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Hello Everyone,

In the latest KMS patch, it was announced that the set effects for Absolab and Arcane Equipment would be adjusted to the following (images taken from



The way it was before, you wouldn’t get any Boss Damage with the 2 and 3/4-item set effects, but you would get 30% Boss Damage with the 5 item set effect. Now they distributed that boss damage, so you get 10% in each the 2, 3 or 4 and 5-item set effect, totaling 30% as well.

Now, I’ve been thinking about how this may affect the current equipment progression (I’m in Reboot so I don’t know if the case may be different in Regular servers), and here are the effects I believe this will have:

1) You will no longer switch from CRA Hat to Abso Hat when you get you Arcane Weapon:

Right now, when you get an Arcane Weapon, you switch your CRA Hat for an Absolab one in order to keep the 30% BD from the 5-item set effect. By doing so, you are sacrificing the 50 ATT from the CRA 3-item set effect.

After this change in KMS, this will no longer be the case, since the 5-item set effect will only represent 10% BD, so the 50 ATT from the CRA set effect will still be superior.

2) Arcane will have a more significant advantage now:

Regardless of whether you choose the Absolab or the Arcane route, you will end up using an Arcane Weapon. Now since you won’t use the Absolab hat, you can only have 4 Absolab items (shoulder, glove, shoes and cape), meaning that you will be missing the 10% BD from the 5-item set effect.

However, if you use Arcane, you can have that 5-item set effect, meaning that using Abso instead if Arcane after this change will also cost you 10% BD.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you HAVE to use 5 Arcane items now. Since you get 10% BD on both the 2-item set effect for both sets, and 10% more on the 3-item set effect for Abso, you can choose to use 3 Absolabs and 2 Arcanes (probably weapon and shoudler), and that way you wouldn’t be missing out on the 10% BD from the 5-item set effect.

3) Switching to Arcane progressively will be a lot easier:

Right now, once you get your Arcane weapon, you can switch right away. However, in order to to switch the rest of your equips from Absolab to Arcane, you can’t do it 1 item at the time. You need to switch all 4 items at once in order to keep the 30% BD from the 5-item set effect.

After this change, you can first switch just one item, since by going from 1 Arcane and 4 Absolabs, to 2 Arcanes and 3 Absolabs, you will lose 10% BD from the Abso set effect, but you will get it back in the Arcane set effect, so no BD was actually loss.

After that, you will have to switch all other 3 items at the same time, since you would lose on 10% BD if you didn’t do them all at the same time.

4) Question I have:

Now there are some other factors that come into play with this set effect change, but I honestly wouldn’t be able to answer how significant they would be. Here are some questions I have:

-Will the Chaos Vellum Helm (or any other lucky item) be preferred now?

The reason I ask this is because, if you get a lucky item, it counts towards all set effects you have. So let’s say you are using a Chaos Vellum Helm, in this case, by using 2 CRA items, 3 Arcanes and 2 Abso you would be able to double dip, and get an extra 10% BD while not losing the 50 ATT from the CRA set effect. Would this 10% be significant enough to switch from the CRA hat to the Vellum Hat or another Lucky Item? I honestly don’t know, and hopefully somebody better at making these calculations is able to answer.

We would also have to consider that if you get a Genesis weapon, you will have to switch to CRA hat regardless to get the 30% BD from the 4-item set effect, so investing in a Vellum Hat you will eventually change might not be the best idea.

(This was already answered by user 18****931125z below, the lucky items only count towards the set effect if you are using 3 or more items of that set, so you won’t use the Vellum Hat).

-How will the story change if you have a Genesis weapon?

Now let’s say you are one of the selected few that has a Genesis Weapon. In this case, the way to make the most out of you set effects would be to have 3 CRA, 1 Abso, and 3 Arcanes. This way, since the Genesis Weapon is a lucky item, it will add 1 more the set effect of all 3 sets, giving you 30% BD from the 4-set CRA, 10% BD from the 2-item set effect from Abso, and 10% from the 4-item set effect from Arcane. In total, you would get 70% BD rom set effects.

However, this is only counting BD% from set effects though. Arcanes do still have more stats from stars, flames, and other stats in set effects (and a little bit more stats clean too, except the shoulder which is more significant), so would that extra 10% BD from the set effect from Absos be enough to make up for the stats you gain from Arcanes that are 21+ stars with great flames?

Regardless, the whole reason some people choose Abso it because they don’t want to take Arcanes to 21+ stars in the first place, so it might be the most effective course of action for those.

(This was already answered by user 18****931125z below, the lucky items only count towards the set effect if you are using 3 or more items of that set, so you won’t get the set effect from Abso).

Let me know what you think about this and if there are any flaws in my logic. I’ve never done a guide nor anything of the sort, so any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you!

EDIT: I adjusted the post taking into consideration that you get BD% from Arcanes based on 2, 4, and 5-item set effects, instead of 2, 3, and 5 like it is with Absolabs, as pointed out by Sethyboy0.

EDIT 2: Crossed out the parts that are no longer relevant.

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