Hello there. Welcome to the Ultimate Kassadin Guide for Season 11, which is a follow up video from the ultimate guide I made last year. If you want to skip certain topics, I’ve got the timestamps for you in the description below and in the video aswell. Once again lets take a quick look at Kassadins abilities and what they do. His passive “Void Stone” makes him permanently ignore the unit collision, like the summoner spell ghost, and gives him the ability to reduce magic damage by 15%.

His next ability is Null Sphere which is a targetable spell with a fairly low cooldown of 11-9 seconds. It deals damage with a 70% AP scaling and gives him a huge magic shield which is very strong when playing against other mages. His W is called Nether Blade and basically strengthen your basic attacks with base damage and a scaling. The active part of the ability strengthen his next autoattack even further and has an astonishing scaling of 80% and on top of that, it restores a chunk of mana when you hit someone.

His next ability is “Force Pulse” which is a good scaling Area of Effect ability which slows people up to 90% when maxed out. His ultimate ability is called Riftwalk and is very unique to Kassadin only. It basically is a flash with a fairly low cooldown and it deals damage. On top of that, it is an AoE ability. Alright so for the runes there are 2 different rune pages you can go right now. Due to the changes to the items in Season 11, Kassadin is no longer a very slow scaling Champion with a bit tankier stats to turn the game once he hits lvl 16. He is way more effective if you have impact earlier in the game and especially in the lane.

Because of this, we are going for electrocute in most matchups. After that we take Taste of Blood which is for the Sustain in the Lane and also synergizes well with the Secondary Runes. Then we take eyeball collection & finally Ravenous Hunter. We need ravenous hunter since we are missing out on the sustain of either Fleet Footwork, Rod of Ages or both. In the secondary tree we can either go Precision with Presence of Mind & Legend: Tenacity, Legend: Aclarity or Coup de Grace. We can also take Sorcery with Manaflowband and Trancendence, which is my preferred Secondary path for Kassadin right now. You can still go for Fleet Footwork in harder lanes which works very well with DShield. If you want to go Fleet Footwork I suggest doing Presence of Mind, Legend: Tenacity or Legend: Aclarity and Coup de Grace. For our secondary tree we go Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter or Ultimate Hunter. For the small customizable stats I can highly suggest you to go Double Adaptive force and armor or magic resist depending on the opponent you play against when taking Electrocute. The reason I don’t take ability haste here is simply the fact that I value the adaptive force in the game more than the ability haste which, with our build, would give us 5% more cdr, which is not worth for me to take it. However if you want to go for the Fleet Footwork and pair it with the Ultimate Hunter, take the ability haste together with the adaptive force and the armor or magic resist. For the skillorder its pretty simple.

We want to max our E, then our W and then our Q. Skill R whenever you can. With the Introduction of the new items, we Kassadin mains have to shift from this very chill and controlled scaling playstyle with RoA and old Seraphs to a new, more aggressive orientated build. First of all, the starter items. We always want to go for a Dorans Ring and 2 Health Potions if its possible. In case you’re playing against a very hard lane you want to go Dorans Shield, so you won’t get poked that hard. As of right now, there is no reason to go any other starter item than these 2. After your first backport, obviously it depends on your gold, but the ideal first buy would be Dark Seal, a Tear, a Refillable potion and lastly, a Control Ward. This is 975g. In case you have 1300g and you think buying Lost Chapter is a good purchase, don’t, don’t do it.

Go Dark Seal, Tear, Amplifying Tome and a Refillable Potion which translates into 35AP and 240 mana plus up to 360 bonus mana which is basically the same as Lost Chapter and it costs you 1335g. The reason for this is that the new Dark Seal is absolutely bonkers broken. It gives 65 AP now when fully stacked while the old Dark Seal only gave 40 AP. The early Tear is very important aswell first because of the massive amounts of mana it offers and secondly, when you are building Seraphs after your Ludens, you will have at least 300 stacks on your Tear when you play normal, which allows Seraphs to be nearly fully stacked the moment you buy it. Well you already heard it, Ludens is the way to go for now. Before you close the video or you’re scrolling down to the comment section to write something about that, hear me out.

