Of all the lands of Eriador, there is none more majestic, inspiring, or somber than Evendim. Once the ruling capital of the Kingdom of Arnor, Evendim has long since been abandoned to the ravages of time Even though the great city of Annunimas towers over the landscape and a giant lake covers the majority of the land, you may be surprised to learn that there is quite a lot more to this forgotten land of kings. Here are 10 things you may have missed in Evendim. Evendim is actually a hobbitish word. It is composed of “evening” and “dim” which refers to dusk The Sindarin word for Evendim is “Aduial”, which is why the fields of Ost Forod and Tinnundir are called “Parth Aduial”. Oatbarton and the surrounding hobbit areas are actually part of the Shire known as the “North Farthing”. The Shire is broken up into 4 distinct regions. The West Farthing consists of all lands west of Bywater, and the East farthing all lands east up to the Brandywine river.

The north farthing consists of the greenfields and Oatbarton while the South Farthing, while not in game as of today, is all lands south of the green hill country. Dwaling is a hobbit village that is filled to the brim with Tolkien references. 3 hobbits that act as quest givers are named Ronald Dwale, Hob Hillbrow, and Bob Greeneaves. These hobbits are an homage to members of the Barrovian Society Tea Club, a real club of literature enthusiasts of which Tolkien was a member.

As mentioned in my Shire video, the other 3 members of the club are in the Bird and a Baby in Michel Delving awaiting Ronald and his companions to arrive. Ronald Dwale offers a quest to find his son’s missing toy dog. This is actually a true story that occurred to Tolkien and his son. This event inspired Tolkien to write “Roverandom”; a story about a dog that annoyed a wandering wizard and was turned into a toy as punishment.

Rover then went on many adventures to the moon and under the sea. Finally, Dwaling itself is an homage to Tolkien. The word “Dwale” of which “Dwaling” derives from has been connected to Dwalakōneis, the Gothic translation of Tolkien’s own name. Ronald Dwale is thus a direct homage to John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. Annuminas once held one of the three Palantiri of the north. The last king of Arnor would eventually move the capital, and the seeing stone, to Fornost Erain leaving Annuminas abandoned. This is actually why there is such a large force of Angmarim soldiers within the city. Under orders of Amarthiel, they have brought back the palantir to use against the free peoples of middle-earth. Speaking of Annuminas did you know that there’s a capture the flag system in place within the city? By defeating Angmarim forces in key places around the city, you can help the Wardens of Annuminas reclaim the area, however the Angmarim forces are always attempting to reclaim the city.

Depending on who owns what, there may be rare monsters that you can defeated for rep,rewards, and deeds. Additionally, if all points are captured by the Wardens, all players in Evendim receive a buff. Evendim was more than just the home for men of old. In fact, it was once home to a couple of rather famous eldar. At the end of the first age, Galadriel and Celeborn settled in the hills of Evendim for some time before leaving towards Eregion. This is why there are elves in the Eavespire. There is also a water vase that serves as an indirect homage to Galadriel’s vase in Caras Galadhon. Regarding those elves, the Eavespires itself resides in the end current of a small river that cuts through the Emyn Uial. Did you know that this same river eventually exits out into the Grey Havens? Yet another connection to why Elves reside here. Depending on your leveling path, Evendim may be the first time most players encounter the Gauredain. While perhaps seeming a little out of place, these men can be considered in some respects Canon to Tolkien’s lore.

Prior to the arrival of the Numenoreans to Middle-earth, the inhabitants of Eriador were comprised of various tribes of men collectively named the Edain. The Edain were eventually driven out by the Numenoreans, but some tribes persevered and of them the Gauredain came about. While not possessing the same powers as Beorn’s kin, their overall size and strength would make them a closer kinsmen to each other rather than to the Men of the Third Age. Garden is cinder and for werewolf men with GWAR meaning werewolf and a dying meaning men or people however Gauredain is sindarin for “Werewolf Men”. With Guar meaning Werewolf and Edain meaning “Men or People”. However, they do not seem to have any indication of a metamorphasis, simply a ritualistic addoration of wolves.

Here are some bonus things you may have missed There is a quest to kill a boar in Evendim however There are no boars in Evendim. There is a quest that has you wait 30 minutes looking all over the place for a single boar however, since the addition of the north cotton farms instance There is indeed a boar in Evendim. Defeating this boar within the north cotton farms Instance will reward you with the quest to go back to the original quest giver and give him his long overdue award Did you know that there are angmarim fishing randomly in Annuminas? Isn’t that weird? The statue at High King’s Crossing is holding the sceptar of Annuminas. This is the scepter of Kings that Aragorn eventually inherits… nice touch Those were 10 things you may have missed in Evendim.

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