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VEX IS RIOTS BEST CHAMPION YET! Insanely OP Too – League of Legends


I welcome each and every one of you to a new league of legends video and this one we’re on the pbe server playing the newest champion of vex, who has like a little almost like. She rides a little shadow thing. It looks cool as hell actually dude. Her ears look really cool, damn dude. She has a really nice character model.

I have to say it looks really really detailed like this looks to do that. You know so we’re going to look at the abilities. I mean we’re invading apparently, so i don’t know. I can’t really read it, but i just want to read the abilities i’m going to just chill all right. So take a look at the build these.

I want to just double check the ratios and stuff, so every 25 seconds vex becomes afflicted with doom causing her next basic ability to interrupt dashes, uh and fear enemies for that amount of time, um whenever a nearby enemy dashes or blames facts marks them. With the gloom for six seconds, vex’s next attack against a gloomed enemy deals magic damage and reduces his ability to cool down. Oh that’s, actually quite nice, and then you have the q launches a wave of mist that deals 80 magic damage after delay. The wave becomes similar and faster okay consumes gloom on hits gains a shield and uh that deals damage as well, which scales 30 percent 60, causes gloom so or consumes gloom. The ability cons applies bloom.

I think i’m gon na start calling you scott, i’m gon na talk at the moment. It is not interesting. This is gon na be really interesting if you guys enjoyed by the way, don’t forget to hit that like button. Okay, okay, a little bit of a rough start there on the cs thing i’ll, be honest, not the uh, not the best turn. Oh damn that goes wow that goes fast.

Holy [, __, ], okay, so the passive under my hp bar or the mana bar, is whenever gloom is ready, it seems like okay, so it’s really really slow but then really really fast. So it’s actually kind of hard to hit. You definitely want to combine the e with that decent range, though, on this thing. Okay, so my gloom is ready – or i think it’s gloom or is that every 25 seconds one, oh, the doom thing i think interesting, see. Okay, so you want to combine the e with the uh the q.

Definitely you 100 want to combine the e with the q put another point into the q. Here: okay, he blocks it nice block or not like there’s some auto attacks in the mana cost. Isn’T as bad as i thought, but i am slowly running out of mana here, like i’ll be honest, mana is definitely becoming a little bit. Problematic vex is upset her nice basic attack will, if your enemies hit. I did that last time.

I didn’t fear next basic ability, sorry not an attack. I don’t know why. I read attack okay, dude nice, auto attack range. Actually, i like the soundtrack range, a lot okay, so like the e is pretty punishing actually so, if you like, if you land the e like it’s really really fast and she doesn’t have a cast animation for it, so you kind of just it just kind of Goes off like it’s just really really fast, so it’s really really really good. At setting up your kid, it seems like you really want to just initiate with that.

First, if you can okay, i want to go for luden’s echo, this game. I want to see how ludens echo feels now we’re going to be doing this build guys, so this is going to be like more or less what should be. You know pretty much the standard build according to riot as well. Luden’S echo arcane comet, whatever you know, jake’s typical stuff, maybe horizon focus we’ll see, and then i want to do another gameplay of her i’ll release it later. Where i’ll go like essentially like the assassin one shot build on her, that that’ll be really fun.

I think yeah the range okay, the range is decent, but it’s not like insane, so you want to be a little bit careful but man. I love how it just consumes. The gloom, though, that’s so good yeah, because this supplies the boom, and that consumes it. That’S that’s actually kind of dirty like for some reason. Her passive is still confusing to me.

I have to like read it one more time, but the ability applies gloom which deals that extra bonus damage and then, if you have doom ready as well, the e will fear them while applying gloom. And then you land the q, which will consume the gloom from the e, which will make uh that next attack against them will do 84, which scales with 30 to 80, based on level plus 25 cents and reduces it by 25 percent. Interesting dude. I cannot wait till i get luton’s echo, that’s going to be high, beautiful, okay, that’s blocked! This also consumes gloom on him.

Okay, okay, does this apply glue? Maybe the ultimate shadow is satellite. It’S 20 and 50 doom blew my mind. Yeah, it’s kind of confusing like it’s making me have to read a few times. Oh wait a minute that fear just give up.

Ah the heck, i’m here to save my life bro. I was like out of mana dude. This q is satisfying i like to skew a lot something about the fact that it just speeds up really fast after the halfway point, something about that just feels really satisfying um. Okay, i want to look at the ap ratios on this ultimate is what i want to do. That’S what i need to see here.

