MapleStory Lv251 34k DEX Bowmaster Equipment Video (Final Legend)


Hey guys how you guys doing it is anime back with another video, and today we are going to take a look at the legendary bull master equipment, everybody so um. This is actually max character. So if you guys know orange mushrooms, blob right yeah, this is his character over here. So uh, every time when korean maple story or korea makes a tesla releases a new patch um, he will be the one right to translate all of that into english. For all the viewers to uh, read and latest information about kms right, you get all that in his blog over there orange mushroom block right. So now we’re going to take a look at the legendary items of the bowmaster over here everybody. So we’re going to take a look at the first item of all, which will be the tenor beast ring. Everybody event rings over here, very, very nice indeed, and it has a 20 uh drop rate and a 9 decks, and also a b port of 10 weapon attack right so event rings very easy to tear up by using event cubes right, very nice. Indeed, then, we also have the next one, which will be the uh. Very very nice awakening ring everybody. This is the awake ring right, uh, very nice. Also we got to legendary right um 20 missiles over here. Then we also have nine percent decks and a b port of 10 weapon attack, everybody very nicely deep.

Then the next one we have the uh okay. So this is the horn till ring over here wow that tree line of unique potential wow. My man, we have nine percent decks and six percent and six percent all stacked and a b port of five percent decks and also a 14 decks over there wow. That is actually a very insane uh b ball over there, and we also have the deep dark critical ring right. As always, if the critical are very good for uh archers, because they have a extra bonus effect of 15 percent crit rate and a five percent critical damage very nice indeed – and we have the [ Music ], the pocket, everybody 49 decks and six percent of that Over here then, we also have the oh, my 17 start 32 uh decks over. Here we adds up to 128, we have uh 38 weapon attack and 5 all stand on the dominated pendant over here, and we also have a unique port of nine percent decks and six percent decks over here and a b part of ten weapon attack very nice. Indeed, then, next off we have the oh okay, we have the green pendant or blue pendant, which is a 12 star, uh 42 on the flame and six percent all stat, and we also have the unique potential of nine percent next and six percent decks over here And it’ll be part of epic part of 11 weapon attack, 10 decks and two percent decks. That’S a very nice v point right all right!

Next up we have the oh okay. We have the ping bean belt, all right: 17 star ping bean belt with 40 decks over here on the flame 30 weapon attack and six percent all stat, and we also have the uh epic potential of nine percent decks in 12 decks over there and the b Part of 10 weapon attack and six stacks very nicely. Next up, we have the sakum accessory over here, which is 39 on the flame, which adds up to 83 decks and uh six percent all stacked and wow the epic potential of 666. Everybody wow my man and also a b part of 10, a weapon attack, and next one we have oh, very nice. Indeed, a black bean america, everybody very nice. We have a 20 star and a bowl on a uh, a flame of 59 we’re putting a tank of 60 all set of five and a potential of nine percent next and six percent x and a b part of 10 a weapon attack, everybody very nice indeed.

Next time we have the oh okay, the horn till earring, everybody 20 start haunting airing a 55 flame and also 59 weapon attack and six percent old stat, and also a unique potential of nine percent decks and six percent decks and a b port of four percent Decks and ten weapon attack over there, wow very nice indeed, and the next one we have. Oh okay, we have the batch, everyone use the same batch and we have oh, the wheel, android everybody, okay, okay, very nice view and right over there, and you have the very heart: everybody 50 weapon attack and a unique potential of nine percent decks and six percent Decks and also an epic b port of 10 weapon attack everybody. Let’S have a look at the view. Android. Oh it’s black, okay, never mind there. We have uh the chaos root, fs top over here, which is 17 start 48 flame and 196 decks over here. 22 weapon attacks, six percent, all stat, with a unique potential of six percent decks and a nine percent dex, with a b port of four percent, two percent x and a ten decks over there wow very nice. The b pod is perfection everybody, and we also have this 18 star bottom over here. Chaos rub has bottom over here: 48 decks, which adds up to 207 with a weapon attack of 33. All stand of six percent and it’ll be part of anabolic enough, but potential perfect three lines: 996 decks everybody and we have a b port of 13 weapon attack and six attacks very nice. Indeed, that will equip this. We are at 11k stat at the moment.

Then we got a cd data: oh okay, absolute hat, everybody 42 flame on the decks, which adds up 237 25 weapon attack, five percent, all stacked. Then we have the unique potential of nine percent decks and six percent decks over here very nice. Indeed – and we have the bonus potential of 10 weapon attack and three weapon attack very nice, and we have to sure about it: 17 star, absolute shoot, 71 flame on the decks right, which adds up to 200 decks, which has a 27 weapon attack and also on A potential of unique potential of 9 x and 6 percent x and a b part of 10 weapon attack, everybody very nicely. Then next up we have the shoulder, which is 17 start shoulder of a 38 weapon attack and a oh old stat 9 and a dex of six percent. My man and we also have a b port of 11 weapon attack and uh elaborate, be pop, very nice. Indeed, oh okay, i thought it was. I thought it was a uh shade, but uh um. This is a beautiful glow, verify 22 style yi shipping song 54 flame on the decks, which adds up to 205 weapon attack of 128, all stats 6 legendary potential of 16 critical damage, wow very nice two lines over there. We have also a unique b port of 11 weapon attack and 4 decks very nice. Indeed, the next one. We have the cape, absolute cape, everybody 17 star 30 flame, at which sr 139 and right by 24 and an all-star of four percent, with a unique potential of nine percent decks and six percent decks over here with a b part of 10 weapon attack very nicely. Next one we have uh the monster puck uh metal, which adds 10 percent ied yeah. Okay, then, we have total, oh my man, [ Music, ] 133 flame, which adds up to 640 uh weapon at a time wow.

