you have your Death’s Dance the next item you’re looking for is Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel is amazing because it gives you the opportunity to stopwatch for a short period of time until you upgrade into the Guardian Angel. Stopwatch is one of the most cost efficient items in the game and when you upgrade to a Guardian Angel it allows you to have two lives which is perfect with her kit because she has low cooldowns and she has insane amount of life steal and damage.

Now after you have your cooldown build people tend to buy either Immortal Reminder, Sterak’s Gage, Edge of Night or a Mercurial Scimitar depending on the kind of composition they are against. Those are generally the items you want to look for after you have those 3. Alright that should explain everything about items for you guys. Now it’s time to get into the abilities and talk about how does Riven actually work. Let’s start with Riven’s passive.

It’s a passive that charges up every time you use an ability it stacks up to 3 times and when you use a basic attack it consumes one of the charges and then you do 25-50% bonus physical damage to opponents. Alright lets talk about the Q. It’s a bit complicated so bare with me. Riven’s Q have 3 casts. When you use the first one you dash forward and slash everyone in front of you. The second one mimics the first one you do the same thing essentially. Then the third cast does the same as the first one but it also does in a bigger radius and it knocks back all enemies that are hit.

And you can also use this ability to jump over small walls if you so desire. Now let’s get to Riven’s W. It’s a much simpler ability! You click it, you stun everyone around you in a small circle and you deal a little bit of damage. There’s not much to it. The third ability is called Valor. It’s super toxic to play against.

It’s the bread and butter of Rivens. What it does is it allows you to dash to any direction you choose and it gives you a really big shield which is really powerful for small trades. You want to utilize this for smaller trades and then just quickly get out. Last but not least we want to talk about Riven’s ultimate. This is an absolutely crazy ultimate. It’s super strong. It empowers her sword for 15 seconds which means it’s going to be useful for 15 seconds now what is empowering your sword mean? It means you’re going to get bonus attack damage and 75% bonus range on your basic attacks. And now thats not all it also increases your range on your broken wings which is your first ability, your Q and it increases your range on your Ki Burst which is your second ability the stun. Now you can also activate your ult after one second of activating the initial ability. Once activated you slash out your sword and you do a ton of damage to the opponents.

This is generally a killing move and you want to try and save it to kill people. Alright let’s get into Riven’s skill order generally for the first three levels you want to go Q first then E second for the shield because it’s really good for trading early and last you go W. And then for maxing Riven’s abilities you do the same thing you go Q first then you start levelling your E ability after your Q is level 5 and once you maxed your E you’re going to level W as the last one.

And now it’s time to get into the combos. We’re going to have Alois show the combos and I hope you guys enjoy this. Yo whatsup guys we’re doing like the basic combos that you need to know on Riven to master her. I think there is a very few combos that are essential for Riven and others that are situational so the situational ones will be like the shy combo etcetera. You don’t use that often, but the ones you do use often is like the normal fast combo where you will do Q auto attack Q auto attack as fast as possible right you can cancel the animations with auto attacks.

I use A click in between and I think once you get more used to it you will do that. The fastest way that I found, that I learnt this was by playing Riven jungle because then you have to clear as fast as possible right and then you will get used to it quicker. Another combo is called the double cast but you can use it a few different ways so at the end of your E animation you can perform a double cast. So you can E then you can do W Q or you can do E then R Q.

So use my ult, you can do E and then R Q. You can get a gap close like that and do a double cast then you have R2 available. You could even make this a triple cast but you rarely will use this but there will be situations where you fight in a close combat you’ll do E and then R W Q right cause then you won’t have to get gap close cause you’re already close to him one thing I want to show you guys as well is why 40%CDR on Riven is so important.

Now I have 10% CDR right and if I do my 3 Qs at level 5 Q or actually its level 4, anyways if I do this I will have 4 seconds on my Q right say I were to have 40% CDR I can do delay my Qs til the end and when I use my 3rd Q I will all in then I will have my Q again so that’s like why 40% CDR is so essential on Riven you can always use your 2 Qs and on your 3rd Q you can do the double cast, do the all in and you have your Q again. And thats like how you want to play Riven in a nutshell..

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