Wave Management [Pro Analysis]


In the League, waves of minions appear until the game ends. They face enemy, minions that appear from the opposite side Controlling where and how the waves meet is what we call wave control. You can get tons of benefits from this, But it can also get you a lot of trouble. It can even change the outcome of games. Let’S figure out what wave control is, Let’s start with pushing waves.

It’S very simple! You push waves if you attack or apply skills to minions more often than your opponent does, The enemy wave is destroyed first, And your wave will move forward When to push a wave 1 To gain a level advantage and exchange 2 To put pressure on the enemy Under the tower, When your jungler is strong in the early game and wants to play aggressively 3 To be able to quickly support allies, 4.To prevent the enemy from leaving the base when they have low health. When you want to go to base, It is very important to push your waves to the very enemy tower and only then go to the base. The GP wants to make sure that the wave successfully reaches the enemy tower. He puts pressure on Atrox and thus Atrox is unable to hold the wave

Why is it so important If you run your wave under the tower and go to the base? The minion wave will be near your tower when you return And you will lose the minimum number of minions. This is what you need to try to do. Every time you go to base, How do you keep waves? The best way to hold the wave is to only finish off minions with low health. If your opponent does the same, Then give a couple of minions so that it turns out that your opponent deals more damage to the wave than you. Here’S a tip for keeping the tide. You can aggravate enemy minions so that they gather in a bunch As soon as they stop attacking you. They will begin to beat 1 minion with a full wave And the fight will instantly turn into 5v6 And the wave will start to move towards your tower. When is it worth holding back the tide? 1

You are weak in the early game and want to play carefully. You want to protect yourself from ganks and make your opponent more vulnerable to them. To get these benefits from curbing waves. You need to know how to contain them. We call it Freeze, (, Wave, Freeze, ), There are only two things you need to do to freeze the wave, Keep the enemy wave outside the radius of your tower. Sometimes you have to hold back the wave, so it doesn’t get too close. Watch Faker hold the minions, Make sure that the number of enemy minions exceeds the number of yours by 2-3.

If you follow these 2 points, you will easily freeze the wave If the enemy attacks and uses skills on the minions to push Do the same. To keep the difference, Wukong wants to push and go to base, But it’s not that easy. Vlad saves these three minions to freeze the wave further Freeze waves can give you many advantages allowing you to farm safely, But you need to constantly monitor the movements of the enemy. The last type of wave control is a slow push. ( slow push ) with a big wave. Slow push is a very powerful tool, especially if you are going to kill the enemy under the tower ( Dive ), And this is one of the best ways to snowball ( Build ). Your advantage.

Push slowly attacking (, finishing off ) minions with only low health And push the last wave ( right in front of the tower ) hard Call. Your forester to dive Ezreal will lose all minions if he dies. Red team got 1 kill and 2 assists = 450 gold, 1 tower plate, = 159 gold And Kai’Sa lost 189 gold and experience from minions Even after the destruction of the enemy tower. Waves of minions will respawn What are some tips for managing waves. After the line phase, When you clear the waves on the sides before joining the battle, Only kill mage minions to create a pushing wave, It is much more effective to create a slowly pushing wave than to clear it out entirely.

By the time you join the fight, the enemy team will have to deal with it, And it’s also good to know Most pro players use this, but many don’t know For each lane. Your minions do more damage and take less Depending on the tower advantage, and the average level of your team Simply put the team that wins. The minions are stronger, Especially on the lanes where you have demolished more towers. This will help you understand which wave will move to your base and which to the enemy, And you will have the ability to control the waves better. Thank you for watching.

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