I will show you why the other AP mythic items are not worth to go for Kassadin. First we have a level 13 Kassadin here who will do a normal combo, Q W E R which will proc Electrocute. The target has 40 armor, 40 magic resist and 1700 HP. I gave myself Sorc Boots, a fully stacked Seraphs and a mythic item because thats what you will roughly have when you’re level 13 in a normal paced game. With Sorc Boots, Everfrost and Seraphs, I deal 1559 damage. With Sorc Boots, Night Harvester and Seraphs, I deal 1447 damage. With Sorc Boots, Riftmaker and Seraphs, I deal 1311 damage. With Sorc Boots, Liandrys and Seraphs, I deal 1521 damage. And finally with Sorc Boots, Ludens and Seraphs, I deal 1666 damage. I think we can all agree that Everfrost, Night Harvester and Riftmaker are pretty much completely useless on Kassadin due to the fact that Night Harvester and Riftmaker don’t give you any mana which is very bad for Kassadin and Everfrost just gets outclassed by Liandrys and Ludens by far.

Now that we got that covered, let me show you how worth Liandrys actually is. We’re still level 13. We will do the same combo. We deal 1605 damage to the target with 2700 HP and we deal 1652 damage to a target with 3700 HP. As you can see, eventhough the enemy has alot of HP which is generally the reason Liandrys is even bought, Ludens still outdamages that. Now I hope I could show you that in basically 99% of games, Ludens is the best mythic item for Kassadin. Sorc Boots, Plated Steelcaps or Mercurys, Ludens and Seraphs are going to be the first 3 items of your choice. After that you are generally free to buy whatever makes the most sense in the game. If you are in need of survivability against AD champions, Zhonyas is a very good item to purchase as it gives you alot of armor, ability power and ability haste for the price of only 2500g.

The active of Zhonyas is perfect for Kassadin and his main utility tool in teamfights helping him to survive burst but also be able to dish out his damage. Another item you can purchase is Morellonomicon. It helps alot with reducing the enemy healing by applying grievous wounds to the enemies for 2 seconds when dealing magic damage. Obviously you want to purchase this item against champions with alot of healing for example Dr. Mundo, Vladimir or Yuumi but you should also look at enemy items such as Immortal Shieldbow or Bloodthirster. If you spot alot of these in the enemy team, you want to purchase a Morellonomicon. The next item is going to be Voidstaff.

If the enemy is stacking alot of magic resist, its better to go for Voidstaff rather than Rabadons due to the magic penetration of this item. Rabadons Deathcap is also a very strong item to go but keep in mind that you can already deal alot of damage if you play correctly and also don’t forget that Rabadons is very expensive with the price of 3800g. With the amount of snowball potential we have and also our early Dark Seal purchase, Mejais Soulstealer is a great option for Kassadin. The best advice I can give you is to purchase Mejais Soulstealer and keep it until the very late game where you’re going to swap that out for Rabadons Deathcap. If you face alot of AP champions who spam spells left and right, Banshees Veil might be an option for you but keep in mind that Kassadin is generally not in the need of going Banshees even against multiple AP opponents due to his abilities.

Now you purchased Ludens but the enemy champions stack alot of HP and you’re thinking back and forth if its actually worth to go for Demonic Embrace. Let me show you from this example, that in 99% of games Demonic Embrace is a complete troll for Kassadin. We are level 18 now and purchased the usual full itembuild which consist of Sorc Boots, Zhonyas Hourglass, Rabadons Deathcap, Ludens Tempest, Seraphs Embrace, a Voidstaff and a pot. If I attack this target dummy which has 40 armor and magic resist, I deal 4430 damage with a full combo. If I swap rabadons with Demonic Embrace, the target dummy needs to have around 15000 HP that Demonic Embrace outdamages Rabadons. 15000 HP. Alright, for our next item, Lich Bane. Let me show you the difference between Lich Bane and Rabadons in a full itembuild while also being level 18. With Lich Bane we deal 3273 damage without R stacks and 3909 with full R stacks. With Rabadons we deal 3679 damage without R stacks and 4430 with full R stacks. So Lich Bane is not really worth a purchase and is easily replaceable with the Mejais which you will upgrade into Rabadons once you have the gold for it.

