– Mario Kart Eight! – What’s up guys, and welcome to Mario Kart Eight Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. Finally, this game is out. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. This is my first must-own Nintendo Switch title in my opinion. I know that Breath of the Wild was great, but this, to me, is super duper exciting. We’re gonna be playing through the Battle Mode. We’re gonna be playing through all the cups. It’s gonna be so much fun as we play through this game. Before we get started, I first off want to say a big thank you to Nintendo for sending me a copy of this game ’cause they didn’t have to do that, but they did. But for right now, let’s go ahead and get started with Mario Kart Eight Deluxe.

(adventurous music) So we’re actually gonna be tackling Battle Mode today. One of the biggest draws to Mario Kart Eight Deluxe, opposed to normal Mario Kart Eight, is that there’s actually a brand stinking new Battle Mode that’s completely revised and way better. So we’re going to be playing with my main man Mario today, but if you wanna see gameplay of the brand new characters in Mario Kart Eight Deluxe like King Boo, stay tuned to episode two where we’re gonna be tackling the Mushroom Cup, and that’s how I’m gonna sort of do it, is each episode, I’m gonna bounce between battle modes and racing. So this episode, we’re gonna do Battle Mode. Next episode, we’re gonna be doing racing with the cups and then back to Battle Mode, then back to racing until we get through all them. I figure that way, everything will stay nice and fresh. I’m gonna keep everything nice and basic for our first race, and there are tons of new game modes here. Like these are all brand new from my knowledge.

We have Balloon Battle, Renegade Roundup, Bob-omb Blast, Coin Runners, and Shine Thief, and then you can random. But we’re gonna be doing Balloon Battle today on a bunch of different maps. So when it comes to the actual mode, we’re gonna have to have shorter rounds, and I’ll explain that while we’re in the mode itself. But we’re gonna do four one-minute rounds. I think that’ll be just about good ’cause that’s going to be about, yeah.

Actually let’s make it two minutes. Two minutes should be just fine. So we’ll go ahead and do four two-minute rounds in Balloon Battle with whatever maps we can find. The first map will be Battle Stadium. Awesome, let’s go ahead and try this one out. All right, Balloon Battle Battle Stadium. It’s a battle battle. I like it. But it’s a very cool-looking track so far. It’s just awesome that there’s like, there are new tracks technically, they’re just only for Battle Mode.

That’s the weird part, ain’t it? So, this is Balloon Battle. Now, I know this one a little bit. I’ll be honest, I haven’t played Battle Mode in like any other Mario Kart game. Like, I’ve only done races. So it’s really weird for me to do Battle Mode now. But you have five balloons, and I know that if you hit somebody else, it will get rid of one of their balloons, but if you get hit, you’ll lose one of your balloons. And if you lose all of your balloons, I think you’re out forever, like, you’re just done. So our goal is to hit as many people with our, like not hit them with our balloons, but get rid of as many balloons as possible.

You can see there’s a score in the bottom left I’ll have to keep track of, but you might notice there’s a ton of different changes here. We have two items, and that’s now something that’s exclusive to Battle Mode. You jerk! Woah, woah, hey, look at that! That little flower jump’s back, or feather jump. I hope that’s in the races too. Like, now I think of it, it’s just on battle mode, but that’s still really cool. That’s one of my favorite items in the series. Eat it, eat this! Yeah! There we go, I got Metal Mario. Who’s the true Mario? I’m the true Mario. Okay so, woah, why is one of my balloons blue? Oh, I stole my balloon from somebody else! Okay, apparently I can do that! Cool! So why am I doing just four one-minute rounds or two-minute rounds in stead of three-minute rounds is because I actually have a 15 minute limit on these first few episodes of Mario Kart Eight Deluxe, which is sort, you know like, I’m playing the game before, oh I hit Toad, cool! I’m playing the game before it comes out worldwide.

You know, the game actually comes out on April 28th, and we’re playing it way before then. So I just, like, part of the rules of that is that I have to only post 15 minute videos. So for these first few episodes, they’re gonna be a little bit shorter than normal, or you know, maybe they won’t be. Maybe this’ll be the average length. But if you ask me for them to be longer for these first four episodes, I’m not sure if I can do that. But expect until the game launches, oh that was a good throw! Expect, you know, until the game launches a video every other day. So there won’t be a video tomorrow, that was good, that was good! Woah, look at us, we’ve got the crown on! I got that hashtag king of the jungle crown goin’ on. Oh, get wrecked! We are getting the combos right now. Oh man, that was a beautiful, I’m just gonna boost away and play a little bit of a keep away. That was amazing. We just combo’d everything up.

