Marvel’s Avengers DNA Chests & DNA Keys | Where To Find & How To Unlock DNA Strongboxes


The Marvels, Avengers DNA Chests and Keys are some very interesting items in the beta version of the game and also the most underrated. If you ask me, because there is a lot of work involved in getting a DNA KEY and the rewards for well using that key to open a Marvels, Avengers DNA Chest are pretty awesome, Yet people dont actually care about them too much, Although they should So for Those of you who have just joined the Marvels Avengers Open Beta. I decided to put up this small guide in which we will cover the Marvels, Avengers DNA Keys and the Marvels Avengers DNA Strongboxes. So welcome back guys Vlad here with a new short and to the point Marvels, Avengers Game Guide in which we discuss DNA, Hidden, Chests and DNA Keys.

What are they, where can you find them, and what can you do with them? So lets start with the DNA Keys you can get in the Marvels Avengers Beta Here. Things are pretty easy, because the only way to get a DNA Key in Marvels, Avengers Game Beta, is by completing To Tame a Titan Villain Sector Mission. This means that, after you finish, the story in the beta youll have to go to the War Table and select the Pacific Northwest Area, then To Tame A Titan Mission.

Now, as you can see, the DNA Key is one of the rewards. Youll get for finishing the said mission. You dont have to look for it because its automatically added to your inventory once you complete all your assignments Since I dont want to spoil this mission. For you, I wont go into details, but after you finish the mission, if you open your inventory, you should see that youve got a DNA Key

Ok, so how do you use the DNA Key in Marvels, Avengers Beta? Well, you will have to find DNA Chests or DNA Strongboxes, And here things get a bit complicated because to do this, youll have to open the Secret Beta Mission. So your next step is to go back to the War Table and play the Stark Realities mission Again. It will be available after you finish all story missions in the beta, and here you can also farm epic and legendary gear, as you know, from my previous videos or the videos linked in the description. Your goal here is not to complete the mission but to find the secret Shield Strongbox, which contains a key. This is done by hugging the left side of the area and moving straight forward. The moment you reach the starting point For the sake of this video. I am using Iron Man and I ignore all enemies As you move towards the other side of the map, you should see a small radar appearing on your screen, Follow it and it will lead you to a small switch that unlocks a SHIELD bunker.

When you open the bunker, if you get inside just around the corner, youll find a very special strongbox which belongs to SHIELD Open it, and inside youll find a lot of goodies and also a Vault Key. As you can see, it doesnt appear in my case because I already have it and you cant carry more than one Good. So now we have a DNA Key and the Key that allows us to access the Secret Beta Mission So its time to get back to the Quinjet and from here, if you open your map, you will see a new location which is the Tundra Vault Secret Beta Mission, Keep in mind that once you play and finish this mission, youll have to get the Vault Key again Now, as I have told you in my previous videos, this is the best mission in the Beta, because there is a lot of loot you can find, and This mission takes place in the largest area available for us at this point.

Feel free to fully explore it and take your time with it because its pretty awesome. However, I will show you in this video where to find the DNA Chests From the starting location head forward until you get to the first gate and then once you reach the other side head slightly left and keep moving close to the mountain. Eventually youll reach. This small building, which, as you can see, is heavily protected To open the door. Youll have to press 4 switches or step on them. This small puzzle varies and is random. Once you hit all switches inside youll, find a gold chest and a DNA Chest

Lets check it out Really good stuff, as you can see, Ok, but there is another Marvels, Avengers DNA chest in this mission After you get this one exit the building and head right Keep moving until you see a tall structure On top of it, as you can See is the second DNA Chest, but unfortunately I only had one key. If you have two by finishing To Tame A Titan Mission twice, you can unlock both of them.

Obviously, these chests are worth keeping an eye on and even though there are only two in the beta, you can expect way more in the final game And thats it. I hope you guys find this small guide useful, so stay safe have fun, and if you have questions about the Marvels, Avengers DNA Chests and DNA Keys, let me know in the comments section below..

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