So, let’s take a look. Okay, so ultimate ap ratio is 20 on the initial part, where she excitedly surges forward dealing 90 100 magic damage and marking the first enemy champion hit the shadow for four seconds. The second cast it does 200 base damage or 200 total 150 base with 50. So the second part is the one that actually does the main damage and if they die within six seconds, you can reset the e or the ultimates rather again, damn that’s pretty [ __ ] sick. Actually i, like that wow, that’s [ __ ] essential.

Damn! That’S actually kind of dirty what the hell and her wave killer is like so much better than i expected, and the reason is quite simple: if you use your e, both the first on the wave into the queue that uh pretty much because the ability applies. The gloom to all the champions as well right, it says enemies, not just champions. Oh yes, gorgeous! That’S sick!

I like that. Okay, oh okay! I like this champion, i’m actually enjoying this is more enjoyable than i thought like. I thought, she’ll be fun and overall dude. I like this cute, i really really like it.

It’S such a fun ability. It really is so, whenever her abilities are light up like this, it’s like kind of teal color, as opposed to the other option, which was you know like a dark purple, blueish color. That just means that you have your doom ready to go, which means that the next ability, whichever one you use, will fear the person all right. So keep that in mind, except for the ultimate. I think, because the ultimate doesn’t change color.

So i’m not sure if i mean i’m assuming it’ll work with the ultimate. I don’t see why i wouldn’t i mean it should um. I don’t want to go like all in on this pantheon and see how i what i can do here shut down, wait what i didn’t fear him yeah, i’m walking this rush. Oh they actually get me lucky. It’S only basic abilities, though oh yeah it is.

It is yeah her next basic ability, okay, yeah. It makes sense. That’S why the color on her ultimate doesn’t change the icon. It just stays the whole like purple, color the whole time for the ultimate, which makes sense so it kind of visually makes sense. I want to try going for a dark seal, so the one thing i am noticing is cdr seems to be like just from what i’ve played already.

I think cdr is gon na, be like the stat to get like by far this time. This is why maybe in the riot video the guy went for liandry’s because it gives the ability haste, i do think cdr might be the place. So i think what i’m gon na do this game, because i think it’s the play is maybe eventually i’ll sell. My boots for cdr boots, but i’m gon na go for a cosmic drive because i really just want cdr. I legitimately think it’s to play.

This is as far as my eyes can run, so you can like double. I mean it is a pantheon. I guess – and i do have mr woons but like that – was actually kind of close. That does a lot of damage all right, i’m like really really low on hp, but i kind of want some placement so watch. You can use your ability to apply it on the minions.

Wait for a 10 death power spike. What is that zero? Six okay, but you can hold me – is getting upset impending doom yeah, because don’t forget guys, if you do proc the um gloom, it does reset. Not reset, but it reduces the cooldown by a decent amount. Okay, so we have ludenza, which is what i wanted all right.

Let’S see, though, with the skin popping off, okay actually kind of clean, i think panther is alternating. I think bathtub is definitely how cool is that? Okay, maybe not that’s cool yo, okay, damn dude! The range on the salt is insane. If you look at the mini map, it’s insane it’s like kind of like a level 1 xerox, almost ultimate, but the fact that you can dash with that is the part.

That’S sick. I, like the champion she’s like this little cute little goth girl. It’S so funny. It’S a cute little emo girl and it’s just some. I don’t know i like her aesthetic, it’s a nice aesthetic, it’s a cool champion.

I like the shirt. Is she someone that i’ll personally main? Well, i don’t know hard to say maybe i’m definitely over here, but over like a yonei or something but man i do like her. I think her guys trust me once you guys play and try out her cue you’ll see how fun it is. It’S legitimately really fun.

Now i need my ultimate, so i can look for like sick roam games because you can get some pretty spicy things happening here, see if i can get this young or not the kiana. Sorry. This is get these little branches away from me. How far does that go? Okay?

Well, we can’t do a whole lot. Here i mean the thing is: design has an alt. We can maybe just yellow this honestly, but not an ebook. Oh my god, yeah that damage look at that dude. That is something okay.

Well, she got scared pushes in wait. I hit her with the q, wait what what is this range on this cute? Damn way, i hit her with the q. Somehow i don’t know how does she walk into it? I can carry this guys.

Don’T worry! Okay: let’s go for a cosmic drive. I want to do cosmic drive because i really want to see just how good she can be with a lot of cdrs. I still want to do like an assassin ultimate play like that would be super fun, and then i want to build her assassin like dark harvest and lich bane. I wonder if it goes through, that’s pretty cool, so it does go through minions.

