Hello, hello everyone, Vlad here and boy you?re in for a treat today because in this video, I?m going to show you the best Marvel?s Avengers Farming Method ever because this fast farm will allow you to get let?s say everything, the only exception being the Exotic Gear. So yeah, you will get unlimited Polychoron, infinite DNA Keys, and also unlimited fragments which in the end you?ll use to buy a crazy amount of Upgrade Modules. On top of that, you?ll be able to power level all your characters to 150 and also level cap your reputation with both factions in the game. So, make sure you watch the video until the end because this is going to be a step by step Marvel?s Avengers Fast Farm guide and you?ll want to follow all steps. Also, once you see this video, I?m pretty sure you?ll want to share this with your friends because they may need it too.

Right then, so let?s begin, again with some basic information that you should be aware of it. This farming method is using a glitch that was available before the patch 1.3.0 but it was fixed. The only difference is a tweak; however, I am expecting to see this patched next week, when I think a new patch will be released. So, starting right now, I suggest you stop everything you?re doing and take full advantage of this Marvel?s Avengers Fast Farming Method, because trust me you?ll need every single Polychoron and Upgrade Module you?ll get. Furthermore, you?ll also want to stock up on both of these resources for the upcoming characters such as Hawkeye who is going to be released next month. Good then, so let?s begin.

The first step or the first thing you?ll want to do is you exit the game if you are playing it right now. Next, you will want to go offline and you can simply do that by disconnecting from the internet or by pulling out the Internet Cable from your console. This step is mandatory and I am going to show you how to do this on PlayStation 4 because on PC and Xbox things are pretty much the same. So, on PlayStation 4, Go to Settings, Network, and uncheck the Connect to Internet Box. Good, now, start the game as usual and then start the Campaign. From here once the game loads head to one of the hubs. Ant Hill or Chimera. As you can see, I am playing Hulk, and I am in Ant Hill. Now, go to Sarah Garza and talk to her. When you do that, accept all of her daily missions and daily assignments. If you already completed them, that?s ok, because you can still use this Marvel?s Avengers Farm.

Next, head to the War Table and fast travel to the Helicarrier. Here you?ll want to check with Alisande Morales and accept all of her daily missions and daily assignments. Once you do that, the magic happens, and you will want to pause a bit and return to your dashboard on PlayStation 4 or Xbox. No need to close the game to do this. Go to Setting, Go to Date and Time, and then uncheck the Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically. You?ll do the same on Xbox and this step is also mandatory. Once you do that, go to the Date and Time setting and then hit Set Manually. Next, you want to reverse the time by 1 day and hit ok. On PC you can do this really fast by right-clicking on your clock in the lower right corner, then clicking on adjust date and time. Make sure you turn these two options off as they appear on my screen right now, then hit the Change Button. Select the previous day then hit Change. Now return to the game and talk to Alisande Morales again and accept all of her assignments. Now we are going to travel to Ant Hill again and to Sarah Garza who has a new set of assignments for us.

Accept all of them then turn back the time once more, and choose one day before the current date on your platform. From 26 go to 25 for example. Talk to Sarah Garza again for more assignments, then to Alisande Morales and keep doing this for as much as you want. The result will be an impressive amount of Villain Sector Missions and assignments you can complete in order to farm Polychoron. The beauty of this farming method is that the assignments stack and some of them will be similar so whenever you complete one, you?ll actually complete all similar assignments you have activated, so you?ll end up with infinite Marvel?s Avengers Polychorons.

But there is more than that because if you check your missions you?ll notice that you will have a lot of Taskmasters to kill, so you may want to complete these missions as well because as you know killing Taskmaster and sometimes Abomination will allow you to get DNA Keys and since you can do this for as much as you want, this means that you?ll get infinite Marvel?s Avengers DNA Keys.

Right? Now, using those DNA Keys you can open the DNA chests in Vault Missions which results in getting unlimited Upgrade Modules. But once you complete a faction mission or an assignment, you?ll also level up your factions and this results in getting even more polychoron, Upgrade Modules and Fragments and these fragments can be traded to obviously buy more Upgrade Modules. As I said this is an insane farming method in Marvel?s Avengers and you want to take advantage of it as of right now. Keep going for polychoron as much as you can, upgrade all the artifacts you have on your characters and then stock up because you?ll need even more polychoron in the future for the upcoming Marvel?s Avengers characters. They will have artifacts too! Awesome right? So do let me know guys how this works for you and as usual, if you have questions, let me know in the comments section below. Until next time, stay safe and have an amazing Sunday using this Marvel?s Avengers Fast Farm.

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