-US Hi all, I have finally made a tutorial for the skirmish exploit of stats, With supporting by Dushef After you have used the xploit, you will be able to act even like this: (joking) “Riders of Rohan” update has been successfully installed but who the fuck cares, there is imbalance at the ettenmoors Let’s get started! the first thing that you should do is to join my kinship All of the guys who are using exploits should join my kinship, are here are some of them: (Shown on the screen) The most important thing is that your screen must contain about 20 UI plugins, like mine (joking) And Now listen to me: What you need to do is to open the skirmish captain window and you should not to close it until you have entered the skirmish instance The window which is containing your skirmish traits should have inserted the right traits that you want to stack.

Let’s repeat from the beginning: 1) Open that window. 2) enter any skirmish 3) every leaving of a skirmish will increase your sense of self-importance and your stats 4) You can change the traits that are inserted in the slots and repeat the same Same thing works with a simple bard You can even buy the item which grants you access to the traits for an hour through the shop Let’s test the traits Fucking exploiters (Joking).

As found on Youtube