It actually does do the damage to the minions interesting. Okay. So that’s good to know so it does go through minions, but it still does damage to them, but it also doesn’t stop at them. So it’ll keep going until it’s a champion or, of course, until it hits the end um, which is good to know. Oh, my god, it’s so satisfying dude.

This queue is so good three and a half second cooldown. I need sad, shorter. Think, sad thoughts. Oh, my lord: what is that damage man? That’S not even the assassin build imagine once we go for the assassin build though oh my god, oh okay, is a little tankier.

Of course, i really wish. I had multiple hair, though this cute little. I just love how she’s this cute little yordle, that just does this insane damage, it’s so good dude. The range of that thing is it’s so long on the range and it’s so fast. It’S so fast over there yeah, i’m gon na, actually not go for that.

I’M sorry i have no mana. Maybe jonah can one behind this. Let’S see it’s pretty strong, but they’re pretty strong too. Damn he’s actually good. Oh this.

I got him okay. So now we have, we have uh, we have cosmic drive so now we can see what we can do with this 70 ability haze, which in other words, is 41

Your team has destroyed a turret [ Music ] blue trigger is probably yeah. It probably is i agree, so you can then ultimates blue trinket for sure dude. I love the aesthetic of this chant though i i legitimately think she’s, like they absolutely nailed this aesthetic legitimately [ __ ] sick, like i really like it super cool aesthetic, the way she runs and everything they did a really good job as much as i’d love To like [ __ ] on riot the, i think they did a fantastic job here. The champion’s fun doesn’t seem completely ridiculous, like doesn’t have something that just i don’t know doesn’t feel like it.

Maybe because i’m playing it though, oh my god, she looks more like an emo, annie, yeah kind of it’s so good though i love it desire. I want to find her with my ultimate, but i don’t want to just throw it out for no reason because uh it’s a one minute cooldown, i don’t want to lose it. I want to use it again. I want to actually get a sick play with it. Yeah my team is like feeding me everything now i like that.

Thank you guys. That’S that’s what i call a team. Okay. Maybe we can find like a sniper somewhere. Let’S check it out like the super range.

Is disgusting. It’S like insanely long. I love how. It looks like wait, how did i kill the mauka? I don’t know how i killed the male guy.

He just died. Somehow i don’t. I guess i hit him with something. What did i hit him with? Well, no one will ever know ravenous or ultimate hunter better.

I don’t know yet i’m just saying her ultimate does seem really really important, though, because that’s like your only real mobility. Without this, like you, don’t really you have no mobility at all i mean. Maybe a proto ball can work honestly. If you can throw the ball forward into the eve dude. That’S crazy!

I’M sorry! That’S a ridiculous damage! Man, that’s so much damaged dude! The fear is so good. Oh, it doesn’t hurt.

I want more cdr man dude. I want more cdr i need more. The champion is really fun. Oh my god. There’S damage!

Ah, okay, let’s reset quickly, it’s not anything just yet it’s a little too early. I wan na get at least one more item. Let’S sell this and we’ll wait for the horizon: focus we’ll wait for the horizon, focus pick that up and then we’ll just work off of that, and that’s that should be enough to like really test her damage. This should do a disgusting amount, though, like this horizon it down the focus i like the chamfer, i have to say i’m. Actually i love the champagne.

I really do i just love the aesthetic of this champ like the way she looks the visuals on her, like everything. The way it looks is just [, __ ] sick, like watch her gloom is about to come up or doom. Her ears start to glow. I believe, whatever yeah look at that that just glows the shadow in the way it follows behind her just looks like really aesthetic just they knit they absolutely nailed the visuals, in my opinion, and the kids really fun as well check this out assassinate this guy. Oh okay, kill him sucking out again got ta get away from those feathers man.

Those things will kill. Me says it. Thank you anna. This is gon na hurt, oh dale, oh my god bro. What is this damage, though?

Oh my god, it’s crazy! Actually, disgusting! Oh! Yes, sir, yes, sir sir, yes, sir, oh, i missed it honestly, i’m not a matter though. Oh this guy wants me so bad.

No, i got me you do have 18 kills. Oh you ride me. Okay, we’re back boys! Ain’T done yet yeah i mean even before i had 18 kills. I was that damaged.

It was pretty ridiculous, all right ggs. I think that might be it well, assuming that’s it uh. Let me know what you guys thought about it down below. This was a she’s fun. I really enjoyed her.

I thought she was great seriously absolutely wonderful, champion literally a pleasure to play. I think they did a fantastic job but uh yeah thanks for watching guys. Let me know what you think about it down below and i’ll see you for the next one.

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