However if you’re already fullbuild you can actually sell your boots for Lich Bane since it offers basically the same amount of movementspeed but with nearly 1000 damage more per combo. The last thing I want to mention is a build which feels very similiar to the old Kassadin that we are used to. It resolves around going Fleet Footwork and alot of ability haste paired with Ultimate Hunter. The core build is Ionian Boots, Liandrys and Cosmic Drive. Finish it off with Zhonyas, Seraphs and Rabadons.

You will have roughly 800~ AP and 0.7 ult cooldown at level 16 with a blue buff. Keep in mind though that you will miss some power in the early game due to the missing damage and magic penetration. However the build is stronger than the other one in the absolute late game. Kassadins early game is one of the worst out there but it will eventually get better once you’re level 6. You have to drop alot of minions, you have to be very patient but it will eventually pay off. But lets talk about how you’re playing the first levels. At level 1 you should just let the enemy push and take one or two melee minions. You can use your Q to get a minion or you poke the enemy with the Q. At level 2 the wave should be in your side of the midlane which usually lets you manipulate the waves in your favor, meaning if you need a slowpush to help out your jungler when he wants to do the scuttle, you can initiate with thinning the wave and slowly push it back to the opponent to finally crash it within the next wave to help your jungler with the scuttle. You can also try to hold the wave in this point and just get the minions or poke the enemy.

Once you’re level 3, you can actually try to punish opponents that take a step too far forward. Use the quick trading combos that I’m going to show you later in this video to do so. At level 4 and 5 you have to try to poke your opponent with Q’s but also take the farm with autoattacks, your W and E’s. The reason for that is the immense spike of power and pressure you get once you’re reaching level 6. After you’re level 6 you can always punish your opponent with jumping onto him with your R, do an autoattack into W and then E. Q when necessary. In most cases enemies will back off knowing how much damage you’re able to deal. After that your laning phase should be pretty fine. The new Kassadin excels in the midgame. After your Sorc boots and your mythic item, Ludens Tempest you have such an insane powerspike in terms of damage that you can literally oneshot people from this point on, alot of times you don’t even need to stack your R to do so.

With that being said you obviously have to be careful when you go into enemies because you don’t have any kind of survivability. You need to be aware that things can easily kill you. One misplaced ult against an ADC can cost your life. One E into the wrong direction can be a fatal error in a teamfight. Things matter more. After your laning phase is over, its best if you go to a sidelane and push it, farm up, get all experience you can. Your midgame is very strong but remember, your late game is even stronger, that is what Kassadin is made for. Your goal is to get the turrets down so you can move more freely on the map and give your team pressure. I can’t give you a detailed list on what do to in the midgame since its different for every game you play.

I refer to the late game when you reached level 16 or you’re nearly fullbuild. At this point you can oneshot everything that comes to your way that doesn’t has purchased a ton of HP or magic resist. This sounds very strong and with your ult up every second this seems pretty scary but remember that you can also die extremly quick. You have to take everything into account if you can just jump in or not. If you reached level 16 you should have Zhonyas avaliable. If you got Zhonyas, with backup from your team, you can jump into multiple enemies, dish out the R damage, throw in an E, maybe W someone and Zhonyas afterwards. Opponents usually cannot do anything against this when your team backs you up BUT very important, your team has to back you up.

If you go in mindlessly and then spamping your team while your base gets crushed, remember its your fault for not waiting. You have to be patient. If there are scenarious where you cannot fight with your team OR against the opponent team, you want to look for a splitpush. Kassadin is one of these champs that excels in splitpushing. Obviously you need to ward efficient in order to splitpush properly. In this picture here I got all the warding spots you should know when splitpushing with Kassadin. The image is linked in the video description below aswell so you can download it and use it in your games. Kassadin does not has these flashy-cool looking combos other champions can pull of, for example Irelia, Riven or Nidalee. But he got some stuff you can do to be better than the average Kassadin player. Lets talk about knowledge first and do the combos afterwards. Kassadins Q ability does not only deal damage and gives a magic shield but it also interrupts channels in form of a very short silence. His W is an autoattack reset, which means you can autoattack someone and if you press W immediatly after the autoattack is done, you will reset your autoattack animation which leads into another autoattack. On top of that his attackrange is higher for the empowered W autoattack. His E is not really special, it just slows and damages people in an AOE cone. Next tip, is going to be the reminder of pressing E first and then Q.

