CAN’T CLAIM 250 FREE POLYCHORON BONUS? Marvel’s Avengers Patch 1.3.1 Bugs Compensation


Marvels Avengers Patch 1.3.1 is out now friends, and I have to say that this is actually the first patch that managed to fixe some of the games bugs, although a lot more remain Along with the latest patch. Crystal Dynamics also decided to compensate us with some resources. As in 500, Uru and 250 Polychoron, which is quite nice as we all know, that Polychoron is a resource that slows us down in reaching Power Level 150. The funny thing is that the mechanic to claim the free Marvels Avengers Polychoron its well bugged, even though that this gift is part of a patch So lets see. If I can help you get it because I was stuck as well in claiming the free polychoron. First lets take a quick look at the official patch notes. Without going into details, we can see that developers awarded us 500 Uru and 250 Polychoron, because the Faction Missions and Villain Sectors were bugged for quite some time.

We can also see that these gifts can be claimed between Thursday September 24. At 10:00 AM PDT until Thursday October 1 at 10:00 AM PDT Or that we have 1 week to claim them, and to do that, we have to view one of our Challenge Cards to activate these rewards Good. So, following Crystal Dynamics: instructions, when you start the game, you should see these resources and gifts. The moment you login for the first time after the patch was installed, Just as you can see them on the right side of my screen.

The problem is that, after they appear on your screen, most likely they wont be transferred into your inventory. As you can see. Even after I check my Iron Mans Challenge Card following the developers instructions, the resources do not appear in my inventory. As a result, I still have 11 Polychoron. If this happens to you here is a small walkaround. You can try First of all switch your current character. You already know how to do this, so we wont go into detail Next travel to another hub. If you are in Ant Hill travel to Chimera, and vice versa, Third check with one of the faction representatives, such as Morales, and accept all daily missions and assignments And finally check your challenge card and scroll over all active challenges Now check your inventory, and hopefully you Will see that the free, Polychoron and Uru have been transferred, Just as you can see right now in my inventory,

Obviously, this walkaround may not work for everyone, but its still worth trying if you did not get them already and if its not working. Let me know in the comments section below and Ill do my best to help you So Ill see you soon guys and until next time, stay safe…

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