Marvel’s Avengers HulkBuster | How To Give It To Another Player | Iron Man Tips & Tricks


Giving Iron Mans Hulkbuster to another team-mate is one of the craziest things you can do while playing Marvels, Avengers Game Beta and honestly. I would like to see this feature in the final game as well, because I had a lot of a great time doing it and its pretty fun to watch lets, say Black Widow using the huge mech. So in this short video I am going to show you guys how to do that, even though I am sure that some of you already know this, but we need to remember that a lot of players will get into the open Marvels Avengers beta this weekend, which Means that they may want to learn how to do this as well Before we begin a huge shoutout to my team-mate GunzOfJudgement, who helped me record this video, as he is the one who controls the Hulkbuster and the sexy Black Widow. You can find a link to his channel named Difference Too Stoned in the description below in case. You are interested in some crazy rap stuff. Pretty interesting. If you ask me, Ok so back to our Iron Mans Hulkbuster skill, which in case you did not know, allows you to call the mighty Hulkbuster while playing as Iron Man,

Now the interesting fact that Id like to mention is that, if you play with AI-controlled teammates, they will never do this trick, so you may want to use a team of human-controlled Avengers. So how do you do this? Well, its pretty simple When playing as Iron Man. The first thing you want to do is to wait until you Hulkbuster activates, So keep an eye on this helmet icon over here. It takes some time to recharge, but once it does youll be able to call in the Hulkbuster

Now, normally, if you press L1 and R1 on your PlayStation 4 controller, the Hulkbuster will fall from the sky on top of you and Tony will instantly get inside. But the trick is that you can deploy the Hulkbuster anywhere on the battlefield. How Simply by holding down the L1 and R1 buttons until you see this blue circle on the ground, Using the right, thumbstick move it around the battlefield and then release the L1 and R1 on your controller for the Hulkbuster to deploy at the marked location? Once you do that inform your team-mate that the Hulkbuster is ready for use and if he gets behind the large mech he will be able to get inside simply by pressing square on his controller. Just like I did with my friend GunzOfJudgement over here And thats. It Thats how you do it, however, keep in mind that in the beta there is a small bug – and you wont be able to do this as Hulk, because your game will crash

Most likely because of Hulks size, You can do this, though, as Kamala Khan and Black Widow Trust me its really fun to do Great. So I hope you guys enjoyed this short Marvels, Avengers Game Guide and if you did make sure you subscribe, because this is only the tip of the iceberg and also dont forget to watch my next video because Ill explain how to get some exclusive nameplates for free Until next time stay safe..

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