Maple Story Quick Zero Guide with Hidden Mechanics and General Gameplay By: Hikaritoyamino


Zero is confirmed to be released in ALL servers so here’s a gameplay guide.

Mechanics and Tips (from a Scania Zero Main)

Weapon Tips

  • Zero can only receive a free new pair of swords up to Type 7 so if you boom Type 8, you’ll have to eat an Absolab Essence to trace over your potential and flame. Starforce Type 7 Lapis/Lazuli to 22 stars before upgrading to Type 8 with Absolab Essence.

  • Starforce costs stay constant past level 150 (Type 5).

  • Rank up Lapis/Lazuli to Unique for free(-ish) in the weapons UI using the “Change Potential” button. It’ll cost far less than cubes but will also consume Weapon Points (WP) that you earn from dungeons and bosses.

  • Do not prioritize Flaming the swords. The swords are treated as normal weapons and thus will only gain up to Tier 5 normal flames.

  • Zero’s Weapon can be treated as a part of a set based on the Lucky Item Scroll used. You have to farm Chaos Vellum for the Root Abyss (Warrior) Lucky Weapon Scroll to make it part of the CRA Warrior Set or buy the Absolab (Warrior) Lucky Scroll for 1 Absolab Coin to make it part of the Absolab Set. If you boom your weapon, you will lose the Lucky Weapon Scroll effect.

Experience the Grind

  • You will not get experience in Maple World before completing the Storyline (level 180) aside from bosses. You have to grind in Mirror World Dungeons and complete the Storyline. Do not bother grinding outside of dungeons before level 180!

  • The Storyline also upgrades the Link Skill and a Zero Passive Skill.

Crafting and Traits

  • In Zero’s Temple, there is a bookshelf. Three times a day this bookshelf will give you a ton of trait experience. Enjoy.

  • In Zero’s Temple, the NPC Dello will give you free crafting experience/levels. Enjoy.


  • Cello sells many items for Time Coins that you get by running Mirror World Dungeons.

  • You need 500 Time Coins for Zero’s Eternal Time Emblem.

  • Zero has a personal Empress-equivalent craftable armor set for a total of 3500 Time Coins. It consists of a Hat, Overall, Shoes, Gloves, Cape, Belt, and Shoulder.

  • You can buy fame for 10 Time Coins.

  • There is a very good Mirror World Dungeon called Kritias that can be entered three times a day. It requires a Spring of Rebirth to enter. The item costs 5 Time Coins each.

  • I recommend 3 Piece CRA (Hat/Top/Bottom) + 5 Piece Absolab (Absolab Scrolled Lapis/Lazuli). But then again it’s Reboot, y’all have your own meta.

Skills, Skill Rotation, and Trinodes

  • At level 200, the common skill rotation is (Alpha/Beta) T3/T4>T4/T3>(Tag)>(Beta/Alpha) T3/T4>T4/T3>(Tag)

  • IE1: Starting as Alpha, Wind Cutter->Wind Striker->Storm Break->Rolling Cross->Rolling Assault->(Tag to Beta) Spin Driver->Wind Wheel (long enough to proc Alpha’s Assist Rolling Assault)->Giga Crash->Falling Star->Earth Break

  • During Tag, you can Animation Cancel Shadow Rain by Tagging again.

  • Trinode Priorities: Wind Cutter/Wind Striker/Storm Break and Rolling Cross/Rolling Assault/Shadow Rain. You only need a set of trinodes to upgrade both Alpha’s and Beta’s skills. Alpha’s and Beta’s skills do not have separate trinodes.

  • Zero has an advanced binding mechanic. Shadow Rain is a 100% 4-sec bind derived from Beta’s Critical Bind passive. This Critical Bind has a 35-second cooldown that is reset-able. At 5th Job, begin the chain binding with Chrono Break (~10 seconds; it is a normal bind that does not stack with other typical binds like Erda Nova). Once this bind wears off, use Shadow Rain (animation cancel if possible (see above), this skill will lock you out for 3 seconds if you don’t). Reset the cooldown timer with Time Holding, and attack with your skills to proc Critical Bind after Shadow Rain‘s bind wears off. Once this second bind wears off, reset the cooldown timer again with Transcendent Rhinne’s Blessing and attack again to proc the third Critical Bind. Enjoy the 22-second bind.

  • Zero has multiple iframes. Beta has Immune Barrier that has a reset-able cooldown that will tank a hit. Time Holding will make Zero invincible for 15 seconds. Lastly, Twin Blades of Time will make you invincible for the duration of the skill’s attack animation (it’s a hold-down skill).

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