Marvel’s Avengers ICONIC MISSIONS FACTION XP | Inhuman Alliance & SHIELD Assignments Explained


Not getting any Marvel?s Avengers Faction XP in order to complete the Iconic Missions? No worries guys, because I am here to help you with this small problem some of you have encountered and reported it to me. So, welcome back friends and Avengers, Vlad here with the second video for today, out of a total of 4, I am going to upload in order to help you guys as much as possible, the last one being a sweet fast leveling up method I want to share it with you.

So, stay close if you want to know how it?s done, but before talking about that, let?s see why you don?t get any Faction XP points when playing the Marvel?s Avengers Iconic Missions. For this example and video, we will be focusing on The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Iconic Mission you see on my screen right now. As you can see, this mission requires 1000 Inhuman Alliance Faction XP that we can earn by completing Inhuman Alliance Assignments.

The Marvel?s Avengers Inhuman Alliance Assignments can be activated daily by talking to Sarah Garza in Ant Hill outpost. If you don?t know how to reach this location, the previous video I have uploaded will teach you just that and you can find the link in the description below. Good, so let?s pick the Conquer War Zones: Assignment which will bring us 200 Inhuman Alliance Faction XP. Next, let?s go to the War Table and select Exo Hydraulics Foundry War Zone because it?s pretty short and it will only take several minutes to complete. Don?t worry as I am not going to show the whole mission because I want to keep this video to the point and not waste your time. But once we finish the mission, if we check the assignments tab, we can see that this Marvel?s Avengers Inhuman Alliance Assignment has been removes, which means that now we should get 200 Inhuman Alliance Faction Experience Points. Furthermore, if we go back to Sarah Garza this Assignment has been completed, since it is marked on her list. Right, but when we open the missions tab, we can see that The Magnificent Ms.

Marvel Iconic Mission shows us that we did not earn any XP towards this objective. So, what went wrong here? The answer is simple. We have played this mission as Thor instead of Kamala Khan. So, first, let?s use the Hero Terminal and switch to Kamala Khan because it?s her iconic mission. Now, let?s do this again and go back to Sarah Garza. Since we need 1000 XP Points, we will pick two very easy assignments.

The first one is called Vanquish Melee Attacks and requires us to defeat 40 enemies with melee attacks, and the second one is called Vanquish Ranged Attacks, and requires us to defeat 40 enemies with ranged attacks. Good, so where do we complete these faster? In the Harm Room on easy difficulty because the difficulty doesn?t affect anything but the loot. And there is no loot in the Harm Room. First, as you can see, I have focused on the melee attacks and the assignment is complete. Next, we have the ranged attacks and by the end of this mission, both assignments have been complete. Now, if we check our mission tab, we can see that I?ve got 400 points for this Iconic mission. And that?s it. The trick? Both Inhuman and Shield Factions XP points you need for the Marvel?s Avengers Iconic Missions must be earned by playing with the corresponding hero. You won?t get Marvel?s Avengers Faction XP for Captain?s America Iconic Mission if you?re playing with other characters than Captain America. I hope this video helped you guys, and if you have questions let me know in the comments section below.

Also, don?t forget to check my channel later today for a fast-leveling method in Marvel?s Avengers and until next time, stay safe..

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