Maplestory Detailed EXP and Leveling Guide [2020]


[ Applause, ], [, Music, ] how’s it going maplers and welcome to our first guide here at maple guy plus today we’ll be discussing how to increase our experience again in maplestory. As we all know, leveling up is a key feature into this mmo due to the game’s progress, very centered in having as many characters as possible to increase our passive buffs and damage range. There is a lot to discuss in that matter, but today we will just focus on learning all the ways we can level up: those mains and meals as fast as possible, with all the known potions, buffs conditions, skills and items we can obtain to increase our experience Rates so without further ado, let’s begin this list.

First of all, let’s talk about the most well-known and beloved experience buff, which is the two times exp coupon, which, as the name implies, grants us two times the experience from hunting monsters for a set amount of time, which varies on the coupon that we obtained. These coupons are not rare and there are actually 4 common ways to obtain them, which are the legion system. Npc pancho sansa has a shop with several beneficial buffs, including our beloved two times, exp buff. They sell it in three types of formats, which are 10 minutes. 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectfully they have a cost of 30 50 or 70 legion coins, which can be obtained from doing the daily legion quest and the passive legion coin gain from our legion system. For those who are not so familiar with the legion system, we will leave this topic for another day due to it being very extensive.

Additionally, there are another set of useful items called the growth potions in this shop, just like the exp buffs. They come in three formats. They all grant exactly 49 to your current experience and additionally gave us a two times: exp buff for 10, 20 or 30 minutes have in mind. These are way more expensive to purchase. All these legion buffs have a maximum purchase of 10 weekly in case of the experience coupon and 5 weekly in the case of the growth potions, they reset on mondays like most features in maplestory the dojo, which we can all access from the dimensional mirror in most Main towns, once we reach level 105, will provide us with the fun self-proving boss fighting system where we gain points every floor. We clear which of course, increases in difficulty each floor.

With these points we can head to the shop and pc lab as we can see, there are several goodies in this store and, of course, our beloved two times experience buff. It costs 2 000 points and has a duration of 30 minutes. The monster park expedition is an area we can access after level 105 through the dimensional mirror. In this area, we can do quick expeditions which have five stages to be cleared in each one. A successful expedition will reward us with boxes that will always give us monster per coins plus an additional item depending on the day of the week. If we do this on sundays, we will always gain exp coupons, which could be randomly selected between 1.5 times or 2 times. Exp have in mind, we only get 2 free clears per account and the rest will be by using maple points, which i personally did not recommend for a maximum of seven clears per day.

And for last, we have polo and frito, which sounds a lot like pollo frito, which in spanish, translates to fried chicken anyway delicious food aside. They are basically portals that randomly appear when we are hunting monsters which we can enter to form part of a kind of a mini-game. The red portal, with the wolf icon on top, is called the wolves then and will always take us to a boss fight with the infernal wolf. It has drastic damage decrease and only 20 seconds to fight with it. Depending on how much damage you do to this boss, we will be rewarded with a pouch that will give us random rewards, including in some cases, two times or 1.5 times, exp buffs, but we’re always guaranteed to give us a set amount of exp depending on our Level, the jello portals will always take us to some kind of mini game where most of them involve just killing monsters in waves riding a car to run over monsters or some other fun mini games like a dunk hunt, style game and catch the falling treasure games.

We are rewarded with huge amount experience from the monsters hunted, but in case of the non-hunting mini games, we will gain experience in pouches at the end, depending on our score. Just like the wolves then. So those were four ways we could obtain this coupon with in-game features that we come across, but there are other options which involve the cash off. Where for real money, we can purchase nx cash or credit which can be used to purchase cash 2 times, exp coupon for 4 or 24 hours, which cost 1 800 x or 3600 nx respectfully. We also have the alternative to purchase this coupon in the reward point shop tab in the cash shop which to keep it short, we can gain reward points by hunting bosses daily and weekly for a maximum of three thousand reward points daily and forty five thousand monthly.

Most events usually give us some kind of way to gain more reward points, but that varies from event to event also have in mind. We can only purchase this coupon twice a month which resets every last day of the month in case of the reward points, but the one that is purchased with nx cash can be bought as many times as you want, because you know money, something very important to Know is that none of these coupons can stack even if they have different amounts of exp multipliers or duration. Therefore, if we already have one activated – and we activate a second one, even if it came from a different source, the new one will completely replace the old one, except for the two times exp coupon from the cash shop, which will in fact stack with any experience.

