Maple Story Short Guide On How to Succeed At Dye Hunt By: Ponifex


I’m getting so bloody sick of having to deal with party members who don’t cooperate at all, and leave me to handle nearly every single objective by myself. So here’s a rundown/rant on how to be the BEST damn dye hunter you can be (so you don’t end up on somebody’s blocklist), as ordered by room number:

1. Use Party Chat when listing the correct doors through the teleport maze

All Chat has a very short proximity range where it will stop being relayed to other players. Since the first room of the PQ is very long, please use Party Chat when saying the farthest door you’ve reached (I.E. “1122331”), so other party members can use your best record in their own attempts.

2. Start assigning numbers as soon as the constellation total has been reached

In the second room of the PQ, one or two party members will always rush above to count constellations, and list them in sequential order according to the panels in the center (Red/Yellow/Blue). (If no one does it, it’s on you to handle the primary school mathematics). Once the final tally has been reached (I.E. “221” “023” “401” = “645” = 6-Red, 4-Yellow, 5-Blue), go ahead and start turning the panels to match the correct number. Please do not wait for the constellation counter to do everything – You have hands, use them.

3. Scout the highest panel to see when it’s necessary to press it

The third room can take an uncomfortably long amount of time if nobody checks the highest panel. If it looks like the side you’re on has someone who is both awake and actually knows how to count from one to ten, climb up to the top yourself and wait for that respective panels’ number to come up, to assure the number sequence doesn’t stall.

4. Don’t instantly kill the mobs which spawn in the fourth room, preventing the torches from getting lit

The fuck are you doing? Don’t do this.

5. Jump when you see the bosses’ eyes glint white, climb down the rope when they glint red

Alternatively, since the boss deals no touch damage, you’re free to stand directly inside him and simply run to the side he isn’t facing when he’s preparing his red-glint punch (much like Gollux’s exhales). Keep your distance at around half health, however, as he’ll soon cover the arena with healing goo, which needs to be dealt with quickly so it doesn’t cover the ropes leading back up to the platform should someone fall off.

There, you are enlightened. Now go forth, and be more proficient at dye hunting than the scores of idiots I’ve had to suffer through for the past several nights.

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