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Marvel’s Avengers Nameplates | How To Unlock 6 New, Free & Exclusive Bonuses


Square Enix just released a new set of 6 Marvel?s Avengers exclusive nameplates designed by Marvel Games artists and trust me they are so good, that you don?t want to miss them. Seriously. They are amazing. So, hello again Marvel?s Avengers fans, Vlad here with a new short tutorial in which I?m going to show you how to claim 6 new Marvel?s Avengers nameplates for your heroes. These nameplates are one of a kind and you should get them really fast. The good thing about them is that you don?t need access to the game to claim these, but the bad thing is that you won?t be able to see them until the final beta becomes available on August 21 or three days from now. Good, so let?s see what Square Enix wants us to do in order to unlock these. The first thing is to go to the Square Enix Avengers website and well create an account in case you don?t have one yet.

The link you?ll need to register is in the description. Then, you will have to link your gaming platform on which you?re playing Marvel?s Avengers to your Square Enix Account. This can be done by clicking on your profile in the upper right corner, and then on linked accounts. As you can see here, I have my PlayStation account linked. Good, so now that everything is in order, we need to go to the Avengers page on Square Enix. Again, the link is in the description. And here as you can see, we need to complete several actions. The first one grants us an exclusive Thor Nameplate just by creating an account on Square Enix.

For Kamala?s nameplate, all you have to do is to click claim and then subscribe to Square Enix?s newsletter. For Hulk?s Nameplate once you click claim you?ll open a new window and you?ll be asked to log in to your twitch account and follow Crystal Dynamics on Twitch. This action takes only 3 clicks but you?ll need to authorize Gleam to your Twitch account. Next, we have Iron Man?s Nameplate which requires you to subscribe to the official Marvel’s Avengers YouTube Channel. If you are already subscribed click the blue button you see on the screen and that?s it. Moving on we have the Black Widow Nameplate and for this one, you?ll need to follow the official Marvel’s Avengers Twitter Channel. Again, click on claim reward, then connect your Twitter account and grant permission to the app. Last but not least, we have the Captain America Nameplate which requires you to visit the official Marvel’s Avengers Facebook Page. Click the blue-button which opens a new window where you should see the Marvel’s Avengers Facebook Page. You don?t have to like the page if you don?t want to.

Just visit it. And that?s it. You got all of them as you can see here. Before we wrap this up here is what you should know. The earliest you?ll see these nameplates in the game is the open beta which starts this Friday, on August 21. Next, if you claimed all of them, then they will transfer to the final game as well. And finally, yes you will need accounts on all major social media platforms to get them. You can?t claim all of them without those. Simply put you can?t claim the Captain America Nameplate without a Facebook Account.

So, start creating those if you want these amazing Marvel?s Avengers exclusive nameplates. And that?s it. Now all that?s left to do is to wait for the open beta to start in order to use them, but in case you encounter difficulties in claiming them, let me know in the comments section below, and I?ll do my best to help you. Also don?t forget to subscribe because I have more Marvel?s Avengers guides for you and until next time, stay safe..

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