My man and six percent damage over there ma man and a legendary 35 balls damage 20 horse damage, 30 ied and a legendary b port 18 boss damage 9 attack and a soul of three percent attacker by. Let’S see uh, oh my god, 257 percent false damage over here, and we have the second duty. Oh man, the secondary is spicy twelve percent and nine percent weapon attack and thirty five percent boss damage and also a legendary b port of twelve percent weapon attack. Nine percent weapon attack and also a critical rate of nine percent wow. That’S absolutely insane and we have oh, the emblem: 12 weapon attack, 35 uh, ied and also nine percent critical rate wow and also a b part of a six percent weapon attack and six percent weapon of terror body will equip this. Oh, my man 17 k decks at the moment. We’Ve got to equip, of course, all the makes a symbols, everybody okay, so once we equip all the symbols over here, this is all the stats over here we are at 31k decks and 13 mil range. Let me quickly, above up for a moment all right, all right. We are okay. We have maple water on right, very nice indeed, so we’re gon na take a look at the master label.

Oh m label over here, okay, so okay, the m label doesn’t have stats right. This is the om label, but it’s actually a very, very lit m label. I love this available. Also. I have the p everybody, the p, the veg pattern, but 31 vpn attack and also i wouldn’t better yeah. I got 26 weapon attack over here and i was 25 weapon attack, wow and android uh. This is the newest and it was me: oh, they got all of them, wow! Okay, no wonder it’s uh over here, looking lit over here, right, very nice indeed, over here right. So this is the uh homestead over here right. We got ta have a full buff up over here to see what are the full damage that we’re gon na get okay before that we got ta unequip the ring, because we’re gon na go for a ring of restraint for here all right, completely strange. Okay, there we go, keep this one over here all right. I think we gucci over here so let’s above up and use all of our skills over here and see what is our range everybody. So we got six eight uh nine equals insert home five and f9 over here following 40k 40 mil range, everybody with 34k decks, wow, [, Music, ], absolutely insane everybody. So this is full buff with bring a restrainer right with 40 mil range wow, my man, it’s absolutely insane – ah, and also we to take a look at the hyperstats over here we got strength.

We got uh critical damage, ied damage and also our boss, damage and also on the weapon, magic attack and also on the expo here very nice indeed – and i think also max – does uh the most likely chicago most almost collection, which i got mostly live later on. So, oh okay, most of the collection, 500 500 mm, okay, not bad. It’S actually pretty insane right, then uh. I got ta check out the union also right union over here, wow 7.6 k, total and 11 k coin. What the hell there’s a lot. Many 11 k coins. Oh my man, there’s a lot of coins over here, wow, okay, very nice indeed over here – also, and also we’re gon na check out the uh monster life. Let me click on monster light over here, hello, hello, okay, there we go uh monster life, a level 31 a monster life over here. Let’S take a look at that. Oh, my man, okay, what’s the life over here? Oh my god, that is a long list of books, everybody holy. We got a message. You know critical damage or wow there. You go idea well everything over here. Let me close down the slideshow over here.

Oh okay and we have oh wow, hey max, there’s more saliva many! Oh, my goodness, there’s a lot. Oh, we got a pink bean. Also two percent damage over here. Wow, that’s actually, and what’s those four percent over here, i already got the healer two percent: critical damage: wow; okay – oh my goodness! Oh my god look at all this! Ah, you look at this way: [, Music, ]. Oh my god! That is absolutely insane bear. Oh, my god, let me let me get some uh some coins. What is this? Nine? Nine mil? Oh, my god, wow that was the life, is conviction. Everybody’S life is absolutely lit. Look at this monster. Yeah do most live everybody because master line gives you a lot. A lot of free stats over here and it’s shared throughout the whole world itself and the whole car itself. Actually, so it’s actually very very nice indeed, for this monster life. Okay, so i got ta get out from here. We’Re gon na go back to our fox guard over here and trust the little fox god yep yeah, so that’s all and also um the course. I think a lot of people are going to ask about the course also what course does bow master use so um. The fifth job calls as always over here, that you need to max and also i’ve got hurricane final attack and also uh the color color.

Then, what’s the skill call again uh tree over here and another trio? We have a fourth jaw and arrow platter and uh wind scale like that: okay, nice, so yeah, four of them only right very nice indeed. So now you know what is a bowmaster main course over here very nice, so yeah, that’s all for the equipment’s, a showcase for our legendary a max over here. So as always, do check out max blog for all. The latest information on kms latest updates right test server and official server updates. All everything is going to be there and it’s blocked right. So, as always, thank you very much for tuning in to this video right i’ll catch. You guys in the next one as always, leave a comment subscribe and stay. Awesome, everybody and stay safe.

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