How’s it going, everyone? It’s Abdallah here bringing you guys a highlights video from one of my Mariokart 8 Deluxe livestreams Now, on this highlight video, I’m gonna tell you, something pretty awesome and epic happened regarding coins. Now, some of you guys may be thinking, “All right, well, what’s the deal with coins?” All right, so, you gotta get 10 coins in order to increase your speed, right? So coins are good. Yeah, of course they’re good, but, when you get too many of ’em, it leaves you open for attack. How many of you guys know the feeling where you’re front-running and all you have is a coin, you hear a red shell coming and you can’t do anything about it and you just take the red shell, you lose your lead, and eventually lose the match, right? Yes, we’re all in the same boat, but, this highlight video, oh my gosh it’s spectacular.

It’s amazing. All right, here we go. Neo Bowser City, in that level there are 3 chances for items. In the first lap–or the first area, you can get one single item block, and then, a little bit later on, you have two more opportunities for some doubles meaning, 5 items per lap, times 3, is 15. Guess how many coins I got in the race. You’re gonna have to watch and find out. ENTER THE COIN FRENZY. (chuckling) It’s so funny, it’s so funny. I’m hilarious sometimes. Alright, let’s do this. Coin. Shell me. Hit me. I’m asking for it. Okay, good. Wow, I didn’t even get the mini right there.

All right. And that coin is just gone- Oh, hey! You know what, the game’s like, “Hey, I heard you want coins. I gotcha. I gotcha, DK.” Did you guys hear me slam the brakes there a little bit? It’s a new meta-strategy I’m using. Seems to be working all right. Rather than going super wide on that turn. Oh! The game’s like, “Oh, I really heard you like coins.” This is 4 coins in a row, ladies and gentlemen. “I really heard you like coins.” Add 1 to the number he says until the video finishes because he forgot about the first one. Oh, 5 coins in a row! You shouldn’t have, game. 5 coins! Here, coin counter. Coin counter! Watch, 6, 7. We’re at 5 right now. 6, 7 in a row! Oh, my gosh, 7 coins! Look, watch. Seven–oh, my god. Seven in a row. You saw that. Seven coins! I’m about to lap someone. Watch, 8, 9. 8, 9. Give me 8, 9, please, I’m asking for them. 8, 9 coins in a row! (laughing) 9 coins in a row, let’s go, let’s go, hit me. 10 coins. 10 coins in a row. 10 coins, baby! Give it to me. Let’s set a new record.

10 coins in a row! Let’s go. Give me 11. Give me 11–I’m about to lap this dude. We lapped a guy in online. Give me 11, 12. 11, 12. Please, game. Go. Give it right now. Right now! 11, 12! (laughing) Oh, my gosh, 12 coins! This is insane! Give me 13, 14. Give me 14. Can we have 14 coins? 14 coins, and a blue shell! 14, 14, please, please, please. And I lose the map because I ate two blue shells- 14! 14 flippin’ coins. Why do I not have this video recorded? Oh, my gosh. 14 coins. You guys counted it, oh my gosh. All right, someone. Someone, please, Record this for me. Oh, my gosh, 14. I think that’s a new record. (laughing) Oh, and I lapped a dude. Sorry, Amber. Oh, 14 flippin’ coins. For starters, get off my track. And secondly, that’s insane! Oh, my goodness. Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing but coins. Yeah, in the fit of excitement, I didn’t realize that we got 15 instead of 14, that’s crazy. Have you guys ever experienced anything like that before while you guys were front-running? Where you get nothing but coins? Every single time? Let me know in the comments if that’s happened to you, but I don’t know what the chances are.

I think it’s got to be some sort of balancing mechanism where if you’re front-running so far ahead regardless of what items you get it will always be coins. You guys saw how big of a front-run I had there, right? And I ate two blue shells and still ended up winning, which was–crazy. Anyway, if you guys enjoyed that, definitely smash that like button, of course, and you guys can indeed click on the playlist right over this way. If you guys want to find out what happens in all these different streams that I do, make sure that you guys are subscribed, and join up with me every time I do it. We stream very often, so more likely than not, you’ll have a chance to race with me. Of course, if you have some more time today, definitely click on the newest video on my channel there and my 100% walkthrough of the game.

So, that’s going to be it today. Thank you so much for watching. For more Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Nintendo Switch content, make sure that you guys keep it locked here. We’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care. .

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