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If youre trying to increase your Marvels, Avengers Power Level fast or if you want to reach the Marvels, Avengers 150 Power Level or the Level Cap on a hero, then you should be ready for a pretty long journey, because, although it seems easy to do in fact, Is not So welcome back guys to a new Marvels, Avengers Game Guide, but this time we will talk about the Power Level in Marvels Avengers and how to increase it. There are a lot of tips and tricks. I want to share with you in this video, so I suggest you pay close attention to it and also watch it until the end, because I am pretty sure it will help you a lot while playing the Marvels, Avengers video game on PlayStation 4 Xbox, One and Pc

Simply because there is a lot of info that the game doesnt tell you, So let us dive in and try to understand how to get to Marvels, Avengers Power Level 150 Fast, but smart. The first thing we need to clarify here is that the Marvels, Avengers Power Level of a hero and the actual level of the same hero have nothing in common, meaning that there are two different things. The Marvels, Avengers Character Level is used only to unlock new skills And thats about it. Since I already uploaded a Marvels, Avengers Farming method for Experience, you can use it to get to level 50 really fast, But the Power Level in Marvels Avengers is the one that actually matters the most as it determines the damage. Your Avenger inflicts his resistance and everything in between Simply put a level 50 Marvels Avengers character with 20 power is way weaker than a level 2 Marvels Avengers character with 40 power, because even though the first one can do a lot of tricks, the second one is Stronger

Good Now that we clarified this aspect, the second one I really need you to understand is that the difficulty of a mission you are playing does not determine the Marvels, Avengers Gear Power Level of the items you find, And this is really important, especially if you want To get to Level 150 fast Developers clearly outlined that the difficulty of a mission affects the quality of the items you get and the quantity of the materials Again simply put. If you are playing on a high difficulty level, hoping to get your Marvels Avengers 150 Gear Power Level fast, you are just tormenting yourself and wasting your time in the process, because the only thing that determines how fast you level up your gear power level is, in Fact you

Waitwhat, Yes, you are the one who determines how fast you level up the power level, because the items you loot will always have a power level really close to your total power. Regardless of the difficulty, You will get better items on high difficulty levels, but by better items we talk rarity represented by colors items with better perks. You can see here and better stats. The power levels, however, will always be close to your playing characters. This means that farming legendary gear over and over again without increasing your power level, will get you nowhere. So you can forget about playing the game on the highest difficulty until you reach a certain level, But before doing that, lets talk about how to level up your Marvels, Avengers Power Level Fast.

Obviously, you already know your Marvels Avengers Character, Power Level. Is this number over here, which is determined by the combined power level of your gear? So, in order to increase the total Power Level of a Character, you have to increase the power level of each piece of gear. Since you already know that the difficulty level does not affect the power level of the gear, you loot, obviously the fastest way to get new gear is to keep playing missions on easy difficulty. But those missions must include a lot of enemies and a lot of loot. This means that Vaults and Hives are the best locations to grind upgrade materials and gear Again on Easy difficulty at first. So right now we know the locations and the difficulty you need to play on. But how do you actually increase it fast By totally disregarding the rarity of an item until you reach a certain level which we will discuss in a couple of seconds?

Yes to level up as fast as possible, you need to disregard the quality of an item. Instead focus on a single aspect That items power level, The higher it is the better, And here you will have to rely on mathematics and to help you. We will take a closer look at two low-level pieces of gear. As you can see on my screen right now. We have two different pieces of gear, A legendary on the left side and a rare gear on the right side. Both of them have not been upgraded, but we can see their potential. The legendary has a level 21 and can be upgraded 10 times, which means that the maximum power level it can reach is 31. The rare one on the right side has a potential of 29 because it is a level 24 item that can be upgraded 5 times.

Now pause the video and tell me which one is better in terms of power level Or if you want to level up faster, Obviously the yellow one right, Yes, thats. What a lot of YouTubers will tell you And thats what you may think, but the problem here is that leveling up your power level faster, is not the correct way to play the game. You need to level up smart. So if we level up the legendary, we will reach level 31 on this item and lose a lot of materials in the process.

