Hey guy, this is Thomas Huayra on Youtube and I am on Bullroarer right now testing Update 19 and this video is going to be a full coverage of this new update, much like I did for Update 18 before. Right now we’re in Osgiliath. You see it’s been conquered back by the men of the west, so there’s Gondorians, there’s Rohirrim all around us and Osgiliath is even more destroyed than it already was. They’re redone Osgiliath for this update. I was playing this update and all of a sudden a message popped up that I only had 20 more minutes to play until the update would be brought down. Or that Bullroarer would be brought down today. So I quickly had to record everything I needed to make this video, to record my commentary afterwards and I realized that I hadn’t turned on the sound, so I don’t know what North Ithilien music sounds like. But if it’s anything like South Ithilien music then I’m happy, because that was great. You see Gondorians have already started rebuilding a bit. There’s a lot of humor in this…

Or a lot… there’s quite a bit of humor in this update. This is the new map: North Ithilien. Just one map. But as I said, they also rebuilt Osgiliath… kind of, a little bit. I won’t be giving you too many spoilers, but I will be showing you this. Do you remember Update 16 when you went to South Ithilien and you could already see a bit of Minas Tirith, that absolutely breathtaking moment, the first time you got to see Minas Tirith? Well there’s a similar moment in this update. If you look to the right, right now, you can see it: Minas Morgul. We’re right up against Mordor here. But you can see Minas ‘Mordor’… err Minas Morgul in this update. You can see the green light emerging. I believe this is the city where the nazg├╗l live, anyway, a very evil city in the days of Mordor obviously. People have been asking me: is there a way to sort of climb over this and get closer, like maybe sneak your way to get there? No there isn’t.

If you get close to this barrier, you’ll die. You see? Boom, I’m dead. So now we’ll be respawning in North Ithilien and you can see: beautiful land with flowers and beautiful trees. I’ll leave it up to you to discover. Flowers are going to be a theme in this update. They call it the ‘Garden of Gondor’, North Ithilien, even though I thought that’s what Lossarnach was. But apparently it’s North Ithilien. I might be getting a little closer to my microphone here because of the noise of the waterfall. I hope it doesn’t sound too distorted. But this is Henneth Annun. The cave of Faramir and his rangers, the headquarters, a hidden place. In the movie this is where they took Frodo and Sam. I don’t think that was in the books.

But the quests in this update are actually very fun. Much more fun than in Update 18, because these quests really revolve around this main storyline in the epics of Aragorn going towards the Black Gate. I won’t be telling too many spoilers about that, but it’s fun, take it from me. Here you see a new reputation barter vendor. Classical things that he gives that we know from other reputation item vendors, but let me show you a little bit more about it. Travel skills obviously, we know that. They always have that. Here you see housing items. Now this guy only gives mainly shields, but there’s quite a lot of new housing items in this new update, also in store there’s a few items, I don’t remember what they are. There’s also a pet. Anyway, but you can see it online, it’s not that special. But here you see: Herbalist and Herb-Master. That’s what I was talking about when I talked about the flowers. You see these extracts? If you go around the map of North Ithilien, you see flowers every now and then that you can loot from and they give you barter items and that’s these barter items that they give you.

Different extracts, and you can actually barter stuff for those extracts with these guys.I’m very happy with this new mechanic. It’s completely different, it’s kind of like the flower picking thing in the Spring Festival I think it is? But the difference is: there you only had a 1- hour time frame to do it, here’s it’s kind of limitless, so it’s very grindable. And you can get some interesting stuff for it. Well here you see the Forager’s Basket gives you more extracts. I believe there was a guy who kind of found a way to glitch it and get more stuff out of it, but I don’t know if that’s true and if it is, it’ll be fixed.

But this is really cool. You can actually get 4 essence-slot essence gear. It has no set bonuses, just basic kind of like the Dol Amroth gear that you got at level 100. Here you see housing items. These are really cool housing items actually. Mostly for garden, and that’s no coincidence. I’ll be telling you why that’s no coincidence, but I will be taking 2 things with me here: the cypress tree, the Belfalas theme. I’ll be showing you both and I’ll be showing you some more of these housing items when we’ll be talking about housing in this video. Here you see a red squirrel and an Ithilien fox.

