Marvel Avengers Credits, Units & Hero Challenge Card Explained


Hi guys welcome to Marvel Avengers, today’s video is all about the different types of in game currencies and hero challenge card system. Starting off with the in game currency there are two types the first one is credits which is used in the online market place to purchase cosmetic items. You can get different kinds of outfits, nameplates, takedown animations and emotes using credits. So now how can you get these credits? you have two options either you can directly purchase them using real money or you can get them through the hero card challenges which I will talk in the later part of this video. The second type is Units which are used by in game vendors to purchase cosmetic items. You need to play through the campaign mode of the game to unlock these vendors or you can directly access them in the Avengers initiative mode. Even Units are used to purchase Outfits, nameplates and Emotes. You can get units randomly by unlocking chests in the game or you can get them through the hero challenge card.

Finally moving on to the hero challenge card system, it is nothing but a free battle pass which can be used to unlock 40 different kinds of rewards. Yes you heard that right it’s free that means it doesn’t matter if you have the standard or the deluxe edition everyone should have access to this. You can unlock Nameplates, Resource bundles, Credits, Units, Takedown Animations, Outfits & upgrade modules for free.

Hero challenge card is different than your character levels, Please don’t mix them up as you can see currently my character level is 5 but in the hero challenge card it is still on level 2. To progress through the hero challenge card you need to complete the daily and weekly challenges which appear below the hero card. I think you need an active internet connection for these, can someone please confirm in the comments, if we can access these challenges even without internet? Also remember that each and every hero has a different hero challenge card which means I can only use Kamala Khan to complete her daily and weekly challenges, If I use any other hero they will have their own set of challenges which would mark the progress for that specific hero challenge card. If you find any challenge which is difficult to complete then you can anytime refresh them for once and get a new challenge. Please let me know if you guys have any additional information about the in game currencies or the hero challenge card system. Thank you so much for watching, have fun collecting all these rewards bye..

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