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The Marvels Avengers Credits are the worst thing that developers added to the game and I hated those Credits. The moment I played the first beta on PlayStation 4, and things got worse just before the games launch. So in this video guys, I want to share a Marvels, Avengers tip with you, because youll need to use it the moment you start playing the game tonight, Hopefully Ill be able to help you save some money as well in the process, so make sure you watch The video until the end So welcome back friends, Vlad here and in this video we discuss the Marvels, Avengers Game Credits System, How to get them and why you should save them. So if this video helps you hitting the like button would mean a lot, and if you are a Marvel fan then make sure you hit the subscribe button, because I have more surprises for you. Ok, then, so Marvels Avengers Credits Keep in mind that this is not a Marvels, Avengers Credits, Farming Method, because well you cant farm Credits in the Marvels Avengers game, since they are the in-game hard currency.

A better definition of what are they and how to get credits in Marvels. Avengers is offered by the official blog where we can read that this currency is used in the game to buy cosmetic items and that you can purchase credits with real money in the form of packs. The cheapest pack brings you 500 credits and it costs 5 dollars with bigger packs also being available. Now, if you played the beta, you may remember that you have been able to use these credits to buy nameplates outfits and emotes, And you may also remember that you can use these credits to skip levels on your hero card and thats, something you should not do.

Let me now tell you the big surprise Square Enix had in store for us. We do know that all future content will be free to play, including the upcoming characters, such as Hawkeye, for example, or the rest of leaked heroes. I told you about in my previous videos. What Square Enix did not tell us until one day ago is that the characters are free, but their Hero Cards are not And they will cost credits or real money. You can check this information by visiting the official Avengers page, and here you will find these lines When we introduce new Hero Challenge Cards for post-launch heroes. The cost to activate the premium rewards will be 1,000 Credits. Stupid right, It sure is, but there is a method to outsmart developers, and it is very easy. All you have to do is to keep at least 1,000 Credits in your inventory. Obviously, you can spend Credits in the marketplace, but never go below 1000 Starting day, one meaning tonight And now let me tell you how this works. When the game launches you will have access to 6 six heroes with all their challenge. Cards unlocked Each challenge card unlocks new bonuses when you level them up, but you can also skip levels if you want

If you do that, youll waste, your credits and Square Enix wants just that For you to skip levels and to spend your credits in the marketplace, Because when a new hero releases youll get the hero, but not his challenge card, for which youll need to pay. 1000 credits, If you spent them to skip levels, you are forced to pay real money, Since we know that the cheapest pack costs 5 dollars and grants you only 500 credits. This means that for one challenge card youll pay 10 dollars. If lets say, Square Enix decides to release 5 heroes by the end of the year for their challenge cards, youll pay 50 dollars, Which is the cost of the full video game. Now this strategy is quite dirty, if you ask me, but you can avoid it simply by not going under the 1.000 limit Ever This way, when a new hero releases such as Hawkeye or She-Hulk youll, have enough credits to unlock their challenge cards and by playing as Those heroes, youll earn your credits back.

Otherwise, if youre reckless with those credits, youll have to pay real money when the new Marvels, Avengers heroes are released And trust me youll pay a lot So to wrap this up. When you start the game tonight or tomorrow morning, be really careful about what you buy, because a hero challenge card offers more than an outfit you can buy in the marketplace. For example, resources Try to think in advance of whats to come and how you can save money simply by not buying things you dont need, but developers offer

Or, as I said, if you buy some, do not go below 1.000 credits, which youll use when the next Marvels Avengers hero, arrives And thats it. As I said in the beginning, outsmarting this system is not hard and it will save you some cash in the process too. So let me know if it did and dont forget to subscribe for a lot more videos on the best Marvels. Avengers builds farming methods for gear and experience guides and news Until next time. You know what you have to do. Just stay safe..,

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