Are we playing Battle Mode or we playing, like, Street Fighter or something? We’re comboing everything up. Nine points, that’s gonna put us in more of a double lead to second place. So that’s crazy, crazy stuff. So let’s go ahead and move on to the next map. All right, so here we go another map. Balloon Battle Sweet Sweet Kingdom. Very cool. So yeah, once again I wanna reiterate it should be Saturday when this video’s going up, so expect this Monday our first racing episode should go up. It’ll be of, of course, the Mushroom Cup, and I’ll be playing new characters during the racing, and I’ll just be enjoying the new game modes with old characters here in this part. So it’s basically like a two-in-one series, which I think is really exciting.

So hopefully you guys agree with me, and maybe you just like Battle Mode or you just like racing, but I hope I can make it fun for everybody. Oh boy. Oh geez. I almost landed on a banana. Woah, I just barely dodged that! Holy cow. I’m gonna get this. I need to get double items as, ow, soon as possible. That’s okay, I can get hit. I got hit right away in the previous round and look at how that worked out for me. I’m so used to, like, spamming so that I can pick up another item. I gotta get used to the double items.

It’s really weird for me. But I can hold this, like I can really turn pretty well. Woah, buddy! Watch it! Here we go. Now let’s get this ready and then throw! Yeah! Get got, Link. Go back to your own game. Don’t you got some breaths of the wild to save? That’s not what that game’s about. There you go, oh that might actually hit somebody! No, it, oh wait no it did! It got Peach! We’re doin’ fantastic right now. We are in the lead, but we only have three balloons, so we gotta be careful. I still don’t know exactly what happens when you, oh, lose all your balloons, but I really don’t wanna find out, so let’s hope we don’t have to. Oh boy. Oh, I hit Villager! (laughter) Go back to Animal Crossing. Everybody’s accepted in the Mario Kart world. Not tryin’ to put any bad precedence out there. Let’s go ahead and try to drift over here.

Woah, that’s really weird, there was this invisible shell. No, don’t run into my own bob-omb! Woah! Oh gosh, oh gosh! I’m just gonna try to run into you. Oh I missed him. Drifting’s a little weird with this car. I’m not really a big fan of the basic kart for the most part, but I figure I wanna keep everything nice and simple. Did we win? Oh no, I died! I lost five points there. Holy cow! Oh geez, I might not win this one. That’s really tough though, five whole points. Like, that’s just crazy. Here, come on. We gotta hit this dude. No, we missed entirely. Is that a Splatoon character? It is. So there are five brand new characters in this, you know, version of the game. And they’re all super cool, but we’re gonna be playing King Boo next episode, so that’ll be nice. So I did not win because I died. I was in the lead by a good margin, but I actually only lost by one point.

Three people tied for first with six points. So if I got one more point, I would have been tied for first, but we’re still in the lead in points, which is pretty darn good. So, time for round number three. Oh, this is cool. The Balloon Battle Dragon Palace. Now there is, like, a dragon palace kind of track, one of my least favorite tracks. Like, it’s so cool, but it’s so difficult to ride. Like, it’s fun to look at, not so fun to play I think is the best way to describe it. So let’s see if the battle mode equivalent is any better or worse. I also don’t know how many people we’re going against. I actually forgot to check, but that is a lot of people on that map right there. So it is a good amount, but I did also wanna, you know, clear up a lot of people have been asking me before the series even started will I be doing Mario Kart Eight Deluxe? Of course, yes.

And will I be doing it online with viewers? Maybe at some point. It really depends for me, right? If this game sort of does well in the channel, woah look at this! If a lot of people are, woah, mad, he hit himself, though. Okay, that’s about even. If a lot of people are watching this series and supporting it and a lot of people, a lot of Zebra Herd members, have the game, then I’ll definitely stream it with you guys. Like, you know, you guys should know that I love playing games with you guys. And that’s definitely the keys for Mario Kart.

I love jammin’ out with some Mario Kart. Oh, get got! I might not be as so awfully competitive with the Zebra Herd because I don’t want anybody’s feelings to be hurt, and also most of you could probably beat me, these are just computers. But yeah, I would definitely wanna play online in this game. So if there is an interest and you guys are, like, finally getting the game, let me know in the comments section and also let me know if you’d be interested in playing with me. I do accept all the friend requests I get on the Switch, but I don’t know what the maximum is. Woah, I missed her there. So there’s only a minute left.

