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Marvel’s Avengers BACKUP SAVES! How To Replay Campaign Story Missions & Reroll Exotic Gear


Hello, what?s up guys, Vlad here with another game guide and a request I received from you in which we will talk about the Marvel?s Avengers PlayStation 4 Backup Saves. Now before we start; this video was requested by ParraNL from Amsterdam, the Netherlands (lovely city btw) who wants to know more about Backup Saving in Marvel?s Avengers. So, in this video, we will talk about this feature, and how you can use it in the game, and although you will see me doing it on PlayStation 4, it is quite similar on PC and Xbox One. So, this video will be divided into 3 small parts because I also want to show you two tricks you can do with the Marvel?s Avengers Backup Saves.

Good, so let?s dive in and clarify the first and most important aspect. In Marvel?s Avengers, you can?t create manual saves. Period. And by this, I mean that the game does not allow you to push a button to save your game. It is done automatically and that?s about it. Yes, I know it sucks, but even so, you can use the backup saves the game creates for you in order to reroll the exotic gear you get or to replay the game?s story. So, first of all, let?s take a look at this option in the game?s menu. As you can see here, this option can be accessed by pressing options on your PlayStation 4 controller, then by pressing options again, and then by visiting the Gameplay Tab.

When you do that, the Backup Saves line is not accessible. Why? Because you can only use it in the game?s menu. Which is unusual to start with. But it is what it is. So, we are going to press back and then exit to the main menu. When we do that you will see the main screen, and here we will move to settings again and now the Backup Saves option can be used. So, we will press change and see three save files. The first one over here is the current game progress and it is the one tracking what you are actually doing in the game every single day. It is the most important one. The second and the third are backup saves from an earlier time. What we need to see here are the dates and the actual times when the game was saved. These backup saves are also very important especially if you get stuck, because you can use them to reload your game from earlier times or before the bugs you have encountered.

Good then, so keep in mind the dates and now we are going back to our console?s dashboard. Here we will completely close the game, then navigate to settings and look for the application saved data management. We will pick the saved data in system storage, and then if we go to delete, for example, we can see the Marvel?s Avengers folder. We won?t delete anything though but just visualize the files. As you can see, we have 4 files. The first one is the profile data and this is the most important one. You will never move or delete this one. You can copy it but never delete it.

The next three, are save files and if you pay close attention you can actually see the dates and the times when they were created. So, the second file on the list is the active save, while the third and fourth are backup saves from earlier times. One thing I want to point out here is that the last two can be deleted if you want but the active file or the second file in this list should never be deleted as it will totally wipe your current progress. Which brings us to the first trick I want to show you. As I said this file or the active file is the one tracking your current progress. Deleting it will wipe everything you have done, but I will show you how to create a backup first, and for this, you need a pen drive or any other storage device. I am going to use an external hard drive which was formatted as exFAT.

So we are going to close the game, then navigate to Application Saved Data Management then to saved data in system storage, then copy to the USB storage device, and copy everything to the pen drive or any other external storage drive you use. As of right now, you have a stable backup for everything you have done in the game as you can see right here. Notice that all files are saved to our external storage. Good, so now we are going back to our system storage and we will delete all 3 saved files, but not the profile data. It is safe to do that because we already saved them on our external device. Now if we go back to the game and start it, you can see that we can replay the story since basically the game will start from 0. This is how you can replay the Marvel?s Avengers story and thanks to Crystal Dynamics we have no other option than this one. Good, so assuming you want to reverse the process and you want to go back to the end-game and get everything back you will close the application again and you will go back to Application Saved Data Management and copy the Saved Data on USB Storage Device back to your System Storage.

Obviously, you?ll want to overwrite everything and when you go back to the game, you?ll see that your progress has been restored. And that?s it; however, you can also move the saved files to reroll the exotics, and since I am pretty sure you already understood how it?s done let?s go quickly over it. So, here as you can see, we have the Gauntlet Mega Hive, or the hive with the best chances to get an Exotic Item. I have reached the second level in this huge hive, but you will do this on the last level. So basically, what you need to do, it to reach level 8 and before you start it, you will want to go back to the dashboard and backup the save as I have shown you. Then you will return to the game, finish the last level or Heroic Gauntlet Level 8 and see what you get.

If the item sucks, you will exit the game, copy the save file from your external drive, and replay the Heroic Gauntlet Level 8 for a new chance to get a different Exotic Item. If it sucks, you will repeat the same steps over and over because you already have a backup save before starting the Heroic Gauntlet Level 8 and you don?t have to repeat all previous levels. And that?s it.

That?s how you replay the Marvel?s Avengers story missions and that?s how you can use the saved files to reroll the exotics you get in the Heroic Gauntlet Hive. So I hope this video helped you understand the Backup Saves work and how you can Backup your progress safely in the game. Until next time, stay safe and as usual, have an amazing Sunday..

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