Increase buff because it does not act like a buff but more like a global based, exp modifier to the monsters, that’s all for the two times, exp coupons. Now, let’s move on to the length skills to keep it short link. Skills are unique skills that each character has what the skill does varies from character to character. It could be from damage increase to knockback increase, and the best part is that they can be shared to other characters via the league skill manager. After you reach level 7

The level of the scales increased at level 120 and 210, which not all go past level 2, but we are going to focus on those that help us with leveling up, and this will be for only three characters in particular, which are – and please excuse my pronunciation. Aaron, mercedes and evan aaron will grant us a link skill called combo kill blessing, which will increase the amount of experience we get from the combo orbs that spawn when we are hunting monsters. Usually the blue or basic combo oil grants 500 of the monster’s exp. Once you touch it, but with the a-ring link scale at level 2, it will add an additional 650 to that number, which at lower levels, is incredibly good, so much as to give almost a full level up when training from levels 10 to 20., at least skill Level 3: it gains a whopping 900 percent exp gain.

If you are up to the task of leveling up your errand to 210, and now we have mercedes and no not the car, but the elephant. Waifu mercedes. Her link grants us a skill called album blessing, which passively increases our exp gain by ten percent at level, one fifteen percent at level two and twenty percent at level three. This is almost a must for every player because having at least that 50 exp increase makes a world of difference in the long run, and for last we have even this character grants us a link. Skill called ruin of persistence, which will increase drastically the duration of the field ruins for thirty percent at level, one fifty percent at level two and seventy percent at level.

Three, the field ruins once activity already provide a nice 100 exp increase for a couple of minutes. So having its duration, increase, almost double up to five minutes is an incredible opportunity. Just by having these three link skills, all together, our leveling up will be much smoother and faster. Now, on the subject of skills, there is another, not a length scale called descent holy symbol which we can obtain randomly from node stones. After reaching 5th java advancement, it will grant us a very nice exp boost of twenty percent, a level one and thirty five percent at max level. Thirty reaching max level on this skill will probably take you a very long time, but even at level one. It’S extremely useful be on the lookout for this skill or crafter yourself, the subject on note stones, v, matrix and fifth job skills might be very extensive, so we will leave the full explanation for a whole.

Different video also have in mind that this skill does not stack with the original holy symbol from bishops which will replace your descent due to having priority. Now, let’s go with potions. There are actually two potions that we can take advantage of, that slightly increases our exp gain, which are monster, park’s, extreme gold potion and the exp accumulation potion in case of the extreme gold potion. It grants an additional 10 experience for 30 minutes. We can purchase them from the npc shop in monster park, with the coins that we are rewarded. When opening the expedition boxes, each box can have, from 15 to 30 coins for a total of 30 to 60 coins daily. If we only count, the three clears.

The potion is worth 10 coins, so obtaining at least three of them per day is quite an easy job, but on the other hand, the exp accumulation potion is a little bit more complicated. It grants a 10 exp increase for two hours. We will need to craft it by alchemy, which in itself is a whole subject for another day, but to keep it short, we can obtain the recipe necessary to craft different bosses. With this recipe, we can craft three at a time and usually the recipe expires after some hours, each craft will grant you three of these potions, but since they have such a long duration, we won’t be running out of them as frequently as the extreme gold potions. Another option is to purchase them from the auction house from other players, but they could be quite expensive if you don’t have that kind of money to waste.

So that’s it for potions. Next up we have the legion system. We can benefit from exp boost in two different ways. First, we have the legion grid where you can find the whole grid dedicated to boosting your exp percentage. Each grid square occupied grants 0.25 exp game for a maximum total of 10, which is no easy task due to requiring at least 6 000 points into legion level. To unlock the full grid legion level is the total sum of the levels of all your characters in the world.

So you could imagine the time this would take, but thankfully we’re making this video so we’re all informed on how to reach that goal at a faster pace. My recommendation is once you have two legion presets dedicate one for training stats such as exp and another for damage for your bossing. Now. The second way to increase your exp with legion is when none other than the zero legion bug, which, if you have zero assigned to your grid, you can benefit from four percent exp at 130: six percent exp at level 160, eight percent exp at level 180 and 10 percent exp a level 200.

