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There?s a lot of Marvel’s Avengers Chests you can find while exploring the game?s world but when it comes to rarity the Gold Chests in Marvel’s Avengers game, are the best, and also harder to get than the regular chests Jarvis displays on your HUD. And in this video, I?m going to tell you everything you need to know about the Marvel’s Avengers Golden Chests because three of them can be found while playing the game?s beta and most likely more of them can be found in the final game. So welcome back friends, Vlad here with a new Marvel’s Avengers game guide in which we discuss loot and puzzles, and I hope you?ll enjoy this one and continue your support on my videos by subscribing and hitting the like button because it truly helps this channel grow. Back to our Chests in Marvel’s Avengers video game for PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC, if you played the beta then you already know that there?s a lot of them and you can get materials and gear simply by opening them.

They have different colors depending on how important they are, and we also have SHIELD Chests that are secret and the DNA Chests that require specific keys. The Marvel’s Avengers SHIELD Chests contain Vault Keys and grant access to the SHIELD Vaults like to one we have discussed yesterday. If you missed that video it is linked in the description. The Marvel’s Avengers DNA Chests are also one of a kind and I?ll cover them in another video because to open these, well you?ll need keys. So, the Marvel’s Avengers Gold Chests are the next in line and while playing the Marvel’s Avengers game beta on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, you?ll be able to open three of them in three different missions. Why are these Gold Marvel’s Avengers Chests so important? Because they offer better loot than regular chests and because you can open them after you finish a small puzzle. Before I show you the locations of the three Marvels Avengers Beta Gold Chests and how to get them, you should know that although the locations of these chests don?t change, the puzzle you?ll need to solve to get them, do.

This means that in this video I am going to help you solve three puzzles for three chests and while the locations are the same, the riddles you?ll have to complete may be different. But if you need help while playing the beta, or the final game, my PlayStation ID is in the description. So, let?s begin with the chest that can be found while playing Enter The Avengers Mission. This one is found inside the AIM Base you?ll have to clear and it is behind this large yellow door you?ll need to open. On the left and right sides, you can see four lights that mark four different switches you?ll need to find and activate.

These are located in my case behind some vents. The first one is on the right side of the door, and the second one is in the corner opposed to the same door. Then, we have another one in the upper corner as you can see, and the final one at the end of the corridor close to the door we need to open to progress through this mission.

In this scenario the goal is simple. Shoot the switches and the door opens, but once you shoot the first one, an invisible timer starts. The good thing about this puzzle is that the timer is rather long and as you can see, I am moving pretty slow. All characters in the game can destroy these switches by using their weapons such as Black Widow?s handguns or by throwing objects like Hulk. Once you activate all switches, you?ll hear a distinctive sound which means that the door opened and you can go inside to get all goodies in the gold chest. The second Golden Chest in Marvel’s Avengers Beta is found while playing the Snowy Tundra Secret Mission and without going into details; if you don?t know how to unlock this secret mission, you?ll find my guide in the description below.

As you can see the scenario is similar meaning that there are four switches you?ll have to activate. Two of them are above the door and two behind the building. When they turn green, the door opens and inside you?ll find a DNA chest and also the Golden Chest. Now, and I kept this one the last because it?s also the best we have the Golden Chest from To Tame A Titan mission and this one requires a lot of attention.

Basically, if you press Up on your D-Pad when you enter the large AIM Base, you?ll see Jarvis marking its location somewhere below your level. But how do you get there? Well, again you need to find four switches but you?ll need to step on them. When you get to the round large hall like the one in my video, you should see the wires that connect a secret round door on the floor to the actual switches. To do this press up on the D-Pad again. To make this video easy to follow I already activated them, so you can see the chest. Here are their locations. The first one is next to the round door, and the second one is in the room nearby where you should sew two reactors.

The last two are in the rooms on the other side of the corridor. Keep in mind that you need to step on them or shoot them and you?ll have to move it really fast because there is a timer that activates once you step on the first one. Also, this scenario may be different than in your game because these puzzles are randomly generated. Once you step on all 4 switches, the secret door opens and all you have to do is to shoot the glass and drop inside the hidden room. As you can see this area has more than one chest and also a lot of resources you can loot. But here is the Golden Chest we are looking for. Now, before I end this video let me remind you that the locations of the Marvel’s Avengers Golden Chests do not change, but the puzzles will. In my video, you can see three scenarios that I have experienced. Also, if you want to find all Marvel’s Avengers Gold Chests when the full game releases, subscribe to my channel as I will have a guide for you that I am pretty sure it will help you find them faster.

Last but not least if you enjoyed this video make sure you press the like button and I?ll see you soon with another Marvel’s Avengers game guide in just a couple of hours. Until then, stay safe.  .

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