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MEDUSA ?WBU ONE-SHOT GUIDE + GBR SOLO CLEAR (Without Full Build) I Marvel Future Fight


Hey guys, what?s going on? Welcome back to my channel and we?re back with another World Boss Ultimate ONESHOT video. So for today, I?m gonna show you guys how is it possible to do the ONESHOT with a Transcended Medusa. So first of all, you need to combine Medusa with Iron Man. If you take a look at the team bonus here? If you put in Iron Man and Medusa in your team and when you do your Co-op skill, Iron-Man is going to jump into the battle and do his 4th skill so that means he is going to fill in that 30% all Defense-Down and in addition to the 100% all Defense Down that offered by Weapon Hex.

So, here is the thing, if you want to make this ONESHOT happens, you need to have his Endgame uniform, I mean for Iron Man. He does need his Endgame uniform but he does not need to be tier-3, he just needs to have his 4th skill at level 6 so that means you have to upgrade his 4th skill to maximum, to level 6. The other thing is? your Weapon Hex does not need to be tier-2. Tier-1 level 60 is more than enough. However, you do need to have your Medusa?s awaken skill, not only the awaken skill, you need to transcend her potential as well and equip her latest uniform in order to make the ONESHOT happens. Other than that, when it comes to the support characters, you can choose whatever support that you want. You know, you can choose someone like Shuri, Ghost Panther, Taskmaster or Valkryie, but in this video, I?ll just focus on using Shuri, all right, depends on whoever you want to use. And for the leadership, Medusa?s self-leadership is good enough, the 45% increase of all attacks to all the Universal characters. So that?s how the team up goes.

I know Medusa is an awaken character, she is a transcended character and you also need to have her latest uniform in order for you to do the ONESHOT but guys, the ROI that Medusa can return to you is huge. She can easily ONESHOT almost all the Infinity World Bosses except for Ebony Maw even without a CTP of Rage. Yeah, she can actually do it with a CTP of Energy and she can do it even without any Odin?s Blessings investment.

Yeah, as you can see right over here? No Uru as well! That?s fantastic. So it actually requires very minimal investment once you transcend Medusa?s potential. You don?t have to really care about giving him any of the Odin?s Blessings or Uru but of course, you have to invest at least a CTP of Energy. That?s it! If you take a look at my overall stat here? Nothing has been maxed out! Look at it! Nothing has been maxed out! my Cooldown and my Ignore Defense are not even maxed out yet.

What a joke! Yeah, it is absolutely possible to do the ONESHOT even without any maximum build. That?s really nice about Medusa. Even my ISO set is only at stage 6. Not fully Awakened yet! But I did upgrade this uniform to Mythic level. That?s it. All right guys, so that?s for the build and the ONESHOT guide for Medusa. And I hope you guys enjoyed the video and don?t forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell and thank you for watching and I?ll see you in the next video. Enjoy the gameplay and take care..

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