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Today we sent hector to face off against a volibear as yumi in the top lane. Top lane is notorious for being the counter pickling, where it’s impossible to play out games if you’re in a bad matchup. What better way to test out hector’s skills than by having him lock? Yumi the champion countered by literally everyone in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to use the powers of basic fundamentals and consistent decision making that anyone can use to stomp any ranged versus melee. Matchup this time we have him facing off against a vola bear in gold, 2 elo for his missions. He’Ll use the standard ones for ranged v, melee matchups 1., get the push lead at level 1 and punish the melee champion with a slow push harassing them under tower, while they have to last hit. A ton of minions is part of ranged harassing 101 2. The wave will bounce back off of that slow push.

Now you set up a freeze versus a low health melee champion who can’t break it. Number three avoid ganks freezing the wave early on is recommended for this exact reason. Vision is limited early on, so the prior two missions are to set you up near your own tower, where you can both harass the enemy and keep yourself safe. Hector will definitely be failing this mission, this game surprisingly, because he was just winning too hard, but we’ll get to that later, as the laning phase is about to begin, we see that hector is not only playing yumi but he’s also lagging as well. Making this even tougher for him comcast always has our best interests at heart. Doesn’T it? Uncharacteristically, though, hector makes a pretty big error at the start of the lane phase? What do you think that is well vola bear was a bit late to lane? Exo should have used this time to begin building a wave advantage by auto attacking the minions before volley got there having a decent idea of the power of both champions at level. 1 is very important for the start of the lane. There are certain melee champions who excel at ignoring ranged harass early on, for example, irelia is famous for this. She has so much sustain from her q and corrupting potions that she can actually take control of the lane at level 1 against almost every ranged champion, letting the melee take early control can allow them to slow push, enabling them to go for a cheater recall at Level: 3.

Of course, as the ranged champion you can avoid this situation by getting early damage on the wave before the melee champion is in lane with a sizeable enough. Minion lead. It doesn’t matter how strong the melee is early game. They won’t be able to deny your slow push and you can guarantee control of the lane, but wait, then, why wouldn’t hector just instinctively auto attack the wave when he got into lane? If this is the case, well, you technically shouldn’t auto attack. If you don’t have to in matchups where it’s obvious that the melee won’t be able to take control, no matter what, then you should auto attack as little as possible. This way the wave pushes even slower and stacks as much as possible before crashing into the enemy tower. A bigger crash means that you have way more time to harass them under tower, which should lead into a much more successful freeze in the long run.

Hector just assumed that volibear was too weak to get control, but he forgot that he’s playing yumi. Actually, i probably should have auto attacked more because i don’t do much in the way of threatening this volley bear here. We go just auto attack whenever he walks up to the wave. I mean, if he’s just gon na, ignore he’s basically ignoring poke just to push the wave, which is fine. Some melee champions, like irelia, can do this and stuff, but they’re gon na take a lot of poke uh in order to do that generally. Melee champions do this when they’re going to cheater recall, but i don’t think this guy is smart enough to cheat a recall. I think he’s just taking damage for free, and now i’m just gon na freeze the wave here. A good takeaway here is that you don’t have to play perfectly in order to come out on top. You can usually leave that stuff to the pros. While you obviously want to follow and execute early game plans, you shouldn’t panic: if you mess them up a little bit, your opponent is likely going to put you in a winning position anyway, as long as you’re aware of what they’re doing wrong and how to punish It hector has a solid freeze going now and goes hard on harassing volibear whenever he walks up to last hit.

That being said, maintaining a freeze here is nearly impossible. If you’re also trying to harass minions will draw aggro and your freeze will instead become a slow push. This is fine, though, if you’ve managed to get enough harass down, since you can obviously use said, slow push to punish the melee champion anyway. Pola bear is clearly tilted messes up by queuing a minion and hector immediately chases him down for a kill only to get return killed by hecarim seconds later. This was a risky and unnecessary play to go for, but we’ll let him explain why. Okay, that wasn’t really good to go, for, i think, especially with the wave showing like this, it’s kind of risky to do that, because, if the enemy jungler is there, he just freezes this and i’m doomed, ideally instead of being baited by volibear’s misplay, he just finishes Shoving the wave, then he wards for the enemy jungler and can make sure that volibear has to base missing the entire wave. That’S a totally risk-free and guaranteed value, but obviously he’s playing top umi and wants to get those kills.

Misplays like these are fine. We all want to have fun. The important part is at least being aware of what you did wrong, which he obviously was and besides, if you’re not punished for it, because the enemy jungler decides to freeze the wave against his own polar bear. Was it even really a mistake in the first place, by the way, if you’re, enjoying the video a sub to the channel would be incredible, as hector gets back to lane his lee sin is getting caught in the enemy jungle? What do you think hector should do at the moment? Clearly he should move over to help lee, but only use body language to try and scare off the enemy and not commit at all into helping them get out in situations like that. It’S better to just let your jungler die, because if you risk your own death there, then i just miss this entire wave and the game is over so like even if lisa dies and flames me it’s better than like dying.

