Marvel’s Avengers How To Complete StarkTech Outfit Assignment


Hey Guys, Welcome to Marvel Avengers. If you are stuck at the ?StarkTech Outfits Assignment? and don?t know how to complete it, then don?t worry I have an easy way to get this done. Just to go the war table, now ideally all the story campaign missions are marked with an Avengers symbol. But on the war table as you can see there is none. There is a good chance that most of us might have missed the Avengers icon on the left hand side, just hover over it and you will get the details of this assignment. You can also find details of this assignment in the objectives menu. There are total there objectives that needs to be completed to complete this assignment. Number one, Harvest one Energy Amplifier from fallen Prime Synthoids. All you need to do is kill a Prime Synthoid to get the energy amplifier. If you don?t know what a Prime Synthoid is then just go to the collections menu and open up the codex section. The first entry would provide you information about all the Synthoids that you must have unlocked so far.

This is how a prime synthoid looks like. Second Objective is to harvest two Optic Decoders from fallen Riotbots. You need to kill two riotbots to get these optic decoders. Once again if you don?t know what a riotbot is just go to the codex section and check the third entry of the first row. Final Objective is to harvest 20 memory chips from Fallen Synthoids. You need to kill 20 Snythoids to get these memory chips and I think you know what to do if you don?t know how a Synthoid looks. To complete all these 3 objectives in single go select the Utah Badlands region and start the Rocket?s Red Glare Iconic mission of Captain America.

You would get enough synthoids, Prime Synthoids and Riotbots to kill in this mission. Once you begin don?t directly rush towards the main objective, instead go towards the vault to the right side, there you can find two Prime Synthoids. Also you have to land the final blow to kill them or else you won?t get the amplifiers if they are killed by any of your companion heroes. The same rule applies to the other two objectives as well. Once you have collected the energy amplifier just proceed with the main objective until you are requested to hack the servers, where you have to capture and hold servers until Jarvis hacks them. Here you have to keep an eye out for the Riotbots they appear once the hacking progress crosses the 50% mark. Kill them and get your optic decoders. Finally for the memory chips you can find a lot of synthoids all over the map, you need to kill 20 of them to get these memory chips.

Once this is done complete this mission and on the mission summary screen you have the option to continue campaign. Thank you so much watching, bye..

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