Hey guys this is Mor and… Thor! Middle-Earth is an awesome place and we run into tons of cool areas on our adventures. That’s why we’re here to countdown our top 5 epic places in lotro! Hope you enjoy! The Dwarf-Lord’s Gate Awe-inspiring monoliths tend to be a trademark of the vast mines of Moria and this bridge stands above the rest. Structure is located within the Great Delving, the first thing to be discovered by those who try their luck in the deep, and the crossroads that links mine to all of Eriador in the west. By the light of the crystal lamps the gate links the Great Delving into Durin’s Way in the North.

With it’s looming ancestral faces watching all who cross. Durin’s Bane Located in Zih-rahk-zih-gihl lies the site where the Balrog met its demise. Gandalf fought the creature for eight days as they climbed the Endless Stair up to the peak of Zih-rahk-zih-gihl. It was here that they fought for two days and nights, until Gandalf was finally able to overtake the Balrog. The last of the ancient creature broke the mountainside as it fell. It remains in that spot til this day. The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu In the far northeast corner of Angmar lies the Rift, where the Agnmarim have begun to mine for obsidian and iron. Unfortunately, during their mining expedition, they have managed to unleash the long forgotten evils that lie within. The Argonath These two enormous statues are carved into the sides of the Anduin Gorge, and mark the northern border of Gondor.

Also known as the “Gate of the Kings” or “Pillars of the Kings,” these breathtaking statues represent Kings Isildur and Anárion. Minas Tirith, The once great seat of power for the Kingdom of Gondor is now a shadow of its former glory . Those who call it their home are descendants of the Numenoreans, a race of men who escaped the destruction of their homeland after defying the Valar. Sauron besieged the men of Gondor once before in the Second Age, which led to the fall of Osgiliath and the capture of what is now known as Minas Morgul, the dead city. What remained was renamed Minas Tirith, the tower of guard. The city is built in a unique design, containing seven concentric tiers. At its zenith, you will find the massive citadel, with the White Tree of Gondor standing tall before the threat of Mordor over the horizon.

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