OPEN 50 CACHE STRONGBOXES FAST! Marvel’s Avengers Treasure Trove Trophy/Achievement Guide


Hello, what?s up friends Vlad here with a new short Marvel?s Avengers game guide and a request I got from Kenneth who is one step away from getting the marvel’s Avengers Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 4 but he kinda got stuck since he needs the Treasure Trove trophy which is the only trophy in the game that is quite ambiguous. So, in this video, we are going to help Kenneth and everyone who needs the Marvel?s Avengers Treasure Trove trophy or achievement. For this one, as you can see here, we need to Open 50 Cache Strongboxes which can be quite confusing because of this requirement and because many players may confuse the Cache Strongboxes with DNA strongboxes, or Vault Strongboxes, or other strongboxes that appear in the game. Since Kenneth wants to get this one fast, I am also going to show you where to farm 50 Marvel?s Avengers Cache Strongboxes and even though this process took me around 2 hours, the amount of time is different and it is based on how many vaults you have unlocked before attempting to get the Treasure Trove achievement or trophy. So let?s begin by understanding what type of Strongboxes we need to open.

The Marvel?s Avengers Cache Strongboxes are the small chests you need to find inside the hidden shield bunkers. Or the strongboxes that allow you to unlock the hidden vault missions. So you don?t have to complete the vaults for this trophy, you don?t have to unlock other strongboxes or stuff like that. You just need to farm the hidden shield bunkers if you want to get the trophy faster, and this is actually a nice thing to do especially because you?ll get a lot of materials in the process. Not Upgrade Modules though. Right, so the best location to get the Cache Strongboxes in Marvel?s Avengers is the Day of the Remains Inhuman Alliance Faction Mission in Pacific Northwest, because this is the only mission in the game that features 2 Shield Bunkers. Since every shield bunker includes 1 Cache Strongbox, it means that you?ll need to do this 25 times in order to get the trophy. Obviously, the number of times you need to replay this may be different depending on how many Cache Strongboxes you have unlocked up to this point.

Now, before moving forward if you want to get more resources while farming the Strongboxes, obviously, you?ll want to play this mission on Brutal or Challenged IV, and if you want the process to go faster, you?ll play on Easy and use a flying character such as Thor or Iron Man. Good, so let?s start the mission, and the first thing you?ll do is to fly towards the first objective marker. Once you reach it you can just fly close to it, and don?t waste your time listening to what the NPCs are saying. Fly close to the waypoint and then head north towards the forest in the distance. By the time you get close, you should see the radar blip on the left side of the screen and you can start looking for the first bunker.

It is really easy to find if you follow the radar. Once you open it; head inside and look for Shield Cache. Additionally, you may also want to look for cracked walls you can destroy to find secret rooms with more materials inside. Every bunker in the game has two secret rooms. Next, you will want to loot every single chest inside the first bunker for more materials and gear, however, the goal here is to get the Cache Strongbox. After you get it, exit the first bunker and head to the second objective marker. Here you?ll find some trapped Inhumans you?ll need to save, but for the whole process to go faster just ignore them.

The moment you get close to the second objective marker, a new bunker opens and inside you?ll find the second strongbox. Open it, then fully explore all rooms and secret rooms behind the cracked walls, then return to the Quinjet and repeat. As I said you?ll need to do this until the Trophy or Achievement pops. There is no need to play the vault missions, or anything like that. Simple start the mission, find the two bunkers, get the marked chests, and repeat. And that?s it. Hope this guide helped you guys unlock the Marvel?s Avengers Treasure Trove trophy or achievement faster, and also helped you get crafting materials in the process.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments section below and until next time, stay safe..

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