Marvel’s Avengers FAST LEVELING UP PROPERLY | How To Farm XP Points Really Fast


What is the fastest Marvels, Avengers, Leveling Up method Or how to level up fast in Marvels, Avengers video game? Yes guys! This is what I am going to show you in this video that I am pretty excited to share with you, because there is a lot of info we need to cover, So welcome back guys to a new Marvels, Avengers guide, which is also the last Im going To upload today, and once you learn how to maximize the level of your Avengers or how to fast level in Marvels Avengers, we will talk about the real deal And by this I mean builds Or the advanced way to play, Marvels Avengers

But before doing that, youll need to reach the level cap on your Avengers. So lets begin with the most basic info, Whats the best place to level up fast in Marvels, Avengers. Well, a lot of people will tell you that is the first Harm Room on Chimera or Helicarrier, But this is actually true up to one point which Im going to demonstrate shortly Because in fact its not When can you level up Truth be told you can do This the moment you unlock the Harm Rooms So very early in the game. You can start farming XP and reach the maximum level or the level cap which is 50 in Marvels Avengers. At this point, Do you need special equipment to farm Marvels? Avengers experience? No, you dont, but better equipment makes the whole process a lot faster, while artifacts such as the Norn Stone of Golden Gifts, you see right now, will help you farm even more Marvels. Avengers experience points.

One thing to note here is that this Marvels, Avengers Artifact grants XP gains from all sources, and you should not confuse it with those Artifacts that grant XP towards the Inhuman Faction or Shield This artifact can be bought or found. Obviously, if you have two youll farm, XP even faster, and there are artifacts that are way better than this Good …. So how do you farm XP in Marvels Avengers, Simply by playing the first Harm Room Challenge on the easy difficulty? At this point, you most likely ask yourself why on easy difficulty, The answer is simple, Because the difficulty level wont affect the XP you get. But there is one aspect I want to share with you, and this was missed by all other YouTubers, The difficulty level. Doesnt matter because it simply affects the quality of the loot, The power level can also be scaled to be under your level by changing the difficulty

So what is the catch? The catch is that the enemy type matters – And here comes our little experiment and something that nobody ever told you about until know Simply put this little robot over here will always drop fewer experience points than this big guy, Its normal. Yet all YouTubers missed this, And here is our experiment. If we play the first two waves in the first HARM ROOM on easy, we get a small amount of experience, but if we play the last fifth HARM ROOM, as you can see, we get wayyyyy more. But most people forget that enemy types play a crucial role Funny right. So what is the fastest method to level up in Marvels Avengers? Initially, it is the first Harm Room, but if you have a decent party well equipped that can do a lot of damage. Youll get way more experience by playing the fifth room on easy. This means that the fastest Marvels, Avengers leveling up method depends on your character. If you have only started the game, stick to the first room, but if you already equipped your characters properly and you are playing with your friends and they know what to do, you may want to try the final Harm Room.

And now before wrapping this up here is a master tip for lazy gamers. If you are not in the mood to grind Marvels Avengers experience, you can just start the first Harm Room and then move away in a corner and wait for your team to deal with the enemies. Youll still ger experience, while watching TV or doing anything else, Pretty cool right And thats it. I hope you guys understood how leveling up actually works and why this is the best Marvels, Avengers, fast, leveling method to date. If this video helped you, let me know in the comments section below and until next time, stay safe,

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