You can also make it all the way to 250 and gain a whopping 12 percent exp. This is almost a must to have at least level 200 for that sweet 10. Leveling zeros are odd because they start off at level 100 and the majority of the early game is doing theme dungeons in its own locked storyline, making it feel kinda slow-paced. But after you are allowed to leave the story in free roam anywhere. You can level up as all the others have in mind: zero isn’t always available to create due to nexon restricting their availability upon events and special occasions, which means, if you don’t have one, be on the lookout for these events. Our next stop will be the reason we will get to appreciate people who pour loads of money into the game.

The great 1.5 times exp mvp buff, but wait didn’t we already discuss buffs, don’t stack with each other. Why would i care about a 1.5 exp? Well, my friend, you will be glad to hear this mvp buff stacks with any other available buff. You can activate that’s right. So, on top of your two times, coupon from legion, you’re, two times coupon from the reward shop, you can also slap on an additional 1.5 exp for 30 minutes. Now. How do we obtain this buff? Well, you see when you reach a certain threshold in purchasing nx. You start gaining ranks depending on how much nx you have used so far, making the maximum rank diamond mvp at around 900 000 nx purchase crazy right but lucky for us. There are many players with this status where they gain as a benefit the sweet, mvp buff, and on top of that, this is a map wide buff which will affect everyone in the same map as the caster beside the mvp buff.

They are also rewarded free, mvp megaphones, which they usually use to. Let people know when and where they will cast the mvp buff. Usually, the place of encounter is arden male due to its easy access from any town, and they will follow it up by the minutes of the hour in which they will cast it despite whatever country you might be. This is easily understandable if you look at your current time and the caster’s time, for example, if casters megas mvp aren’t male channel 13 xx at 40 minutes and assuming my current time is 10, 35 or 1005, you could easily understand it’s going to be catching exactly 5 minutes this is due to some time differences being exactly hours and others exactly half hours most likely. The caster will ask for some fame, which there is absolutely no obligation to do so, but if you got the spare, why not? Everybody is happy now, let’s talk about, equips that race, our exp, you heard me right.

There are specific equipments that we can obtain that can one way or another help us leveling up. Currently, we have four equips that can achieve this, but only two are fairly common to get. First, let’s start with the pendant of spirit. This pendant has the awesome effect of granting us 10 exp immediately upon wearing it. Not only that, but if we wait one hour, the effect goes up to 20 percent and even better. If we wait two hours total, it goes up to thirty percent exp increase have in mind. This needs to be equipped at all times and, if accidentally removed, the timing will start again. This item can be obtained from two sources: one we have the dojo shop, which was mentioned before in that same shop we find the two times exp coupon. We can also find this amazing pendant have in mind.

It only lasts for three days and can be purchased once a week and resets every monday. It has a value of 3 000 points from dojo and 2. We can find this pendant in most of the monthly login rewards every day you log in hunt 300 monsters and you are done with the daily login. This placement is random, but you can check in which consecutive day of login in the month you can obtain the pendant and best part. Is this one lasts for a whole week, seven days of 30 exp grinding another equipped to boost not how much exp you gain per ko, but how many times you can gain that exp?

Yes, we are talking about the controversial totems, this fabulous item mimics the effects of the well-known kissing from canna character. For those who are not aware, casing grants an increasing mob quantity in a map by 50 and decreases the time it takes for them to respond by 40 percent. It’S an amazing skill nexon as an attempt to contract people having second computers using a canna to cast a kitchen. They came up with the result called totems. These totems are items found in several ways. The common one called wow totem is found in the reward shop for 1 800 reward points and allows you to purchase 15 a month. These have a duration of two hours and upon activation it gives you an equip which you equip on one of your totem slots. Upon equipping it, you gain a scale in your beginner tab, called wild totem and when casting it, a big totem is summoned which activates the same rates of mob quantity and respawn time application. Another way to obtain this wall, totem is through the aforementioned daily login rewards.

Just like the pendant, it’s placed on a random consecutive day of vlogging, since it only lasts two hours. The recommendation will be to plan out your grinding strategy and purchase it once you’re ready to vacuum up those sweet levels. There are two other iterations of totems, which are the fury tournament and the frenzy totem. The fury has a slightly higher benefits on both the spawn rate and the spawn amount which, as of today, is only obtained through events and occasionally on some months with the daily login rewards. The frenzy totem is a very expensive item which grants some minor stats increase, but most important of all a crazy amount of spawn rate and spun quantity benefits almost 35 percent more than the wild total, and not only that. But it’s a permanent item which you could have with you at all times, but sadly the chances of obtaining this item from a marvel machine or philosopher’s book, which are cash items bought at prices between 3000 to 5000 and x, are around 0.01 percent or sometimes even Less also, this item can be cast and the effect will remain.