It really goes by quick. I mean the seconds feel a little slow. I mean maybe it’s ’cause the action is so jam-packed. Oh, I missed that. I do not wanna get hit by that or that or that. So only boosts like that. Who can I catch up to? Fire flower’s the best! Fire flower’s actually really one of my favorite moves ’cause it just seems like you get a guaranteed hit if you angle yourself correctly. The double items is such a thing to get used to. Like, I can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like in racing. Oh geez, I didn’t want to do that. Oh! So I am actually in the lead with only three points. This is a really hectic map. And this is just with normal items. There is a hectic item mode, which is like, how much more hectic can it get? I don’t know! The boomerang’s super good too. Like, I don’t know, it’s between the fire flower and the boomerang for me on the best item for this mode so far.

I really am happy about the return of the feather. Look at these Koopas! They’re doing some karate! Koopa karate! I like it! All right, well we got three seconds left. And we are good, woah I almost got a lightning there. Would the lightning hurt me? I guess not, but it would be minus one point, or minus one balloon to everybody, but look at this! We are dominating the scores right now with the third race. It’s time to go for round four, which is the final one, and hopefully we can keep winnin’. Okay, it’s Lunar Colony. This look so cool. So far, this is the map I’ve been the most excited for, ’cause look at it! I really hope there’s, like, low gravity jumping. I’ll be a little disappointed if it’s still this normal gravity, but if you get to fly around like crazy, I mean I guess we sort of have the anti-gravity cars, so I’m gonna guess it’s not gonna be like that.

But imagine if you were just a little bit more floaty. I really wish they would have a proper racetrack on the moon, ’cause I know that the, you know, Mario Kart Eight Rainbow Road sort of is on the moon, it’s very spacey and you get to be on a satellite for a few moments, but it’s not like this. You know, this is like actual, like, lunar landing goin’ on here. This is what I want as a track. Like, that’d be super awesome. Like that I would accept as a new Rainbow Road. And that’s sort of one of the biggest criticisms this game has gotten is that there’s no real new tracks. Like it’s got new everything else, new characters, well I guess no new kart combinations, but you don’t really need them.

There’s already plenty of kart combinations. But there’s new tracks, a new game mode, apparently improved online. I don’t know, though, because the game has to launch worldwide before we start saying stuff like that. But no new tracks, so hopefully they do start throwin’ out that, you know, beautiful DLC very soon so that we can see more tracks ’cause honestly, I will be racing a lot more than I will be doing Battle Mode, at least when it comes after I complete all the battle modes.

I just wanna be able to show them all off to you guys because I’m sure a lot of you are interested. I know a lot of you still don’t have a Switch. I know even more than that, a lot of you just might not be able to get Mario Kart Eight Deluxe right away because it is sort of coming out a weird time. Usually these kind of games come out like right before the summer, which is sort of is, but sort of not, a little too early, so I don’t know if it’ll be a big summer game. We’ll have to see. But this is basic, oh my gosh. I think I’m the only person to hit me so far. Oh, I sidelined Toad! What does sidelined mean? Does that mean I just smacked him when I was feather jumping, ’cause if you can get, like, feather jumping hits, that’s gonna be my new thing.

I wanna be like the feather jumper skill shotter. That’ll be fun. But as I said the beginning, this is basically gonna be like my go-to Switch game for the next little while, probably until Arms and Splatoon Two come out. I’m still gonna be playing Mario Kart Eight, but for right now, it is almost exclusively gonna be Mario Kart Eight time for me on the Switch. It’s gonna be my Mario Kart machine. But I’m in the lead for our final round and as long as I just don’t go into, like, negative points, I think I should be able to win the whole thing.

‘Cause I’m already, like, super duper in the lead in points, so somebody would have to beat me by like quite a few points. So you better get out of here, Inkling boy. There we go! I think I won! That’s such a cool crown, though. So there we go, and badaboom. 25 points, we almost doubled Metal Mario over there. Very, very cool. So there we go, there’s our look at Balloon Battle, a lot of fun. I’ve never really given an honest try to Battle Mode, but I’m happy I did ’cause it’s a lot of fun! Oh, look at that, we got ourselves a beautiful crown. Congratulations, we have won Battle Mode.

It’s the little shine one too, which is interesting ’cause there is a Shine Mode as well. We’ll be showing all of that off throughout the series, so I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Mario Kart Eight Deluxe. Thank you guys so much for watching! I’ll see you next time. Bye bye! (Mario Kart theme music) .

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