(fun, epic synthesizer music) (music flourishes) – What’s up, guys, and welcome back to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and today, the game is finally out across the world. I’m pretty sure it’s out worldwide, or at least in America. Today we’re gonna be talking about the secret unlockable character, Golden Mario, how you can unlock him, and some tips for how to unlock him, in general. So why don’t we go ahead and get started with that? First, by taking a look at Golden Mario. This guy is so stinking cool. He is the same, stats-wise, as Metal Mario, so, if you are used to a heavyweight character like him, you should be just fine.

Ooh, a new thing that we got. (laughs lightly) Oh, okay. Now I ain’t too worried about that. Let’s go ahead and bada bing, bada boom, there you go. And, yeah, we’re just gonna do 200 CC. I’m gonna be talking about some tips with 200 CC, and why that is important in just a minute, but, we’re just gonna do four races, or at least one or two, at the very least. And just sort of give you some tips. Let’s go ahead and get started. Oh, no. This is not an easy 200 CC track. I chose random, maybe that’s what I should not be doing. I should be just choosing some easier tracks to start off with. But why is 200 CC so important when talking about Golden Mario, is because, to unlock Golden Mario, you have to get first place in every single 200 CC Cup. So, I’ll be going over what 200 CC is, if you don’t know, and also giving some tips wherever I can give them. I’m not the best 200 CC player in the world, but I think I’m good enough to throw out some advice, because, of course, I’ve gotten three stars in all of the 200 CC cups so far, and I actually prefer, I think, at this point, 200 CC over the normal 150 CC speed.

No! (embarrassed laughing) Ah, that was not a good start. I’m probably gonna a do worse, because I’m not used to playing it while talking, and that’s just an extra facet to focus on. So, I’ll have to sort of do extra careful stuff here. But, basically, if you do not know the difference between 150 and 200 CC, it’s that the cars go significantly faster, making it way harder to control, but if you do know how to control it, you can go so quickly through these courses, or you know, just wildly fall off. One of the two, it’s a 50/50 most of the time. But yeah, a big misconception right now, is that you have to get three stars in every 200 CC cup. That’s actually not true. All you have to do is get the golden trophy, so if you don’t even get any stars in 200 CC cups, oh no. Blue shell already. If as long as you get the golden trophy, get first place in points, that’s all that matters.

You can, you know, not do… Not win most of the the races themselves. As long as you win in total points, you can go ahead and get yourself Golden Mario unlocked, and it’s, you know, pretty darn nice. I think he’s a really cool character, I think it’s weird that he has the same stats as Metal Mario, but I mean, it’s just a re-skin. I sort of understand why that is. Oh boy, oh boy. Move, move, move. Yeah, okay, we’re doin’ okay so far. We’re still in first place, which is a good thing, and we’re about to finish up this first race! Oh no, no no no! Oh no, is anybody catching up? No, I’m good. I am in the clear. So, there’s a first race done. We’ll do a couple of them, now, because, I do want to give a few tips on what has helped me with 200 CC. And, yeah, so let’s go ahead and move on to the next race. Mute City should be a lot easier than Rainbow Road, in any capacity. But, one of the things that you have to keep in mind with 200 CC, my Number One tip, is to keep control in mind.

What I mean by that, is, usually in 150 CC, you can go ahead and hit every speed boost you see, just trying to get as much of a speed boost as you possibly can, off of every little thing. But in 200 CC, If you wanna go quick, you actually just have to keep control, because you’re already going very fast. The hard part is not losing control, hitting the side of the map, or falling off, or running into an item. That’s the really, really hard part in 200 CC. And, the best way to do that is to sometimes avoid speed boosts.

There are certain speed boosts you just do not want to hit, in 200 CC, ’cause they’ll just send you flying off the map, or flying off into a direction you don’t really wanna go. So, you want to keep in mind which boosts are going to help you, and which ones aren’t. You just got to pay attention to the map, and maybe even practice some of the levels a little bit. But, you don’t wanna keep that mindset of hitting every single boost you ever see forever. And, sometimes you don’t even want to trick off of certain jumps, ’cause it just might boost you into the side of a track, like that, like I just could not respond to that fast, now, because I’m certainly not keeping control. Oh, boy, oh boy. Oh, I’m out! I’m good, I’m good. Alright, so, another big thing is, when you are drifting, if it feels like you’re about to crash into the side lane, make sure you brake.

A big thing that people don’t even realize you can do, is that if you’re drifting, you know, you’re holding the A button, to drive or whatever your controls are, you can then hold the B button as well, and sort of brake while drifting to get a little bit more control. If you brake for too long, you’re gonna end up stopping entirely, I think, but as long as you just sort of press the brake button at times, like I just did, like, here’s me braking, you can sort of see that you slow down a lot. And, of course, you’re gonna be slowing down, but more importantly, you’re going to be keeping your control. And, that’s a whole lot better than going too fast, and flying off the side of the track. And, you’ll see that the NPC’s make that mistake all the time. They just don’t brake, they don’t control, so, they end up just flying everywhere, and you don’t want to do that. But yeah, that’s sort of like, two of the big things that has helped me big time, in trying to complete 200 CC cups, is trying to maintain control at all times.

It’s not about hitting all the speed boosts, it’s not about getting all the shortcuts, it’s about maintaining control consistently, so that the amount of speed that you just get at base level, on 200 CC, is just sort of evenly spread. And, that usually wins you most races, but we’ll do one more lap, or one more track, to sort of show what I mean. Oh, now this is a fun one. This is one of my favorites to do in 200 CC, so I’ll go ahead and get started with this one. But yeah, there’s not really too many more tips I can do besides that, just practice. And if you want some extra practice, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there is the Time Trials, just like there are in the original, but in Deluxe, you actually have 200 CC Time Trials, which is actually really, really nice, and that just sort of gives you an extra way to practice these tracks if you want.

And, I think we can go online and play 200 CC against real players, too, if that’s something you want to try. Oh, boy. I’ll drift it! There we go. And of course, kart combinations are gonna be very important. You wanna play a character you’re going to be comfortable with, and a kart combo you can really work with, while, you know, if you’re just trying to get it done, so you can unlock, you know, Golden Mario, it’s a pretty easy strategy to keep up. And, in case you are watching this video, maybe, you just sort of looked up how to unlock Golden Mario, and you don’t know too much about me, or what we’re doing right now on the channel, I am currently playing through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the channel as well, by playing all the battle modes, and playing all of the cups. It’s a lot of fun, so if you want to check those out, you totally should. But, look at us, got first place throughout all of those.

I think the COMs were on normal, so it wasn’t that bad. Usually, I think 200 CC cups, the computers are way more difficult, or at least they’re a little more difficult, so that’s something to keep in mind. So, there is our look at the secret Golden Mario character. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and let me know if you want any more tips, and tricks, or any kind of videos of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ’cause I’m always listening. I’m having so much fun with this game. Like, I can’t even describe. I’ve been playing it so much. So, I hope you guys have been enjoying it. Thank you guys so much for watching, I’ll see you next time. Bye bye. .

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