Marvel’s Avengers PATCH 1.3.3 FARMING WORKS! Huge Nerf On Upgrade Modules & Infinite Polychoron


Hello, what?s up everyone Vlad here; and boy did I wake up with a lot of comments from you, friends regarding the Marvel?s Avengers Patch 1.3.3. And I really answered all of you guys because some players started to freak out regarding the Hulkbuster Upgrade Modules Farming that was patched. Hence, I decided to create this video to update you guys and share some very good news and some good news and well some other news.

So, first, let?s talk about the Marvel?s Avengers Farming Method you guys used in the past to get a lot of Upgrade Modules for your high-level gear. Yes, it was patched and it is not working anymore. But although you may be disappointed, there is no need and I am going to explain why. Because the latest Marvel?s Avengers Patch even though it patched the farming method you guys loved, also made a major change. Most likely you?ll notice it today. And this change, I have to say it?s really smart because developers also nerfed the amount of Upgrade Modules you?ll need. So basically, even though the Upgrade Modules are still important, you?ll need less to get your high-level gear to Power Level 140.

And for this, I have prepared a small demonstration. Notice this piece of legendary gear. The first upgrade costs 3 Upgrade Modules and it increases as we upgrade it. To finish the upgrade, I needed exactly 77 Modules, which is definitely, a small amount compared to the 128 Upgrade Modules we needed in the past. And this is the very good news I wanted to share with you especially because you guys watched my video in which I have explained why you should never fast power level your characters. And because of that video hopefully, you guys managed to save Upgrade Modules. But let?s assume you did not saw it or you still need upgrade modules.

Well here comes the good news. Although Patch 1.3.3 was released with a fix for the Upgrade Modules farm, it did not fix the polychoron farm which is hilarious in my opinion because not only you can still use it, but you will be able to farm polychoron even faster. And that?s not all, because if you remember, again from my previous video on how to farm polychoron in Marvel?s Avengers, whenever you use that farming method, along with polychoron you get DNA Keys. This means that as long as you can farm DNA Keys you can farm DNA Chests and thus Modules. Yes, it is not as fast as the previous method, obviously but simple math tells us that with around 5 DNA Keys you get simply while farming polychoron you?ll be able to fully upgrade a piece of high-level gear from 130 to 140.

And again, let?s see if this still works without going into details and what has changed. So, as you can see here, I am playing offline, meaning that if I go to PlayStation 4 settings my connection to the internet was closed. Now, again we will reverse the time one day simply by going to Date And Time, unchecking the Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically and then in the Date and Time Setting, we will set the date to the previous day.

Now, back to Chimera we can see that developers added the Remote Faction Terminals, which are great because they will save us a lot of time, since those annoying loading screens have been removed. So, once we reverse the time, we will visit both terminals, pick all assignments and Villain Sector Missions. Let?s do this again, two more times. As you can see, I ended up with a lot assignments and Villain Sectors. Remember that you can?t have more than 64 Assignments at the same time. So, this farming method still works. Now, we will play a Villain Sector as usual on easy, and after we deal with Taskmaster, we have a chance to get on DNA Key from him and another DNA Key as a guaranteed reward for completing the mission. And the next step is as usual to play the Elite Tundra Vault Mission on brutal and get all DNA Chests there. As I said I won?t go over that again, because most likely you saw that video already; and if not, I?ll post the links in the comments below.

Now, once we get all 4 DNA chests, we will end up with 60 Modules from those alone, which is more or less the amount we spent to upgrade our legendary gear. So as you can see we still have a valid method to farm Upgrade Modules Post Patch 1.3.3 in Marvel?s Avenger, and because developers decreased the number of Modules we needed to upgrade our gear, they actually made our job a lot easier. Nice right? And that?s it, guys. Simply farm polychoron to get the DNA Keys because you can still do that, then use those DNA Keys for the chests as we did in the past and I am pretty sure you won?t need to look for more Upgrade Modules anymore.

Provided you spend them wise that is ?)) So, I hope that as usual, I managed to help you guys and I also want to remind you that starting today, videos on Marvel?s Avengers will slow down a bit as I am getting ready for Watch Dogs Legion and a new video game I am really excited about that it?s going to be released in December.

I will still upload more Marvel?s Avengers guides, news and obviously farming methods, tips, and tricks, though, but for now, we need to wait for the next content update. So stay safe, have fun and I?ll see you all soon!.

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