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Shrinking enemies in Marvel?s Avengers is by far the funniest thing you can do when dealing with AIM forces and mobs, and also a very effective way to deal increased damage to your enemies, because the moment you shrink an enemy, a debuff is applied on your target reducing its defense. So, in this video guys, we will talk about Marvel?s Avengers Pym Particles! What are they, and what they do? This is a beginner?s guide because we are playing the Marvel?s Avengers Beta and some features are limited but when the full game releases you can expect a series of in-depth guides on the best Marvel?s Avengers builds that improve the shrinking chance and way more. Furthermore, in this video, we will use one character and take a closer look at his gear and how to shrink enemies.

This character is Iron Man. Good then, so let?s begin by understanding what Pym Particles are in Marvel?s Avengers. Obviously, if you are a Marvel fan you already know that they have been created by Hank Pym, and you clearly know what he did with them. But in Marvel?s Avengers, they are effects activated by Gear Perks. As you can see in this picture, this set of gauntlets has a perk that allows Iron Man to deploy a wave of Pym Particles when we use light combo finishers. This perk is not unlocked yet, so the effect is not active. If we check this repulsor here though, we can see that it also features a Pym oscillator which basically allows Iron Man?s laser attacks to deal Particle Damage using the Pym Technology. From this image, you have to learn several things in order to better understand the Marvel?s Avengers Pym Particles.

First the type of gear on which the perk can be found. In this case, we are talking about ranged gear as you can see. Next, the actual perk that must be unlocked for the effect to work. And you can unlock it by upgrading your gear. And third the type of attack that actually activates the perk and the effect. In this case laser attacks. While the last two are pretty straightforward, the type of gear is also very important because it determines the perk chance and if we move to the Ranged Rating Stats Table here, we can see that the chance for Iron Man?s Laser Attacks to trigger that effect is 11.4%.

Since the type of gear that uses that perk is ranged gear, you?ll want to check your ranged rating but keep in mind that melee attacks can also deal Pym Particle Damage. Now, obviously you want the perk chance to be as high as possible, and to do that you will want to use gear with high proficiency. As you can see my Iron Man?s proficiency is 41 and this is given by three pieces of gear: The Purple Artifact here gives me 20 points of proficiency.

Next, I have this plating that gives me 10 points. And finally, the repulsor gives me 11 proficiency points. The total is 41 as you can see here which means that my Iron Man has an 11.4 perk chance. No, the greatest but it will do for now. So, the higher the proficiency the higher is your chance to activate your perks. Good, so the Pym Oscillator Perk as you can see states that our laser attacks will deal Pym Particle Damage. Let?s see how this works on some of the mobs in the game. Now in order to shrink our enemies obviously our Iron Man must use laser attacks, so switching to lasers is mandatory because his other weapons can?t activate that perk. So lasers are required but on top of that, you also need to keep an eye on your enemies because above their heads you can see this small red line which you?ll have to fill in order to shrink them.

Under the red line, you can see every type of effect that is applied to your enemy. Once it fills, your enemy will shrink. As you can see this type of effect works even on flying enemies, which is really nice. And that?s it. That?s how you shrink enemies, but if you want the effect to be even more amazing, try equipping all your Avengers with Gear Pieces that activate Pym Particles Damage.

Here, you can see my Hulk and two pieces of his gear. The first one allows him to deal Particle Damage on light combo finishers, and the second one allows him to deal particle damage with small debris ranged attacks. Pretty cool right, because if you equip your Avengers with gear pieces that have this type of perks, not only you will apply the effect faster, but eventually you?ll get to fight enemies with the size of an ant. And this is awesome! So, I hope you guys enjoyed this small beginners guide on how to shrink enemies in the Marvel?s Avengers Game and if you have questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below, and don?t forget to subscribe for more Marvel?s Avengers content and other tips and tricks that I am working on. Until next time, stay safe and have fun!.

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