If you R onto someone, E immediatly and he flashes away, he is still going to be slowed up to 90% and you can easily chase him with W and Q, making it an easy kill. Did you know that you can extend the range of your ultimate ability by casting it into walls etc. It looks like this and needs some practice but once you get the hang out of it, it can help you tremendously. I can suggest you go into a custom game or a practice tool game and try to get this done because this can really really help you in some situations. The last tip is about your ultimate ability. You can buffer through CC with it if you time it well. That means even if you get CC’d you can still jump somewhere else with your ult.

Lets get to the combos now. Kassadins ult has a 0.25 second cast-time, which leads us to the first and most important combo you can do, R-Flash. Its fast, flawless and fearful. You basically buffer your cast-time and while you cast your ultimate ability, you’re going to flash. That leads to Kassadin jumping an enourmous distance, which is very unpredictable for the enemy, letting them no chance to get away from you. One of the more easier combos you’re going to do in the lane is just a normal Q W E. I’m telling you this combo because alot of people misunderstand that Kassadins laning phase sucks.

You don’t want to do the AA W but W immediatly and after that you want to turn away the millisecond after your E. It looks like this. The next combo is going to be your main damage combo after level 6. You ideally want to R on top of an enemy, AA W E him and finish it off with a Q. Depending on which enemy you play against you can also R on him then E AA W and finish with a Q. It depends on the mobility of the enemy, can he dash? If no then do the second combo. The combo looks like this. Now if you’re sure the enemy doesn’t has vision on you while you’re waiting in a bush, be sure to start any combo with your E to maximize the amount of stacks you have. Your E has a cooldown of only 5 seconds.

If you cast it first there is a pretty high chance that you can cast it again, killing your opponent or atleast baiting a summoner spell like flash. Looks like this. There is also one burst combo where you cast your Q before you ult onto an opponent. This will gurantee the most damage possible in the shortest amount of time. It looks like this. The last combo is hard to pull off but I’m going to show it to you anyways just incase you need that in a game. You can basically ult into a turret and still not get any damage from it. You can do this by doing ult in and Flash out. You can also do this combo sideways if you’re for example playing against an Ashe and she throws an arrow and it already has the animation but you already ulted so you cannot block your ultimate ability or cancel it. It looks like this. So with the Flash you dodge the arrow and with your ult you still deal the damage.

The Matchups are going to be sorted by alphabet incase you’re searching for a specific matchup. Aatrox – 4 – The most important part about the Aatrox matchup is to dodge his first Q and his W. The rest is quite easy, be sure to build an early Oblivion Orb to reduce his massive healing later on. Ahri – 5 – A good Ahri is a pain in the ass when it comes to the early game. Be sure to dodge her second Q damage and most importantly, her E. Keep the minions infront of your turret and you should be fine. Akali – 4 – You have to respect Akalis early game, especially her Q’s. Don’t get hit by her E and you’re more than fine. Always trade back. Quick reminder, you can see her in the shroud if you damage her. Anivia – 3 – You won’t be able to kill her in the early game due to her passive. Dodge her Q, wait for level 6. You can punish her whenever she throws her Q for no reason. Interrupt her R with your Q.

Annie – 5 – Good Annie players will know how to poke you down. Be sure to watch at her stun-bar and engage her when you’re sure that her jungler is not nearby. Aurelion Sol – 2 – Aurelion Sol is a roam orientated champion. Take plates whenever you can and ping your team when he is roaming. When you’re level 6 you can usually just jump on him and make him jump. Azir – 6 – Be careful of Azirs power to push you out of lane with his poke. After level 6 you should be fine.

If he doesn’t run Barrier, you can oneshot him at basically all stages of the game with stacked R. Brand – 5 – The laningphase is going to be so bad but once you’re level 6 Brand will lose all his pressure. Be sure to dodge his Q at all costs. Camille – 7 – Wait for her shield to expire before trading back with AA W E Q.

