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10 Marvel’s Avengers THOR GEAR PIECES YOU SHOULD CONSIDER! Vendor Dates & High Rated Gear


Hello, what?s up everyone Vlad here with a Marvel?s Avengers game guide that I really hope you?ll find interesting especially if Thor is your favorite character in the game because in this video I am going to show you how to get some crazy gear for Odin son and when I say crazy I mean really good gear, without having to farm for it. However, before we start let me tell you that I am really excited about this video because every piece of information I am going to share with you comes from well one of you guys. Specifically, our friend Hassan A who contacted me last week I believe and shared a series of tips regarding some gear for Thor. Now, obviously, all credits go to Hassan A who recently started a small YouTube channel you?ll find linked in the description and also pinned in the comments. And let me tell you about Hassan?s theory and the project he is working on.

Well, he is doing some research on specific dates you can use to buy specific gear from the faction vendors because you see the gear you can purchase from Maddy Cho for example is not random. What this means is that on specific dates from the future or the past Maddy Cho will sell specific gear and some of them have really powerful stats and perks. You can only imagine that Hassan?s work is really hard because he is basically looking for a needle in a haystack, yet our friend shared with me several gear pieces for Thor that are very interesting and I am going to share them with you. Now, if you want, you can contact Hassan via his YouTube channel because he is also working on a document containing the dates and when the faction vendors sell some of the best Marvel?s Avengers gear in the game.

Good then, now because I want to make this video easy to follow for you guys. I am going really quickly over the steps you need to follow, then we will skip directly to the dates Hassan shared with me and the gear pieces you should consider. So, the first thing to point out here is that we are going to use the same trick we have used to farm polychoron, for example.

Meaning that we will go offline by disconnecting our console from the Internet. In my case, on PlayStation 4 this is done by going to settings, then network then by unchecking the Connect to the Internet box. Then we will go to Date and Time, and uncheck the Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically. Finally, we will start the game in campaign mode and we will pay a visit to Maddy Cho at Anthill. While standing in front of here we will return to the dashboard then to Date and Time, and in the date and time settings we will use the dates Hassan shared with us. On these dates, Maddy Cho will sell specific gear for Thor. And the first date we will use February 1st, 2022. On this date, you will find the Brazen Pym Payload Vambraces. Now pay close attention to the last perk on this melee weapon! 116.3% increased critical attack from Odinforce attacks. Amazing right? Good, now we are going to exit Maddy Cho?s shop then change the date to June 14, 2018. You don?t have to exit the game, but make sure you leave the shop. Now on this date, you?ll look for this yellow iso which provides 104 valor and increases the charge rate for Heroic Assault by 19.3% This perk however may be slightly different.

Ok, then so now that you know how to change the dates and what you have to do, let?s stick only to the items and the dates we?ve got from Hassan. On June 14th, 2001 you may consider this melee weapon for Thor which drastically increases the Willpower Recovery from Warrior?s Fury and has some really good stats. On August 5, 2020, you should also consider this ranged hammer even though it?s only rare. Then on October 24, 2051, this artifact will drastically increase your precision and boost your charge rate for Heroic Ultimate Ability. This is a must-have in my opinion. Next, we move to September 5th, 2025 for this belt with two really cool buffs. The first one is a Defense buff and the second one is an Invulnerability Buff you?ll get by defeating 5 enemies in rapid succession. On October 5th, 2022 you?ll find this Targeted Pym Payload Grip ranged weapon which comes with a really high chance to grant a damage buff when you defeat an enemy with a ranged attack, on top of the Pym payload.

Then on August 5th, 2020 you should look for this plate that will increase your Willpower when critically injured. Again, this also gives you a chance to activate a Pym payload on parrying an incoming attack and a nice reduction from Cryo damage attacks. Finally, on December 21, 2053, you will have 2 gear pieces for Thor. The first one is this belt over here you should consider especially if you like using takedowns as you?ll have an increased chance to get a defense buff whenever you perform a takedown. And second, this minor artifact that as you can see increases your Thor?s resolve and damage from signature attacks. Now before we wrap this one up you can imagine that better gear obviously exists and the most important aspect, you?ll need to consider is your Thor?s build. But these items will definitely give you a boost and as you can see all you have to do is to change some dates. Even though they are not free. Right so keep in mind that Hassan has a lot more dates and if you are looking for let?s say better gear for other characters, I am pretty sure he can help you out.

As I said the link to his YouTube profile is pinned in the comments, and until next time, stay safe and have fun!.

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