Hello, in this video I’m going to show how to configure hotkeys for SequenceBars. You can’t set a hotkey that will just execute the sequence for you. That would not be very sporting. It’s something that Turbine specifically designed the Lua API interface not to support. So this video is not going to show that. What this video is going to show is using hotkeys to make bars appear under your mouse cursor, so you can click on them without having to find them on your screen. So for example, the way I have it configured now, I can click one key, and wherever my mouse cursor happens to be, this bar opens. I can click through the sequence, and then when I move my mouse away, it hides. And I’ve got three different bars set up, so when I hit three different keys, I see three different bars. The way to do that is with your Plugin Manager: SequenceBars.

I’m just going to delete everything and start over and show you how I did it. The first thing to do is to create some bars that you want to control with hotkeys. And I just made up some random scenarios where I might want to do that: Ambush, Self Heal, Rescue. And then you just add your skills to these bars as usual. I’m just putting random stuff in here that makes no sense. Now I have three sequence bars you can use as normal, but I want to control them with hotkeys. The first step for that is to create some user events to control these bars. I’m going to create another bar called “Events”, whose only purpose is to generate some user events. I’m going to add, from the Special Slots, “Generate User Event”.

And I’ll just clone that a couple of times. For the first one, I’m going to generate an event called “Rescue”. You can name these whatever you would like. I’m just going to, for simplicity, have them named corresponding to the names of the bars. I’ve got three different user events. Then I need to set these bars to be controlled by the user events. So I’ve got to enable event behaviors, and add “Show bar when user event occurs: Rescue”. And “Hide the bar” when either of the other two events occurs. Did I do that right? Let’s see. Yeah. Same thing for these other two bars. “Show bar” for the “Ambush” event. “Hide bar”, “Rescue”. “Hide bar, “Self Heal”. For the last one, “Show bar” for “Self Heal” “Hide” for “Rescue”.

“Hide” for “Ambush”. If I’ve done all that right then when I click on this bar here, when I click on each one of these slots, it should show one of the bars, and hide the other two bars. Let’s turn off the animation there. Now I’ve got these three bars set to respond to the user events. The next thing I want to do is to assign hotkeys to those. The way you do that is using the chat window here. I can generate any user event at any time with the “sb event” command. If I want to generate the “Ambush” user event, I can just type it here like this. And now you see the “Ambush” bar appear and the other two disappear. Et cetera. The last thing I did was to create some aliases here, which… I’m going to redo those, show you how I did them.

You use the “shortcut” command. This “1” is the quickslot number — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and so forth, and the numbers continue up. I’m going to make it appear right here. And then put the command here: Ambush. So now, any time I click this, it executes that command, which generates the “Ambush” user event. Same thing for these other two. Now I’ve got three quickslots here I can click on to make each of the three bars appear. And, each of these has a hotkey associated with it. By default, this is the “1” key, the “2” key, and the “3” key. But you can change those in your settings. You can change the keys that are assigned to those. Just go to “Options”, “Key Mapping”, and find “Quickslots”. This is Quickslot 1, 2, and 3; I currently have the “1” key, “2” key, and “3” key assigned to it.

And for the other rows, various combinations of “Ctrl” and “Alt”. But you can change those. And if you have an external keypad or a gaming keyboard, you can change the keys that are generated by each of the keys on the device. So it doesn’t have to be restricted to something that’s convenient for you to type on a regular keyboard. So now I’ve got these hotkeys set up to make the bars appear. The only other thing I want to do is to make the bars move under the mouse cursor when I press the hotkeys. So I’m going to add another behavior: Move bar user mouse cursor when user event occurs: “Self Heal”. So any time I hit the three key, it’s going to move it wherever my mouse is. I’m going to do the same for these other two. Ambush, “Add Event Behavior”… Rescue… With those three keys, no matter where my mouse happens to be, if I want to start that sequence, I just press the corresponding key. A couple of other little refinements. If I push “1”, but then I change my mind and I don’t want to do that sequence, I’m going to add a behavior to make the bar disappear when my mouse goes away from it.

“Add Event Behavior” -> “Hide bar” -> “When mouse departs”. Now you see how that works. One other thing, if I click this and I’m halfway through the sequence, and then I click it again, I want it to not only reappear, but I want it to reset the bar. So I’m going to add that as well. Reset the bar when the event occurs. Okay, that’s about it for this little tutorial..

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