So there’s 2 foxes in total you can get and a squirrel. I’ll be showing you the squirrel. There’s no new instances by the way in this update, there’s no changes to legendary items. There’s not that much that changes, mainly class changes for burglar and hunter, I’ll be talking about that as well. Here you see the squirrel. You can also see the icon is a kite. That’s typical for beta: placeholders. This is the moment when I realized that I hadn’t turned on the music. Anyway. Here, this is the Herb-Master. This is the really serious stuff, so the Throne of the Dread Terror will be giving you this gear. The gear that I’m wielding right now. Greater Helm of blablabla. There’s 3 gear sets per class, relevant for a different trait tree usually. Here you see for redline: 15% extra Heartseeker damage is the 2-piece set bonus. Then you see, the Precise Bowmaster is redline. This is Sure-Footed Huntsman, this is blueline. Here you see 15% target penetrating shot mitigation: I’ll be telling you a little more about that, because there’s something up with it. And this is for yellowline, but that’s not that special really. Cooldown for Bard’s Arrow, that’s interesting for kiting I think.

I’ll be telling you a little more about hunters obviously in this video. Have I forgotten anything? I don’t think so. The housing items in store is only like about 5 or 6 different things and one of them was a Pukelman statue or something. You can look it up online. Anyway, let’s get on to the next part of the video. So here I have recorded myself as a hunter, a blueline hunter. I quickly made like a blueline trait tree setup right there on the spot. And I’ll be trying to solo take Isendeep from the creeps, just to see how strong hunters are now, because there have been class changes for hunters.

It basically is purely a DPS change. And I’ll be telling you what that is. For hunters there is: focus builder skills that have received a moderate damage boost. Focus consumers have received a strong damage boost and split shot has received a significant damage boost. But let’s… that’s just one skill, let’s talk about focus builder and focus consumer skills, because especially focus consumer skills have received a lot of a buff. That’s particularly interesting for blueline, that has now come into the picture again. This is a blueline hunter and you can see he’s holding up pretty well and pretty good DPS without having legacies that are specialized for blueline, they’re specialized for redline actually. I’m still doing like 10,500 DPS, sustained DPS, on this tyrant. And I wasn’t even focusing fire on him all the time, I was also focusing fire on the other 2 guys. So you can imagine how much damage that is, but you can see on the floating damage how much damage I’m actually doing as a blueline hunter.

I’m just so happy that blueline is getting really good now, because I think it’s much more fun than redline, because it’s mobile, it’s faster and you can level and quest while being mobile and that’s so much more fun than redline. But redline is really strong as well, not just blueline. I have to say, this little hunter right here has an all-supreme essence setup, very DPS-focused, although you see he also has, he has capped mitigations, but he also has quite some morale as well, so it’s not glass canon, but it’s very DPS-focused. We’re talking about 71k physical mastery, 24k critical rating, there’s set bonuses especially for heartseeker and 10% ranged DPS. But let’s talk about these set bonuses, because earlier you saw that there was a blueline 2-piece set bonus with the new gear that gives you 15% penetrating shot target mitigation bypass. That is bugged. This has been explained to me by a hunter that it actually gives you a lot more DPS than it should. Because he said that instead of 15% mitigation bypass, in reality it’s actually 45%, making it actually more interesting definitely in blueline than for instance the 10% ranged damage boost that you get on the other 2-piece set bonus for hunters.

So in blueline, you can see I’m very rusty, I don’t really know what I’m doing right now with my skills, but there’s a way to spam penetrating shots in blueline and precision stance. But if you can spam these penetrating shots, you can so so much damage. Even, as I said, in redline a well-prepared heartseeker shot will do, with the masteries and critical rating that I have, it will do 86k damage on unmitigated training dummies and 24k on highly mitigated creeps. So that’s everything for hunters.

