INFINITE UPGRADE MODULES & DNA KEYS GLITCH! Marvel’s Avengers Fastest Farm Exploit Post Patch 1.3.1


Hello, hello, everyone Vlad here and today I am going to show you the fastest and best Marvels, Avengers, Upgrade Modules, farming method, because a lot of you guys asked me to make an updated video for it Right. So welcome back and before we begin, let me tell you that this video is going to be a bit longer than the previous one, because we are going to use the same Marvels, Avengers, Glitch or Exploit. And since you guys asked me a lot of questions over the weekend, Ill also try to cover them and also run some tests Good.

So for those of you who watched the said video, you already know how it works, but since there are players who probably missed it here is what you need to do. This Marvels Avengers Exploit uses one of the oldest tricks in the gaming industry and some of you probably used it on other games. The idea is to disconnect from the internet and reverse your consoles internal clock. Simple. As that Now I am going to show you how its done on PlayStation 4 really quickly, If you want to know how it works on PC. In the comments section below youll find my comment pinned and a link to the previous video, in which I have explained in detail how its done

Furthermore, some people claim that this method cant be used on Xbox, because you cant change the time and date on Xbox. Yes, you can, and thanks to our new friend Lamare, you also have a link in the comments on how to do it. One thing that is: could stop you to use this Marvels. Avengers farming method is the fact that you are sharing your console, Make sure your Xbox is set as your home Xbox Good. So now that we clarified this issue, you guys had and reported on my previous video lets get to it. So the first thing we are going to do is to completely exit the game. Then, on PlayStation 4 we will go to settings network and then uncheck the Connect to the Internet box From here. We are going to start the game again and pick the Campaign.

Once we do that, we will talk to Alisande Morales onboard of Chimera and pick all of the Daily Missions and Daily Assignments she has available for us. Now we are going back to the dashboard back to settings and to date and time Here we will uncheck the Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically box and in the date and time settings we will set the date backward by one day, Never forward, because the Daily Missions and Daily Assignments may disappear, So move one day backward Once you do that return to the game, but keep in mind that you dont have to restart it. Just go back to the game and talk to Morales and activate the next set of Assignments and missions. Obviously, youll do the same with Garza at Ant Hill, and here we are going to pause a bit, because a lot of you asked me how many Assignments you can have active. At the same time, My friend BR1TISH_ LEGACY already answered that question in the previous video and the maximum number of active Assignments you can activate at the same time is 64 or 32 for each faction.

Now the idea behind this farming method is to complete these assignments by playing the Villain Sector Missions, As many as you can, because youll be able to farm polychoron, but for every Villain Sector. You complete youll, also receive a DNA Key And we will use these DNA Keys to farm Upgrade Modules. Now, as you can see, right now, I have 32 DNA Keys, which I have obtained from completing Villain Sectors And to get the most out of them. We are going to use the Elite Tundra Vault Mission to farm Upgrade Modules, but this time we are going to play on Brutal Difficulty. Why? Because of the difficulty, as I have explained, a lot of times now increases the quantity of loot from chests, Which means that for every DNA Strongbox you unlock on Brutal difficulty, you will get 15 Upgrade Modules. So why the Elite Tundra Vault? Because, although this is not a mandatory location, I use it a lot since I know where all DNA Chests are located and since I am ignoring all enemies, the whole process takes about 5 minutes with a flying character such as Thor or Iron Man.

Because there are 3 chests in this area, it means we can get 45 Upgrade Modules in 5 minutes or 9 Modules/Minute, And this is crazy because remember that I am fully ignoring all other chests, including the gold one which has modules and sits next to the second Dna Chest here, Obviously youll want to open that too. So simple math tells us that, with 32 DNA Keys we can get a maximum of 480 Upgrade Modules, but the best part is that we got those while farming polychoron, and that is the rarest material in Marvels. Avengers, Nice right Now. Another question that I received from you is: if you can go online after you get the daily Missions and Assignments. Yes, you can, but the idea of a farming method is to be fast, not to waste your time while waiting to matchmake Nothing happens. If you go online, except that whenever you want to get more daily missions and assignments, you will have to close to the game. Disconnect from the internet then return to the game and start over

This results in a lot of loading screens. Furthermore, if you decide to go online, just connect to the internet without turning on the Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically box, because if you do this, all missions and assignments you have activated will be removed Its normal, because the game will refresh its list. Finally – and I hope this answers another question you may have: yes, you can farm the DNA Chests both Online and Offline and you will not lose anything. You can see that right now I am connected to the internet and I still have the amount of Upgrade Modules.

I have gathered the DNA Keys, my skins and everything else And thats. It Just go offline farm polychoron by doing daily assignments and daily faction missions at the same time and youll get DNA Keys that will allow you to unlock the best strongboxes in the game which contain 15 Upgrade Modules each. Obviously, since you can get infinite faction, daily missions and daily assignments, it means that you can get infinite Marvels, Avengers DNA Keys, and these will lead to unlimited Marvels, Avengers Upgrade Modules.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you have other questions for me, I will be here waiting to answer all of them Until next time stay safe..,

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