Quickest Way to Farm Gear and Level | Marvel’s Avengers


Hello everyone I want to tell everyone today The most efficient method of brushing and brushing If you watch my video for the first time This channel mainly launches various game-related videos If you are looking for Raiders news or evaluation Remember to subscribe to my channel Don’t talk nonsense let us start We first came to the Pacific Northwest Find the mission “Stark Truth” Choose the highest difficulty This is the easiest way to unpack and install No fight at all Start the mission when everything is ready Go left after entering You will find a vault with equipment boxes You may encounter enemies on the way but don?t bother After running all the time, follow the radar in the upper left corner to find the location of the vault When you successfully opened these two equipment boxes.

You can go Press the Option menu to return to the Kun-style fighter Everyone remember Put on your hero as much as possible Install the highest level of equipment After that, I keep brushing This is for some heroes who don?t often play Very useful can help you Quickly catch up with the equipment level When you reach a certain level of equipment You can perform more difficult tasks This will be a little faster than unpacking Not too boring Of course, unpacking and brushing is also possible In addition, the level is also very important After learning some skills, the difficulty of clearing the level directly decreases The difficulty of this game task does not affect your experience So choose the simplest one to brush the level.

Choose Harm Challenge I The highest level is level 50 But be careful Some heroes cannot learn all skills I’m not sure it is a bug Or is it originally designed like this (also too strange (?)) So remember to learn useful skills first After each round of brushing, it will be upgraded to about one and a half levels Very simple and fast Hope this can help you When I scoured the level and equipment of all heroes There will be a strategy video of each hero That’s it for today’s video If you like, please click Like Don’t forget to subscribe I will make more games related videos Thanks for watching See you next time .

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