Hey everyone! We all know how important it is to win lane in league. Winning lane is the first step to climbing. It sets the tone for the rest of the game and really is the most important part of it. So today I’m going to run you through the best runes for winning lane, and show you an example of how I abuse it on a smurf in gold, playing orianna vs Zoe. With this setup you should be able to win almost any lane while playing a mage. So before getting into the gameplay. let’s look at the setup. What you’re going to be abusing is the timewarp tonic, cookies, and corrupting potion runes. So you’re going to have rune pages that look like this for most mages.. On top of this, you’re going to want to take TP.

I don’t take TP in this game because Im against zoe and want cleanse, but TP really makes this setup op. We will get more into this later. Alright you know the setup now. let’s get into the gameplay. by the way if you’re enjoying this video, a sub to the channel would be incredible So, I’m going to start with corrupting potion as we talked about, and its because corrupting potion gives a ton of mana and health sustain compared to dorans ring. This lets you spam abilities on champions that normally can’t, for example, orianna or Syndra. If you start dorans ring and try to use Syndra Q or Ori W too many times, you just go oom and that’s it. With corrupting potion, I’m going to essentially spam my Q and W, and non stop poke the Zoe. As soon as lane starts, I throw my Q through the minions, hitting her as well, proccing mana flow. With this setup you want to proc manaflow every time its up, which you can see right about the ability bar. Then, Im going to constantly auto attack.

I have an attack speed rune which is another thing in your runes that you can take on certain champions. I personally like it on ori, Leblanc and Anivia. But by constantly auto attacking I can psh the wave without having to use my abilities, and can use them on Zoe instead. Then as soon as my Q is back up, I immediately use it on Zoe again. Notice where I’m positioned when I do this though.

I’m already standing in a spot where I can move the ball right away. I didn’t have to run into range. This is just good spacing. I’m not standing too far back playing scared, and not too far forward where I can easily get poked. After that, it’s back to constantly auto attacking until zoe goes to land a Q on me here. pause If we pause here, what should she do with this Q? Try to hit me or the wave? 5 second pause She should be trying to hit the wave for 2 reasons.

First, I’m not in any position to get hit by her Q. And the second and more important reason is that Zoes main damage ability is blocked by minions, so she doesn’t want to get shoved in like this. She needs to use Q on the wave so I can’t push her in. But if we continue, she was trying to hit me with Q and since I hid behind the minions she hits the wave, and then she makes a very big mistake.. She walks up into my 3 minions and trades autos with me 3 times. It might seem like I only have 1 more minion than her, but because she’s so far up and I’m back here, her minions barely touch meanwhile all 3 of mine are hitting her.

She can never walk up like this, and if Voli wasn’t here I would have gotten an even bigger chunk. After voli leaves though its back to what I was doing before, using Q on Zoe every time its up and constantly autoing the wave. Once I hit level 2, I can get my W, which costs 70 mana. Normally on Ori you really can’t use it much but with this setup Im going to try to use it every time its up. You could be doing the same thing with almost any mage here.

If I was viktor, normally you don’t want to laser too much. But with a corrupt pot you can just spam. Same thing with Syndra. They nerfed syndra mana costs big time. But with corrupt pot and cookies you can still spam and abuse her strong early game. Anyways, I get the wave crashed on the tower now, so everytime she goes for a last hit I’m going to use my Q and W, and try to squeeze in an auto if I can. I’m starting to get her really low already, and we know Volibear is top side since he ran through mid, so I just want to hug bot side. This is a very standard concept in mid and its very important. Whenever you know what side the enemy jungler is on, you want to ward and hug the other side. This seems obvious, but the amount of players that do this and say “wow I barely ever die to ganks now!” is crazy. It works very well and you should be doing it every single game. Anyways it’s back to auto attacking the wave, whch gets me level 3 first.