You can R when she uses her ultimate to replace it. Cassiopeia – 8 – One of the harder matchups. Take DShield and be sure to dodge her Q. Once she hits Q, E her and walk away quickly. Reminder that whenever you see her tail stop moving, click backward as she is about to ult you. Cho’Gath – 3 – He will permapush, just dodge his Q and you’re more than fine. You shouldn’t be able to kill him so just take minions asap and roam. Corki – 4 – Corki deals mostly magic damage so its quite easy to lane against him. Go DShield and keep in mind that his scaling is just as good as yours. Diana – 4 – Against Diana you have to win the short trades, you have to do Q AA W and then E very quickly and then walk away. Later when she jumps on you, just press R to get away and decide after what you can do. Ekko – 3 – Laning is quite easy.

Be careful when he moves in Fog of War as he probably wants to do a W to catch you offguard. Do quick combos and start with Q to ensure a winning trade. Fizz – 2 – Be sure to dodge his E damage with your Q. If he Q’s into you, Q AA W him. Its important to poke him down in the early levels. Later R his ultimate ability and you’re more than fine. Galio – 4 – The only thing you have to be aware of is his E and the combination with a jungle gank. Activate your W before he gets to activate his W so you always hit with the empowered AA. Gangplank – 9 – Ugh, this one is hard. Take DShield and double armor runes. Ask your jungler for help and be aware of the amounts of damage he can dish out. He scales just like you. Gragas – 3 – Dodge his Q damage with your Q. When he tries to E in, you can just buffer AA W and then E when the stun is over to outtrade him.

After 6 you should have an easy time. Heimerdinger – 6 – Very hard laning phase but after 6 you’re okay. Be sure to dodge his E because his turretshots will deal the empowered damage if the E hits. Irelia – 3 – Respect her passive, dodge her E and you’re more than fine. If she goes Wits End, poke her and all in, if she goes Blade of the Ruined King, pray that you already had an advantage in lane. Jayce – 7 – Get DShield and try to take the least damage possible. Trade back with Q AA W E when he goes in with his Q.

After Seekers you can engage him. Karma – 4 – She will try to poke you alot in the lane, try to work with your Q and be sure to not get rooted by her W as it offers a great gank setup. After 6 you’re fine. Karthus – 1 – Farm up, get your items and just run him down at level 6. Be sure to use E first so you have it up earlier because of his Q usage. You can interrupt his R with your Q. Katarina – 4 – Q AA W E her whenever she goes in with E. After level 6 its very important to have either R or Q up in case she uses her ult. Either interrupt it with your Q or jump away with R. Kayle – 5 – The laning phase is very easy since you get to scale for free but keep in mind that her scaling is similiar to yours. Kennen – 7 – Start DShield. If he goes in with E, do your combo and R away, you should be outtrading him every time. Only ult in when you’re sure you can kill him.

LeBlanc – 4 – Skill matchup. If you can buffer Q AA W whenever she goes for a Q W combo. If you can do that, congratulations, you won lane, if you can’t, you’re going to have some problems. Lissandra – 2 – Lissandras poke is quite easy to handle. Be careful of the lockdown she can provide to her jungler to kill you. Lucian – 9 – I highly recommend to dodge this matchup.

In case you want to torture yourself, go DShield and rush Seekers. Lulu – 3 – The laning phase is going to be very annoying but once you’re level 6 things will ease out and you’re in a much much more comfortable situation. Try to get as many minions as possible. Lux – 5 – Horrible laning but after 6 you should be okay. Remember that you’re going to outscale her. Malphite – 2 – Q his Q and just wait for level 6 to shove waves and roam. You can CC buffer his R. Malzahar – 6 – Laning phase is going to be a pain in the ass. You can insta kill his voidlings with your E. Your Q can interrupt his R. Use this information in teamfights to your favor. Mordekaiser – 7 – Mordekaiser is okay to deal with as long as he is not hitting his E. Be sure to hug walls whenever you fight him so you can ult over a wall when he ults you. Morgana – 3 – Stay behind minions because of her Q.

Same as Lissandra she has an immense amount of CC to help setup ganks with her jungler. You can CC buffer her skills. Neeko – 8 – Ouch, start DShield and try to not get hit by her E at all costs. DO NOT DIE IN THIS LANE AT ALL COSTS. Even if it costs you alot of minions. Nocturne – 4 – Keep the wave at your turret and Q AA W E him whenever he tries to fear you. Be careful when sidelaning without Plated Steelcaps or Zhonyas Hourglass. Orianna – 7 – Good Orianna players will know how to keep a Kassadin out of game until level 11. Be sure to start DShield and remember, you’re outscaling her. Pantheon – 9 – Straight up dodge. Don’t. I know you want to but no, just dodge it . Qiyana – 6 – Her level 1 and 2 is very bad, use this information to manipulate the wave to your favor. Be very careful from level 6 onwards as she can potentially oneshot you if she plays it well.

