Magicka Achievements 100% Guide

Magicka Achievements 100% Guide by Mytharox This is a guide now for some of the hardest achievements.I?m at 100% myself now and really enjoyed the...

Magicka Secret, Moose, Magicka Guide

Magicka Secret, Moose, Magicka Guide by KaeseThanks to Paranoiax the guide is now complete.Moose, Magicks, SecretChapter 1?Revive, Haste, (Meteor Shower) ? From the tutorial?Secret...

Magicka Tips

Magicka Tips by The Farseer and others1. Sword attacks are amazingly useful. To prepare your sword, shift left-click when you?ve got a spell charged....

Magicka Spells Complete Guide

Magicka Spells Complete Guide by StergearyThe Only Combat Spells You?ll Ever Need(To expedite your efficiency as a wizard, the wall of text comes after...

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