Once we play the next mission, chances are that we will find a level 32 item and even if its a common one, it will be better than the legendary item we just upgraded. This means that, since our goal is to level up faster, the legendary is useless because we need the green one. So if your answer was, the legendary is better than you were right only until the next mission, The blue one is better because it allows us to increase the level of our gauntlets by 3 levels without upgrading it, which means that we saved the upgrading materials in The process Good then, so what we can learn from this experiment is that, in order to level up faster, we always need to look at the power level potential of an item. However, things are not that simple, Because to increase the power level of an item, you need a lot of resources And these resources are extremely important later. So, while the fastest way to increase the power level is to constantly upgrade your gear, the smart way is to not level it up more than necessary And when I say necessary, I mean to stop leveling your gear. The moment you unlock all of its perks,

Because those perks will help you during the game. Why? Because of the crafting materials youll waste? Let me explain this again really quickly. If you level up a piece of legendary early in the gamelets, say at level 21 like this one.youll waste, a lot of resources and after you reach the maximum level, which is 31 in this case, the moment your total power level gets to lets, say level 31. This legendary will be useless to you and your materials are gone Because youll start finding level 32 items and youll have to replace it Makes sense. It does and you will need these materials starting Power Level. 130.

Now, before we continue, here is what you should know: The maximum gear power level youll be able to find in the game is 130. So when you get close to this number, youll have to start looking at that gears, stats, perks and rarity. These items can be obtained even if youre playing on easy but items with better stats drop on higher difficulties And thats. When you are in the END GAME. As Doctor Strange would say, And once you find an item with a power level of 130, that its worth investing in youll need to upgrade it. Hence you will need the materials youve just wasted by upgrading the low-level gear Thats, why you need to increase your Marvels, Avengers Power Level smart by not upgrading your gear more than needed And now lets take a closer look at my Thor Again. We will not talk about quality but gear power levels, As you can see here. My Thor has a total power level of 144. How did I get to this number By upgrading the level 130 items that start dropping as you level up your power level?

This item over here has been upgraded 10 times, and what this tells us is the maximum level. An item can reach in Marvels. Avengers is 140, So when you get to 130 youll start looking at stats and invest in those items that actually worth it Good. So once you start leveling all 130 level items which is really hard, if you have wasted your materials early in the game to fast level, youll get close to 150, but youll still need few levels. How do you get those By leveling, your artifact And thats, where the game stops you from fast leveling, Because to level up your artifacts youll need tons of polychoron, which is not hard to get, but youll need to play. A lot Lets talk about the Marvels Avengers Polychoron a bit before ending this guide. To get it, you have two options By completing faction daily assignments such as those you get from Ant Hill or Chimera, or by leveling up your challenge card.

There is no other way and when you start upgrading your Marvels, Avengers Major Artifacts, the amount of Polychoron you need will grow with each level, And that is what you need to know as early as possible. So lets make a small summary now. First, the best way to level up your power level is by not upgrading your gear more than you need to activate its perks, because once you reach level 130, you will need the materials to upgrade the legendary items to level 140. Second, a green item can be way better than a legendary item when it comes to leveling your power level. Third, you dont need to play the game on hard. Easy difficulty is recommended until you reach power level, 130 Thats, when you should increase your games difficulty. So you can get better quality loot, including the Marvels, Avengers exotic gear. Fourth, save your Polychoron until you unlock all artifacts by completing all main and side missions, the last one being the Darkhold

And fifth: save your Marvels Avengers Upgrade Modules, because youll need all of them later in the game Ill make a guide on how to get these next. So when someone tells you that leveling up your Marvels, Avengers Power Level fast, is great. Tell him what you have learned from this video, because in fact it is the worst thing you can do and youll waste a lot of time later, Oh and dont forget that you need to power level all your characters to level 150, which makes all the information You received from this video even more important, So I hope you guys understood how the Marvels Avengers Power Level works and if you have questions, let me know in the comments section below Until next time: stay safe..,

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