Basically, the idea is that players will usually be baited into helping their teammates when their own wave is in a bad spot rotating over to stand there threateningly is fine, but you shouldn’t ever be in range to get engaged on. Your main goal should always be the wave that you need to go farm very shortly after we see basically the same situation. Pola bear is rotating over to his invading teammates. What do you think hector should do this time? This is a situation that generally triggers an emotional decision from most players, but when you actually break it down it’s easier to see what the correct move is, there’s around 4 possibilities that can occur when the enemy laner is collapsing. While you have a freeze, this close to your tower, if they rotate over and you follow, there are two possibilities. First, you help your team and win whatever fight is going on in the area. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the enemy wave crashed into your tower, costing you a ton of farm, and now it’s a slow push back into the enemy.

Although your team won the fight, a lot of that gain is diminished by missing that much xp and cs and putting yourself in a bad lane state. The other scenario when you rotate over is that you and your team either lose the fight or the enemy team. Just runs away when they see you following up, you gain nothing. Meanwhile, the same thing occurs in lane you miss a ton of farm and the wave is now slow, pushing away. This is the worst outcome for sure and now there’s the two situations that can occur. If you don’t rotate over first, your lane opponent may collapse and clean up your team. Thankfully, even if they do, you had a freeze going the whole time sure your opponent may have gotten some kills by rotating, but your lane is in a good spot and you’re not too far behind in xp, because of how much farm they’re missing or finally, the Dream scenario occurs: your opponent leaves the lane while their wave is frozen.

Your team manages to win the skirmish on their own, and now your opponent has to come back to lane at a huge xp deficit because they committed to a play while their lane was in a bad state. Now the same situation as before occurs volibear tries to break the freeze near hector’s tower and so hector spams him with otto’s. This naturally breaks the freeze exactly like before, but again hector can use the ensuing flow push to his advantage. Hector abuses. How tilted this bull bear probably is by baiting him to fight. He runs back to his wave and alts volibear, while he’s tanking the slow push that he built up, but we once again see yet another familiar situation. Do you think you should chase the volbear down and try to kill him at this point?

If you answered no, because we don’t know where hecarim is that’s a solid answer, if you answered yes, because we caught a slight glimpse of him in the bottom river during the fight, then you’re a better player than hector, is he, on the other hand, just chased For fun exactly like before, he barely doesn’t end up getting the kill, but at least he isn’t punished for his thrill. Seeking this time i haven’t seen where hecarim was um. This is pretty risky by me, but i think i can just sit here and punish. I’M going to take a very big risk. The hecarim is not coming top lane right now, just like before the important part is that he’s at least aware of it and knows that he’s playing for highlight solo kills, i’m looking for hecarim on the map, but i’m just not seeing it all. My lanes are playing aggressive, so it’s not like i’m okay, there we go and volibear is tilted out of his mind at this point and just runs it down unable to grasp the fact that he’s losing to a yumi once they’re, both back in lane hector shares Another pretty good tip for ranged versus melee matchups bait him there.

So my spacing wasn’t really the best there. Um is a pretty slow champion, but typically what you do. What you can do is like they’ll go in the bush. You come in like this and then you immediately run away and they’re going to get baited and run out of the bush, and you can get free damage which is kind of what happened there. But my spacing was a bit off because of the lagging because yumi’s movement, speed, a handy tip for sure, melee champions, safe haven is definitely the lame brush and being comfortable enough to try and bait them out of it. For extra harass is a tactic that you always want to have in your back pocket to finish this lane off hector builds yet another slow push and is looking to harass polar bear under tower, especially since his lee sin is nearby in case. He needs a counter. Gank i wish i could tell this lead to go away. Uh yeah! I don’t know what to do about that.

Thankfully leblanc was also in the area and corrected the lee’s mistake by helping finish off the bear. At this point it’s safe to say: he decisively won this laning phase and we can end things here. Oh and as always with any challenge, we have the full commentary upload over on our commentaries page at skillcap. You can also ask hector and all of our other challenger players anything you like over there and they’ll get back to you before we close this one out. We want to make sure that you know where these guides come from our hyper improvement platform. Skill cap is by far the best place to be. If you want to actually improve at league of legends, you can input your rank before signing up to see where we think you’ll climb to. If you don’t reach that rank while actively using skill caps, you can claim a full refund. That’S like a gym membership guaranteeing that you’ll get ripped.

We offer this because our service really does work, and if it doesn’t, then you shouldn’t pay for it so be sure to check us out after this we’re not going to cover mid to late game macro, since he kind of played like an adc. After a certain point, which isn’t really relevant for top lane, but if you do want to see the full game, as always, you can find it on our commentaries page. Once again, we wanted to prove that what matters the most is the fundamentals, understanding, wave management and thinking ahead is what allowed hector to easily win this lane, even if you sometimes make mistakes as long as you make the consistent choice more often than not, you will Come out on top versus players who don’t think about the wave at all, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time, you

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