The Wave Control Teleport Strategy that ALWAYS Wins Top Lane! – Skill Capped


Hey everyone in lower elos mechanics are super overrated and you can win lanes and win the game with just good macro and game knowledge. So today i’m going to break down a strategy for you that requires no mechanics at all and can win you any lane. Regardless of the champion in this game, i’m playing wukong vs, maokai and low plat gold mmr.

So let’s first go over the strategy then get into the gameplay. The strategy is simple mission: 1 you’re, going to push the wave by pushing the wave you’ll, get the minion advantage and level advantage mission 2 trade using the minion and level advantage. We want to trade and get a health advantage and then mission 3. Let the wave bounce back and force the enemy to use teleport after getting a health advantage. We want the wave to push back and make it too dangerous for the emulator to walk up so they’re forced to keep you back to lane. Alright, we have our strategy.

Let’S see what it looks like in real time, also, at the end of the video we’re gon na go over an alternative strategy in case things, don’t go as planned, so make sure to stick around for that at the start of the lane. I’M waiting for maokai to get here since he’s leashing and i’m making sure not to auto attack too much right now, then i just collect the three low health minions. I don’t want to push the wave too fast. If i push too fast, the wave will crash on the second wave, which doesn’t give me much time to trade for mission 2.

I want to push this wave slowly and make the wave crash on the third one after that maokai uses his q on the minions. So i go in with my e for an extended trade. This is for two reasons. First, in the wukong versus maokai, match-up wukong wins extended trades, while maokai wins small trades using his grasp and passive fuel, and second i’m starting mission 2.

Already, since i already have the minion advantage – and i know i’m gon na – have it as the lane progresses. I want to start chipping down on his health pool all right now we can see. I have the push advantage. I have more minions. My wave is closer to his side. This is exactly what you want to see at this point. I don’t want to auto attack too much. I want to push slowly still, that’s why i’m just sitting here doing nothing and also i’m one minute from level 2.

As the next minion is getting low enough to kill, i start moving up towards maokai since he’s not respecting my level 2 spike and get a nice little chunk of health from information too. These kinds of trades are very important for this strategy to work, and i know what you might be thinking, what, if they play properly and don’t give us any good trades. While we push don’t worry at the end of the guide, we will give you the alternative strategy for that by the way, if you’re, enjoying this video, a sub to the channel, would be incredible anyways as we get back into it, i’m still slow, pushing collecting the Rest of the second wave [ Music ], once the next wave arrives, it’s back to mission 2, looking to trade with maokai every time he walks up for last hit. It doesn’t matter how little damage any damage counts here, the more i can get from him now.

The easier mission 3 will be. On top of this, though, i need to make sure to crash this wave on the tower. If i don’t crash it, it will freeze here and won’t push back to me like i want it to so i’m trying to hit as many minions as i can without getting hit by the tower, while i’m doing that maokai jumps in looking to trade with me. I don’t have to be worried, though, because i have a cannon and three ranged minions to fight for me, so i can just auto him back since he used his big cooldown his w when he walks over this next minion. I jump in again and get some more health from him, but you might have noticed. I didn’t crash the wave on the cannon like i wanted to, so the wave is still in the spot.

This is because the minions were in tower range. I didn’t kill them fast enough, but it’s not that bad of a situation. The reasoning behind this is, i know, maokai leash, so his jungler started top side and will be pathing bot side. So i’m not in danger of getting ganged and on top of this freezing doesn’t put him at a trading advantage. It’S actually the opposite for him to freeze. I need to have more minions than him, so it lets me get more good trades off before crashing. The wave but the next wave, i managed to kill it fast enough and crashed on the tower.

So now i can move on to mission three. While maokai is farming, the wave under tower, though i still make sure to try and get as much damage as possible without taking a tower shot and managed to hit him with q with wukong’s extra range after he’s done farming. Now i want to let the wave push back to me, so i don’t want to hit it while also looking for all lanes on the maokai he’s not giving me any windows, though, and i wanted to be further up from his tower for this – he walks up And uses q to grab these two minions, though, which leaves him with very little mana. This is good as now he when i do fight him, he won’t have enough mana for a full rotation of abilities and you might not have noticed, but he felt the need to use q because of the way i’m posturing, i’m not standing really far back. I’M basically standing in a way that he knows i will go in so he felt safer grabbing those cs from range with his q. After that i jump in and poke him a bit more before the next wave arrives.

I don’t even have to kill him for the strategy to work. I just need to force him to recall. While the wave is pushing to me, i let the waves settle a bit and aggro each other and grab a low health minion. While i wait for maokai to walk up again as soon as he walks over the cs, i go all in and just barely missed the kill, because i cancelled two autos and he flashed fast enough to void my last one. It sucks i messed up the kill, but, like i said all i need is for him to have to recall what the wave pushing to me. If he recalls now, he has to tp in because, if he doesn’t, his minions will slowly kill.

Mine and he’ll miss a ton of cs, and i can also recall right now because i won’t have to tp in since he won’t be able to crash the wave before i get back to lane. This gives me the tp advantage, which can win me. The lane, in multiple ways i can play very aggressive in lane and trade a lot and can even lose most of the trades. Then tp back in with full resources and health, or i can play normal and look to use my tp for a play on the map somewhere to pick up. Some free kills, but using tp properly isn’t an easy thing, especially in lower elos. So, let’s test your game knowledge here as soon as i get back to lane, i see my zac in passive blob form and is in danger of dying. What would you do if you answered tp to his blob to save him? That is not the right play.

The reason for that is because of where the fight is happening right outside the enemy tower, and nobody is really out of position to kill it’s a waste. If i tp in here, they’ll just run away, and i don’t get anything – you want to be using your tp to get yourself ahead, not to save your teammates, and on top of this look at the wave and top lane before i pan down it’s an even Wave on my side of the lane, because of the even minion rule, which just means when the waves are even whichever side they are on, it will push the opposite way. If i tp away right now, it will slow push and i would lose at least three waves of cs.

So if i was going to tp here, it would have to be a really juicy scenario where i see myself getting at least two kills later on, though i used my tp after i pushed my wave on the tower, so i wouldn’t miss three waves and got A kill from that alright. Now, let’s talk about the alternative strategy, so let’s say the enemy laner doesn’t give you any free trade that you’re pushing with your minion level advantage. First, off the odds of this in lower elo are slim to none, but if it does happen, you want to play for a cheater recall. All this is, is you want to slow push?

Three waves, like we said and crash them, it’s going to take the enemy laner, a long time to clear those three waves on the tower and the next wave after the waves reset, and since you can’t really do much them under tower you’re. Just going to recall, you want to use the gold from those three waves that you push to buy a long sword: dorn’s blade cloth armor, whatever you think, is best and walk back to lane. You don’t have to waste tp and you get a free item advantage on the enemy laner, which could lead to kills. But, like i said in diamond and below odds, are they make plenty of mistakes and don’t respect the push advantage? And you get some very, very free trades in just like i did in this game by the way you should know where our guides come from our hyper improvement platform.

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