Renekton – 7 – The only matchup where you have to go Shield Bash and Boneplating. Be sure to only step forward when you have Boneplating. When he E’s to you, Q AA W him at all costs. Riven – 7 – Respect her damage at early levels. Use your ult defensively and ping your team if she wants to roam. I have a video against Riven on my channel if you’re still unsure how to play this. The link is in the description down below. Rumble – 3 – You win short trades. After level 6 be careful when ulting into him as his ult deals alot of damage over time. Ryze – 9 – Ryze is my go to pick when playing against Kassadin since he scales better than him with the new items.

As Kassadin, use your Q effectively in the lane and E before any combo so you have it again since he spams his spells. Seraphine – 3 – Just like Annie be sure to keep track of her passive stacks so you won’t get catched offguard with her E. Dodge her R at all costs and you’re more than fine. Sett – 8 – The key against Sett is to E whenever he is walking to you, if you don’t, say bye bye to your healthbar because he deals way too much damage for you. The problem against Sett is that you cannot trade back due to his W. Sylas – 3 – Trade back with AA W E Q whenever he wants to go in. His ult is very much useless against yours and sidelaning is so easy against Sylas.

The only problem is his healing. In that case go for an Oblivion Orb. Syndra – 7 – Use your Q whenever she Q’s. After level 6 its way easier to play this matchup. Remember that you’re going to outscale her no matter how hard the laning is going to be. Taliyah – 2 – All you have to do is dodge her W and you’re winning hard. Talon – 7 – Rush Seekers and pray to god that your team listens to your pings in case he decides to roam. Tristana – 8 – This matchup is actually playable due to her E passive pushing you in all day. Try to get as many minions as possible, get Seekers and then you’re okay.

You can oneshot her with Ludens and level 11. Tryndamere – 6 – Q AA W E him whenever he goes in with E. As long as he doesn’t crit, you outtrade him. Sidelaning is going to be hard if minions are nearby so be careful about that. Twisted Fate – 3 – Usually Twisted Fate players push you in all day so you have an easy laning phase. You outscale him and sidelaning is quite easy. Safe your TP for his R. Veigar – 2 – As long as you don’t get stunned, the matchup is going to be very laid back. Keep in mind that Veigar, even if you can kill him quick and easy, deals alot of damage. Vel’Koz – 4 – Horrible laning but after level 6 you can just run him down.

You can interrupt his R with your Q. Viktor – 6 – The new Viktor can actually burst you down pretty hard but so can you. Be careful as he scales pretty much with you. Vladimir – 2 – He is no threat to you at all. You can pretty much ult him whenever you feel like its fine but be careful about his scaling, its quite good just like yours. Wukong – 8 – Pretty much unplayable if you do 1 thing wrong. Try to get Seekers asap and get Zhonyas as second item. Xerath – 4 – He can and will poke you alot, after level 6 you’re pretty much fine. The good part about the Xerath matchup is that he will never be able to sidelane with you so the enemy team is in constant disadvantage. Yasuo – 4 – You will always be able to outtrade him.

If you have problems playing against Yasuo, I have a video on my channel where I play against Yasuo. The link is down in the description below. Yone – 8 – Unlike Yasuo, Yone is extremly hard to play against. Just let him push in all the time and take minions. After Seekers its a bit better but still gargabe, I suggest dodging. Zed – 10 – Imagine not banning Zed everygame, pathetic. Ziggs – 4 – Just like Velkoz, he will poke you pre 6 and cry under his turret after level 6. Sidelaning is very easy against Ziggs. Zilean – 3 – His bombs are annoying but thats about it. He is very squishy and pretty much permadead after your level 6. Zoe – 7 – A good Zoe is a pain in the ass but after 6 you can work around it. Be sure to dodge her E at all costs. Thats it for now guys. If I missed something, be sure to write a comment.

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