I’m spacing just like before, ready to move my ball into range the moment she walks up, and lands another Q and W. At this point, I’ve been spamming a lot and I still have 2 corrupting potion charges, plus a cookie. I’m nowhere near running out of mana whereas if I had a dorans ring I would be out already.

For this next trade, you can really see how my spacing is putting insane pressure on her, while keeping me safe from her damage. I’m in the middle of my wave like this, which puts me in range to hit her with my Q and W, but the moment she uses her Q, I can hide behind my cannon and avoid any damage. This kind of pressure low elo players aren’t used to and you can tell by the way the zoe is playing. She doesn’t know how to switch up her approach to CS. What I mean by that high elo, every single CS is tracked and contested based off cooldowns, wave state, matchup, ect.

The most simple and common example is jsut melee vs ranged matchups. If you’re playing Fizz vs Lucian mid, the first 3 levels you should be eating harass everytime you walk up for a last hit. So, sometimes I will walk up acting like I’m going for it, then back up. Sometimes I will Q a minion..sometimes I will go for a minion that’s not in last hit range but is in range to kill with an auto and W combined. This Zoe just walks up and autos any CS she goes for instead of moving in and out of my ball range trying to maybe bait my Q or using her Q to get the CS and thin the wave.

Obviously the zoe is making so many mistakes its impossible to point them all out as its gold, but you should get the idea here. Alright, after that last trade, she’s in kill range. At the start of this trade, I’m behind my cannon minion. I come out from behind the cannon purposely, to bait out her bubble. This is a trick you can do vs a lot of mages that have skillshots blocked by minions. For example, Ahri charm or leblanc chain. You come out from behind the minion for just a second, then immediately run back behind it. If you bait out their important cooldown, you have a big window to punish. This is exactly what happens here, so I bring the ball to me with E, then use Q W and an auto to finish her off for first blood. Now I want to just shove in the wave and reset. On first base, you want to buy a dark seal and dorans ring.

Having these 2 with a corrupting potion and cookies with timewarp is insane early game. The dark seal gives more healing, and the dorans ring gives great stats for the early game. its nearly impossible to lose lane with these items. When I get back to lane, zoe got a protobelt off the wave, nice champ, so I need to respect it as she’s running at me getting aggressive. The thing is, she’s playing a really dangerous game here. With her extending so far. If she misses her bubble here, I get a huge punish window and can run her down. So, I do my best to dodge the bubble since its harder in this elo than in high elo. I can really never tell what they are thinking. But I dodge it and immediately turn and lay on the counter damage.

With phase rush I get a bunch of autos in until I take minion aggro and back off. This minion wave is huge and I don’t have any abilities left. If I try to keep fighting her she will win just from the minions. But I use my E to block some of their damage as I’m retreating. Now shes pretty low again, and the wave is pushing to me. She should be way behind her wave, waiting for her corrupting potion to heal her up, then attempt to use the wave to defend her as she pushes it in. Were going to let this play for a few seconds, try to see if you can spot her mistake. play 4.16 – 4.22 Alright did you catch it? Its right here, the moment she walked passed this pillar.

Now she gives me an angle to run her down because shes way too far up with that little health. She should be behind her ranged minions on the side closer to her raptors to stay safe from my ball range. So, I’m going to just run at her until she flashes and ignites, and I flash auto to finish her. Alright, before we finish up the video, lets talk about how teleport mixes in. Teleport makes the strategy even more broken because you can spam and trade a ton, then TP back in with full corrupting potion charges, and if they don’t get a good recall, it’s over. You shouldn’t get shoved in if you’re spamming your abilities on them, so they shouldn’t get a good recall. You would want to push, then recall, then constantly push so they never can get the recall off. They will eventually die under tower or have to give up a wave. “If you want to truly take your lane phase to the next level and learn how to convert leads into easy wins, then you need to check out our site,

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But hopefully you understand the power of this setup and abuse it for some free laning phases in your own games. That’s going to bring us to the end of this one. We hope you enjoyed it and thanks for watching!.

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