There have also been some increases for burglar. Some interesting changes for burglars I mean, especially: Antidote no longer has an induction, crit chain skills give better target mitigation bypass and the second attack on Coup de Grace, Double-Edged Strike and Flashing Blades should have the same critical chance and critical damage properties as the first swing. So that’s what they did for burglars as well, so that’s kind of the big changes that they had. I’m actually out of footage for this, anyway, let’s now jump to the next part, which is going to be about housing. But I think I’ve explained very accurately how strong hunters are now. They’re not as strong still as the strongest classes, but they’re very interesting definitely. So this is the last bit. I’m going to be talking about the new Premium Housing area in the Belfalas region of Gondor. Brand new housing area and it surprised us all. I’m sure you have seen plenty of videos about it, I’m going to try to give you some new information mainly. This is, by the way, a new kinhouse on an island that you can reach by boat, so that’s really cool.

I think this is going to be like the main status symbol. Kinships are going to try to get this house. This is the Cypress tree that I showed you before that you can barter for those flower extracts. I think it looks really cool. It looks really beautiful, definitely in this coastal region. I think it has some kind of a tropical look to it. It’s really I mean I like it, I like it a lot. But you can see that you get so much garden space in this new area. There’s definitely a size difference overall. The whole region is larger, but also the slots, the houses, the plots, are much larger than the housing areas that we know already. Look someone in this kinhouse has already put down the Tower of Orthanc. That’s pretty impressive. But the main difference in size with the other housing areas for all 3 levels of houses is the garden. There’s a lot more garden space and that’s why you get a lot more garden furniture also in this new update.

So let’s go inside this kinhouse. I’ve picked this kinhouse, because it’s furnished very much, so I’ll be going all around this house. I’ll be showing you every bit of the new kinhouse. See, there’s a bit of lag. A lot of lag, actually when going in like you know when you don’t have the animation working properly and so on, that’s something that we know from other housing areas as well. So here we fixed it. Everything has loaded and I still hadn’t turned on the music, I think, or the music didn’t start.

No wait, the LotRO client crashed and then it sort of reset my settings to ‘no music on’, which is a bit of a pity. But you see there’s so much in this house and it’s nice to see it furnished as well with wallpapers and everything. You see there’s a lot of slots in the rooms and what I like about this kinhouse is that there is not, like, with all the houses by the way, also the deluxe and the basic houses for just individuals, is that there’s not just one huge room and then a few side rooms.

No. It’s quite well-balanced. There are a lot of decently sized rooms, but not one giant room. Here you see the workbench that we already know. It’s functional of course, but we knew that already. I’ll be going all around. I’m trying to find the way here to, or the place to put my music in and here I found it. So that’s where I’ll be putting my new Belfalas music. I’ve been trying to go in and outside of this house. I couldn’t get it to start, but at the end of the video I’ll be putting a piece where you’ll hear this music that I’ve recorded along with a bit of the view in this housing area. Anyway, that’s the kinship house. I’m going to show you this as well.

This is someone else’s house, but this is the Dol Amroth gazebo that you can barter as well. I think from the ‘flower guy’, I’m going to call him ‘flower guy’, but with these extracts that you get from the flowers in North Ithilien you can buy this gazebo and put it in your garden. You can also buy this Gondorian army tent. So here you see what it looks like. I like it. I think the new items look very good. Elm tree, I think that’s from the basic housing vendors.

Myrtle tree is new, I think. That myrtle tree is also something you can barter from those flower guys. And this is just a Shire oak tree. So at the very southern tip of the peninsula you can see the basic services. You saw the task bulletin boards. See that’s where we are. And the building with all the services in it. There’s something curious about it. There are also quests you can do and they will give you furniture as a reward. Brand new furniture I think? Wall brazier. The curious thing is this. The housing broker usually is outside the housing area. There’s no broker outside the housing area here, only inside. So here you can buy the different houses.The recording has ended at this point, but anyway. There’s a lot of controversy of course about the fact that you have to pay so many mithril coins to buy it, but this is not an opinion video, this is just an explanation video. I hope I’ve given you all the information you want to hear.

As I said: there is not much that changes in this update, just minor changes alongside the ones that I’ve explained here and this was Thomas Huayra on YouTube!.

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