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MASS DISMANTLING GEAR IS WRONG! | Marvel’s Avengers Locker Dismantle & Why You Run Out Of Materials


Marvels Avengers Mass Dismantling is one of the features youll most likely use in the endgame, while farming, Legendary and Exotic Items, assuming you are lucky enough to get them. However, even if you are not getting any of those, you will end up with an inventory full of low-quality gear. You will never use, And when this happens, using the Mass Dismantling option in your locker is the fastest way to get rid of them.

But fastest doesnt mean better and in Marvels, Avengers Mass Dismantling is wrong, And by wrong I mean broken, and in this video I am going to show you why and also why you never have enough materials to upgrade your gear, So welcome back guys to another Marvels. Avengers guide, in which we will take a closer look at the Mass Dismantle option that can be accessed onboard of Chimera once you unlock your characters, locker. In fact, this video is more of an experiment. I ran yesterday when I ended up with a lot of artifacts. After farming caches for one of the games trophies, We will discuss this in the next video. In case you want to get the Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 4 or all achievements on Xbox and PC, But until then let me quickly show you why you should never use the Marvels Avengers Mass Dismantle option, although the reason here is very simple Because, like many other Features the Mass Dismantle is broken and if you use it, you will most likely be cheated by the game since this option doesnt follow any rule nor any logic.

Its implemented just to help us destroy the items we do not need, while the crafting materials we get are random. The problem here, however, is not the type of materials we get, but the amount So lets start by independently dismantling 9 artifacts of various colors using the dismantle option. In our inventory, We have 3 Blue Rare Artifacts, 2, Yellow Rare Artifacts, 2 Red Rare Artifacts, 1 White Artifact and 1 Black Artifact, Both of them rare Once we finish, dismantling those we end up with 24 Uru 20 Plasma, 30 Catalysts, 30, Nanotubes and 10 Nanites. Everything looks good so far, But lets see what happens next, So the next step in this experiment is to dismantle a smaller number of artifacts than we previously did using the mass dismantle in our locker. So this time I am going to dismantle 2 Black Rare Artifacts, 1 Orange 1 White and 1 Red The total is 6, while the first time we had 9. As a result, we got 4 Uru, 10 Plasma, 10 Catalysts, 10, Nanotubes and 10 Nanites. Obviously, the amount is lower because we had fewer artifacts, although there should be a logic behind these numbers, Regardless, though, the real problem can be observed when we dismantle a bigger number of artifacts

So, for the final step, we will destroy 21 Artifacts. Normally we should get a lot more materials than we received by dismantling 9 or 6 artifacts. Keep in mind that we are talking about the amounts of materials we get not material types. Thus, here is what happens when we use mass, dismantle on 21 artifacts Notice that we also have a Norn Stone and two epics The amount of materials we get is 4 Uru, 10 Plasma, 10 Catalysts, 10, Nanotubes and 10 Nanites, which is the same amount. We got when we dismantled 9 artifacts, all of them being rare. The idea behind this experiment and video is to show you guys that using the mass dismantle even after the latest, Marvels Avengers Patch is wrong and you will lose a lot of materials in the process. So if you need Nanites Nanotubes or anything else, and you ask yourself how the hell you dont have enough after you dismantled a lot of gear, this is the reason The Mass Dismantle in Marvels Avengers is not working as it should so start to dismantle each item Individually, otherwise, youll just lose a lot of resources.

And thats it Try this experiment the next time. You start the game and let me know what you notice in the comments section below Until next time, stay safe and have an amazing week…

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