Wukong Combos and Mechanics guide – Season 11


Hey everyone today i want to talk about wukong commerce, mechanics tips and tricks and other things you want to know before you play wukong. Now, let’s get into the first thing, wukong level 1 is really strong. Often you skill e level 1. If you want to be aggressive cure, if you want to be defensive and if you want to be super defensive, you can opt in for w now. One thing you want to know is: if you go for e here against most champions, you’re strong with them sure, maybe against the darius you’re, probably going to lose, but not every champ is theirs, most champs, you’re strong in them. One thing you can do: let’s say you expect the enemy to start topside. The enemy top laner is going to help his jungler top side. You can sneak into this bush wait a little bit.

He comes you auto e, and then you start finding him by doing that, you often get a massive lead early game. It’S a really, really big strategy that you want to utilize now. Another thing to note is if you’re in the lane, the minions are coming. The opponent’s up here and it’s a laner, you think you can beat, then you should skill e and you should start pushing you don’t want to push crazy fast. You want to have like two or three hits above him um and by pushing like that, you have to have a massive advantage because you’re really strong, but if you don’t push against most laners, she actually loses wukong from my experience now, if you want to play Passive, you have the q, you want the opponent to push you in.

You just want to sit back, you should kill. Your q gives you extra range. This is one thing to note. If you look at my auto attack right now, it’s here. If you look at my q, however, it’s all the way out here right, it’s a massive range difference and you want to utilize that to your advantage now, obviously level one is not going to be as much it’s going to be very small and it gets better And better every time you level it up at level 9, it’s around this range, which is huge. So the thing is, if you play passive, you skill, q, first and you’re, expecting the enemy to be strong. You just play kind of passive. Just last hit queue for some minions and so on.

If you need to depending on the lane, let him push you in get your levels and then once you’re six, you actually start becoming really strong. Now, let’s get into some other comments that you want to think about, so the comments you generally think about is something stand out like an auto attack, queue very east to pull off. Then you have. The e auto cue, also pretty easy to pull off. If you do it properly, these commas are vital to know and be able to pull off, because a lot of people are going to try and pull off, and then they do this there’s an eq instead of an e, auto q, you want to do it properly.

So it’s really important to practice that you can do in practice about five minutes a day. It doesn’t really take that long. Now, there’s also more complicated things that you need to know: there’s a e-order queue and then you w and then you start running you can run up. You can run down depending what you want to do. Maybe you want to get behind them because your jungler is ganking and you don’t want them to know where you’re going a lot of ways to play around with that um then there’s also some more complicated things that actually most people don’t even know about. I think, and it’s the one thing you can do is you can order q and then w look here and your clone gets the q off then power q? If you do it fast enough which you actually use um the w before you hit the q.

Like look at that, it goes off right, but the thing is, you click, auto q, then w you use it and it clones the damage off as well, which is really really powerful. A lot of people don’t know you can do that and it’s just faster than doing the normal way. Then another thing you want to do is the eqw. This is really important. Another one again, you get it off in time if you cube beforehand, so you can get the entire combo faster and then, if you want to, you can also combine this to the ultimate where your eqw ultimate and then this is the number one combo you want To know for all landing people, because that way you do the most damage, because you can instantly proc your ultimate right, you plug it faster than last time. It’S super super powerful. So let’s do it one more time, eq w ultimate! Here you go and you see how fast it does and how much damage you do now. Generally. This is a combo. You only want to use if you’re the one going in and you want to all in the opponent, mostly how a teamfight is actually going to look. Is this?

How, mostly you want to have it when you play wukong, you want to be against champions that are going to go into you and going to try and chase your team. While your team, hopefully, is something a little bit more pole or walking backwards because chasing people wukong kind of sucks, unless you can get in on them instantly and one more combo them in that case, it’s pretty good. So often what you’re going to do is you’re going to walk up to somebody auto cue and then run away or just w twice as weird or qw and just walk away, and then you can use ultimate to kind of zone people right or you just do It like that as well and then you start walking away generally that’s how most fights goes, but in some case you want to use the other mechanics to talk about right now to get on them quickly and just burst them down, and you got ta know them. Anyways, that’s it for my combo guide. I hope you guys liked it if you liked it leave a comment and i’ll see you guys next time.

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