Hey guys, what?s going on? Welcome back to my channel and we?re back with another World Boss Ultimate ONESHOT video. So for today, I?m gonna show you guys how is it possible to do the ONESHOT in World Boss Ultimate by using Cable with all of his uniforms including his base kit. Yeah, I?m not kidding, it is absolutely possible to do the ONESHOT even with his base kit, that?s how crazy Cable is but of course, don?t expect Cable can ONESHOT very high stages of World Boss Ultimate but around stage 50 shouldn?t be a problem with his base kit which you?re gonna see that in the later gameplay. So if you?re a new player even if you?re a F2P player, you should be building up your Cable to Tier-2 Level 70 no matter what because he can easily ONESHOT those World Bosses even with his base kit. So it is not necessary for you to grab his uniform in order to do the ONESHOT.

As we know that, this Summer Days uniform is crazy, it?s a Must-Buy uniform for everyone but we?re totally not sure whether this uniform will ever be on sale again or not, just assume it?s not gonna be on sale again. So if you already owned either one of these uniform whether it is the X-Force uniform or the Cable & Deadpool uniform is perfect. It is good enough for you to do the ONESHOT. Even if you don?t own any of these uniform, let?s say you can only do with his base kit, its okay, it?s good enough because you can do at least stage 50 with his base kit which is fantastic.

So that means if you own any of these uniform, then you can expect 5 or 10 more stages or even 15 more stages higher than his base kit. So here is the thing, if you want to do the ONESHOT with Cable, you can actually use the Deadpool and Nick Fury combo which a lot of people already talked about that but I do believe not everyone has owned this Holiday Party uniform because this is an exclusive uniform. Only on sale for the first time during the Christmas event and never be on sale again. So in this video, I won?t be showing you guys the Deadpool and Nick Fury combo, I actually utilized the Captain America all defense down. If you take at a look here? When you put in Cable and Captain America, when you do your Co-op skill, Captain America is going to do his 4th skill which means he is going to fill in that 30% all defense down from your 4th skill which is fantastic.

Other than that, when it comes to the leadership, I actually used Ebony Maw for the 40% increase of Energy Attack and in addition to his uniform bonus. All right, let me show you? All right, the 25% of increase damage dealt to Universal characters. So this team-up is going to be one of the most effective ONESHOT combo for Cable. All right, so before we go into some gameplay, let?s quickly check out our build here. Well, we do have max Attack Speed, max Ignore Defense, and max Cooldown. And there?s like around 36 thousands of Energy Attack with Ebony?s leadership which is the 40% increase of Energy Attack. All the gears are at 25 with at least 2 five stars Energy Attack uru on each of the gear, and there?s like 1 Odin?s Blessings here. All the skillset here are maxed out. ISO set is Power of Angry Hulk ISO set (Stage 12 in effect).

And then as far as the custom gear goes? It?s not necessary for you to invest a Rage for Cable. A CTP of Energy is more than enough. So we have a 200% proc here, 24.8% of Ignore Dodge and 29.8% of Critical Damage which is not too bad but of course, if I can get the critical damage to above 35% would be even better so that I can maximize my Critical Damage here but it?s okay, the 200% proc is what we need the most. And then all the Cable uniforms are at Mythical level. So for the rotation, it?s more or less the same. Most of the time, you?re going to start with the Coop, then 3 and proc on 5. However, I believe that if you?re using the Summer Days uniform, it is going to be 3, Co-op and proc on 5.

So just the skill order is a bit different here so just pay attention to the later gameplay so that you won?t miss anything. All right guys, so that?s for the build and the ONESHOT guide for Cable. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and don?t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell and thank you for watching and I?ll see you in the next video. Enjoy the gameplay and take care..

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