Even if you leave the map which people take advantage of to sell the servers and profit from it, you can imagine for how much people are selling these items, ranging from two thousand to three thousand dollars, which you should be warned. Nexon considers illegal the sale of in-game items for real-life money, so use this information only as a reference of its rarity and value. Now. The last two items, which are also very rare to obtain are the flame starter ring and the ring of torment both are items which can be obtained from cash event. Catches like the philosopher’s book and the marble machine. The flame starter ring is an equipped that has the amazing effect of granting you a skill which, upon activation, makes the current map’s burning field level to 10. In other words, a full 100 exp gain from a skill you will have as long as the ring is equipped.

On the other hand, the ring of torment upon equipping it grants you 15 additional exp, but with the condition that your damage will be lowered by 30. Now, let’s take a look at our training maps, there are several features that naturally happen during hunting. That gives us amazing exp benefits. First, we have the combo orbs, which we spoke about already. These orbs happen every 50 combos and upon reaching 300 combos, new orbs will appear that grant even more exp 700 exp to be exact and after reaching 750 combos, it turns into a red orb which grants 10 000 exp of a monster and upon reaching 999 plus Combos, it becomes the jello ore, which gives 11 000 exp and mixing this up with aaron’s combo kill blessing, which at level 3 grants 900 additional exp on each orb.

It’S a nice touch and great little reward, while training have in mind. If you stop attacking for around 15 seconds, the combo count will be lost and the orbs will be rested to blue, but fortunately entering a pollo frito portal will allow you to keep your combo count without losing it. Second, we have the burning field when we enter a map with burning field enabled we will get a text in black background on the top middle of the screen, indicating its level and the exp benefit. Each level represents a 10 increase. Therefore, the maximum is level 10, which grants 100 exp the level on burning fields reduce passively as we hunt monsters. This will continue until the map has no burning whatsoever.

The burning of maps increases depending on how long it spends without someone using the map and for third, we have the ruins that spawn on the map. These ruins require you to get close to it and press your npc top key, which well will trigger a little four key sequence game. You must follow in order to activate it once activated. It grants 100 exp increase for three minutes and an additional little buff, depending on which rune was activated. These buffs can vary between damage, increase recovery, increase becoming huge and much more, but these only last for a few seconds. Our real price is the additional exp. Even though it only lasts for three minutes, as mentioned before, if mixed with the even link skill, we can get it up to five minutes. We cannot activate another ruin for 15 minutes after it’s done so for every hour we get from 15 to 20 minutes of ruin exp time, depending on our even link skill level.

And fourth, we got the occasional portal showing up which we already spoke about, but we also get a little side mission pop-up as well. This will happen on three occasions every day as max, and the mission has to be achieved in under 30 minutes. Some require combo count to be obtained, some required to enter the wolves than once or kill some e-light monsters and much more and upon completion. You will attain a set amount of experience based on your level and a small gift such as potions spell traces and such for the last entry of our video. We have the hyperstats once we hit level 140, have all the necessary sp to max out our fourth job skills. We gain a new tab on our stat menu called hyperstats. This tab gives many options to increase some stats, such as main stat, hp, mp, boss, damage damage, critical rate, critical damage and, of course, exp obtained. The reward from this is very minimum, but upon summing up all the mentions before it makes a difference. Exp hyperstat reaches up to level 15, but this is very difficult due to how many points it requires.

We gain three hyper points when we level up and an additional point, every 10 levels, such as at level 150. We get 4 at level, 160, we’re getting 5 points, and so on doing some quick math. We can achieve any level 10 stat with 150 points which can be obtained at level 176. If my calculations are not off have in mind, this might not always be your priority to increase with your hyper stats, the biggest recommendation is to focus on being able to one hit ko most of the monsters, so think very well in how you spend them. If any mistake, you can reset the allocated hyperstats, but this will punch a 10 million metal hole on your mess of wallet so think it through. Well, that’s all for this video. We hope you learned something new or gain new insight on that which you already didn’t know. Hopefully now you know the basics into maxing out your leveling experience. If there’s any other experience increase, we missed or didn’t mention. Let us know in the comments this is iguide from mapleguyplus and thanks for watching.

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