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Marvel’s Avengers NEW CHARACTERS LEAKED VOICE LINES! Upcoming Content & Heroes


The upcoming Marvel?s Avengers game characters can?t get here any sooner and while we are waiting for the next one, several audio files have been leaked and they kinda reconfirm some of the characters we already know about but also introduce new ones. One in particular that I?m really excited to play as and I am going to tell you in a second why. So welcome back friends to another video but this one is not a game guide, but more of a Marvel?s Avengers news type of video in which we will discuss some of the upcoming content or characters we can expect. And some of them have already been leaked by data miners a couple of months ago, while others have been confirmed by developers. But on top of that, we have a series of audio files that you?ll get to hear in a couple of seconds. These files have been leaked on various social media websites and although we won?t actually hear the voices of the upcoming Marvel?s Avengers characters, we can hear the current characters calling their names. And let me tell you that these leaked voice lines are really cool.

So, let?s start with the first one because it needs no introduction. Nice right? This voice line is actually a sneak-peak on how the NPCs will address Spider-Man which we all know that it is a Marvel?s Avengers PlayStation 4 exclusive character. But the next one is even better. Now as you probably noticed these specific voice lines re-confirm She-Hulk who was already somehow introduced by Crystal Dynamics in the CG Trailer that was released one day before the early access. But now these voice lines allow us to hear Thor, Captain America, and other avengers greeting Jennifer Susan Walters or She-Hulk.

We do know that she will most likely be released this year, but the exact date remains unknown for now. Next, we have a small voice line belonging to Captain America greeting another Avenger that I am pretty sure will get you even more excited. Although it is a very short greeting, is clear that Cap is welcoming Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel who, again will be released in the future. And finally, we have the fourth leaked voice line in which our Avengers greet a very old friend of ours.

Yes, friends, it seems that James Buchanan Barnes, or the Winter Soldier is closer than we think and honestly, I can understand Thor?s excitement because the Winter Soldier is one of the new Marvel?s Avengers characters, I can wait to try for two reasons. First, because I am expecting to see a character with an interesting move set and some bigger ranged weapons than those that Black Widow is currently using. And second because in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films the Winter Soldier was played by Sebastian Stan who is a Romanian actor. Now although I do know that there is no connection between the Winter Soldier from the movies and the one from the Marvel?s Avengers game seeing the Winter Soldier in the video game, brings back a lot of memories such as this sequence from Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Sebastian was in the capital of my country looking to buy some plums. If you watch the movie again, you?ll actually hear him speaking Romanian.

So as you can see friends the Marvel?s Avengers roster is growing bigger and bigger and alongside Black Panther, Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, Spider-Man and She-Hulk, it seems that Captain Marvel and Winter Soldier are ready to join us as well. Thoughts? Do let me know friends what Marvel?s Avengers characters you want to see in the game and until next time stay safe..

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