Maple Story Akechi Mitsuhide Boss Attack Pattern Guide By: IsneunSquid

Akechi Mitsuhide Boss Attack Pattern Guide

The information formed here is anecdotal and from analyzing videos of Akechi Mitsuhide’s boss fight. Therefore, the information may not be 100% accurate. These values are also based on Lv. 230+ and may differ at lower levels

Akechi Mitsuhide is currently an event boss that can be done in a party of 1 – 6. There is no entry limit, however, you cannot enter after you have defeated Akechi Mitsuhide or obtained the Sengoku Supply Pack for the day until reset (12am UTC / 5pm PST / 8pm EST). If you wish to retry, do not talk to Mouri Motonari at the end, instead leave through the portal

Based on in-game data, Akechi Mitsuhide has 2 phases, both with a minimum of 120mil HP and a maximum of 120bil HP based on your level and 100% PDR/MDR. His main attacks are not %Max HP based but seem to be based on his Physical/Magical Damage (22,000/24,000) instead. This means that the damage deals will differ based on your DEF. As well, there is a 5-second potion cooldown while fighting and a death counter of 3 lives for each player

Petal Brand & Overwhelm Mechanic

Provoke, Overwhelm – If you do not deal enough damage to Akechi, he will enter berserk mode. You will gain a debuff to notify when this is about to happen called Provoke. You can check this debuff on the top right. You will have 30 seconds to deal enough damage to prevent Akechi from entering berserk mode. During this time you will gain increased damage. Once Akechi is in berserk mode, Provoke will be replaced with Overwhelm which lasts 30 seconds before he reverts back. In Overwhelm, you take reduced damage but will be bombarded with dive attacks. If you are hit by the dive attack, you will be debuffed and unable to jump

Cruel Brand / Screen Crack (100% HP) – Each time you are hit, you accumulate a stack of Cruel Brand. At 30 stacks, Akechi will deal a 1-hit KO screen crack attack similar to Arkarium. However, stacks do decay 1 by 1 if do not get hit within a short time frame

  • I’m not sure if Cruel Brand accumulates between party members, but based on the icon beside the Time Left, I assume it is

Phase 1 Attacks

The damage associated with each attack is the range of damage I’ve seen players take. These values will differ based on how much DEF you have

Knock Up (~10-17k HP dmg) – His most common attack, Akechi will knock you up into the air

  • I suggest attacking and moving at the same time to prevent getting hit by this attack
  • Super Knockback Resists like Ark’s Enhanced Specter State and Hayato’s Sudden Strike can prevent being knocked back

Knock Back (~17-21k HP dmg) – Akechi charges up before slashing and knocking back players

  • This attack is highly telegraphed, use your class’ double jump / teleport / dash to get out of the way
  • Super Knockback Resists like Ark’s Enhanced Specter State and Hayato’s Sudden Strike can prevent being knocked back

Damage Reflect (~1k HP dmg) – A non-lethal damage reflect

  • Several messages like “Haha, do you think I’ll fall for such petty tricks?” or “This is what true power looks like!” will appear before Damage Reflect triggers
  • You won’t die from this but you won’t be able to damage him either unless you can ignore damage reflect

Leap Dive (~5k HP dmg) – Akechi will leap into the air and dive down on your location

  • As long as you keep moving, you will not get hit by this

Blade Projectile (~13 – 30k HP dmg) – Fires a large projectile towards you

  • Hard to dodge, will have to take the L for this one…
  • Can be dodged if you do have vertical mobility and the right timing

Phase 2 Attacks

Akechi Mitsuhide will enter Phase 2 once you have defeated Phase 1. Akechi will still use attacks from Phase 1

Afterimage Full-side (Lethal) – Akechi deals a devastating slash attack on the side you are facing him on. This attack will most likely kill you!!

  • The best way to avoid this is to fight him in a corner and move to the other side so you can quickly dodge the attack
    • The attack fills as much space as there is on the side you are standing so if there’s like space you can quickly move to the other side before you get hit
  • I have seen skills like Adele’s True Nobility(?) can dodge this attack as seen here:
    • Not sure if this was True Nobility or possibly Aether Guard

Afterimage Charge Strike (~2k + ~22k HP dmg) – Akechi charges for a strong slash attack. When he strikes, an additional afterimage will appear to deal damage as well

  • As long as you keep moving, you will not get hit by this
  • Occasionally, Afterimages will also appear randomly even if he doesn’t use this attack

Leap Dive 2.0 (~5k HP dmg,) – The same move except you can see him moving now

  • Like before, as long you keep moving, you won’t get hit

TL:DR – min 120mil HP and max 120bil HP based on level. 100% PDR/MDR. 5-sec potion cooldown. To avoid his main 1-hit ko move in phase 2 – the blue slicey handsome men attack, fight him in a corner and move to the other side when he uses it. If you do not deal enough dps, he will enter a temp berserk mode

Note: Mark of the Silver Wolf have no use at the moment but in the future will be used to exchange for special equipment


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